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What Are the Top 30 NFT Games in 2022?

What Are the Top 30 NFT Games in 2022?
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    NFT technologies bring web 3.0 closer like no one else. The decentralized Internet is slowly becoming a reality. Even video games contribute to the foundation of economic freedom, not ordinary video games, but NFT video games.

    What Are NFT Games?

    NFT games are a new kind of game that is built based on blockchain technology, or blockchain technology was added later to it. Therefore, we can say that NFT games are a subspecies of play-to-earn games. After all, thanks to game items and special mechanics, you can make money on such games.


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    NFT games can be of any genre - action, strategy, fighting, shooters, card games, etc. The main idea is to use NFT to handle game items and the game economy as a whole. Now, game items are not just created by game developers but are minted by gamers using blockchain technology, which turns them into private property stored in those players' wallets.

    Everything is usually implemented through the NFT game's marketplace. Here you can purchase game assets and start playing with other people. Even if the game is not multiplayer, the basis of interaction is still built on the constant exchange of players with each other.

    So an NFT game is an online game of any game genre based on NFT technology, thanks to which many players can economically interact with each other.

    How do NFT games become play-to-earn games?

    The original idea is taken from regular online games where you can buy special items, upgrades, skins, etc. All of these items were distributed in favor of gaming companies. Players could simply purchase these items for use in the game, and that's it. Unfortunately, these items were a monetary liability, which began to hang like a dead weight after the player's interest gradually faded. So, usually, the further fate of such items is in the aimless occupation of zeros and ones numbers on the hosting. 

    The new format solves this problem by moving in-game items to players' crypto wallets. And now, this is not a one-time purchased pseudo-property tied to the game; now, these are full-fledged assets that can be owned, exchanged, sold, donated, loaned, and so on.

    So the transition to the NFT system automatically turned the game into a play-to-earn game. Because, as old as the world rule of capitalism, the more private property people have, the more often they interact with it. 

    In this way, the NFT turned the game not just into a game for earning money but also created a full-fledged market economy. People decide what and when to buy and sell. There is no dead weight, everything is in business now. 

    In addition to gaming assets, you can also own the game itself. It is similar to stocks and bonds, but only in the form of NFTs. So the players own not only the game items but also the game itself. And this is a different level of understanding and interaction. And allows you to influence the game, and its development, take part in the voting, plan future changes, and so on, just like a proprietarily stock. More about here.

    Top 30 NFT Games

    Now, it is time to dive into a list of the top 30 NFT games for 2022.




    The world is divided into those who love cats and those who love dogs. If you are aware of the blockchain world, then you have probably heard about CryptoKitties. It was a game where funny cats could be raised and bred with each other, thus increasing their price depending on the breed. Dogami is roughly speaking CryptoKitties but in the world of dogs.

    Here you can become the owner of cute dogs that you will raise, feed, breed new species, walk and even train. It's like Tamagotchi at maximum level, but for adults and with real money)

    The game is available only in mobile versions on iOS and Android. So the similarity with Tamagotchi is even more significant)

    It is based on blockchain technology that protects nature and does not waste electricity for anything. There is also a nice bonus for new players: DOGAMÍ retains 7% royalties on secondary market sales to develop the Petaverse. 

    Moreover, the game allows you to place your pet in the physical world. This could be possible thanks to augmented reality technology. So this game is almost like a revolution in home animals ownership.

    IT'S A DOG'S WORLD - says their motto, and believe me, it is not lying.



    Online battle with your own monsters, what could be more interesting? Illuvium provides such an opportunity.

    This is a great online game on PC and Mac where you can create your characters and weapons, create a virtual land and fight online with other people. 

    Their basis is PVP battles with each other, where players can put up their monsters and see who is stronger. Illuvium openly states or even declares that all created assets in the game belong exclusively to the players.

    Their blockchain technology is Ethereum, so it's definitely decentralized and secure. In addition, given the improvement work that Ethereum is doing, its scalability and transaction speed will be increased, and the fee for this will decrease significantly.

    In the game, there are not only obvious earnings on the NFT ownership but also elements of a play-to-earn game. So participating in various quests, events, and tournaments, you can receive rewards in the form of ILV tokens.

    Ember Sword

    Ember Sword

    Moving on, next to the Free-to-Play MMORPG Ember Sword. As follows from the type of game, this is a large open world in which you can interact with other players in every possible way, upgrade your character and game items, and establish economic activities with everyone. 

    The game features four nations: SOLARWOOD, DUSKERON, SEVREND, and EDISEAU, each of which has its own peculiarity for the player.

    A large open world offers players exciting adventures, fighting with each other and completing all kinds of quests, and the possession of virtual land. Ember Sword distinguishes four types of land, which are entirely dependent on the size: plots, Settlements, Towns, and Cities. They all consist of a base unit - plot, of which there will be only 160 thousand units, 40 thousand for each nation. 

    By owning these plots of land, players can earn commissions in non-game currency, which will be generated by the estate to which your plots belong.

    Game items such as clothes, weapons, etc., are also available in limited quantities. And each new item will always be labeled as 1 in 200, or 1 in 500, or 1 in 350, and so on, which can always fix its rarity. 

    But the most important point that affects the value of these items is the experience in which they participated. So, for example, if you killed a unique monster with your sword, then this will be indicated in its history, which means it will increase its uniqueness and, therefore, the end price.



    We continue the MMORPG games theme with the Chainmonsters NFT game based on the FLOW blockchain. Here you can immerse yourself in a 3D world where you can roam, chat, fight and collect unique creatures. 

    All these creaturs own strengths, traits, and abilities. There are 161 of them in total.

    The game is entirely free. No subscriptions and additional expenses are needed. Available on all platforms via Steam, iOS, and Android! Which makes it potentially a game with a vast audience reach.

    The Six Dragons

    The Six Dragons

    This is an NFT game in the RPG genre with a large open world. You can explore, complete missions, and upgrade your character. In addition, the game provides over 300 unique in-game items that can be crafted and minted as NFTs and traded with other players.

    To better understand the essence of the game, you need to know that the Skyrim game inspired the creators. It means there will be the same dark but addictive atmosphere, where the player will explore the map of more than 64 square kilometers, filled with various creatures, tasks, and dungeons with monsters to defeat.

    Also, there are nice touches like being able to fish in the game or even cook food. Because the game is played in the first person and has a large world, players can dive in and enjoy this fantasy. All items in the game are blockchain-based, meaning they are minted and owned by the players, not the game.

    My Neighbor Alice

    My Neighbor Alice

    To your attention, the NFT farm "My Neighbor Alice," where you can cultivate your plot, create new buildings, and interact with other neighbors. 

    The game combines fun and the ability to trade with the NFT. 

    This NFT farm game provides four types of game assets:

    - Avatar with which players show themselves and interact with other players. The avatar can be customized, and new clothes can be added.

    - These are NFT farms- plots of land where players can grow their own products. These virtual sites are presented in the form of NFT tokens.

    - In-Game Assets, which are also NFTs. In a broad sense, these are cosmetics and decorations of player characters, player houses, animals, and veggies.

    - And the last point is the main currency of ALICE Token, which allows you to change, redeem, make a deposit, and stake.

    Phantom Galaxies

    Phantom Galaxies

    Welcome to the space. Phantom Galaxies are exciting PVP battles in which you will fight as real transformers. All the action takes place in outer space, meaning there will be conquests, planets, and beautiful stars.

    There are 4 reclass mech fighters you can use - Lancer, Buster, Assault, and Breacher. All of them, of course, is presented in the form of NFT. And now the most exciting thing than a virtual land is in the form of whole virtual planets. 

    In this game, you can become not just your own pieces of land but the master of the whole world! You can purchase your planet, which flaunts the body of the universe, and manage it as you please. You can arrange a totalitarian dictatorship, monarchy, democracy republic, and even try to build communism)



    Devikins is an RPG game with unique creatures. They resemble anthropomorphic monsters and can be raised, bred with each other, and developed. In essence, this is a game about growing special creatures with human features. 

    They are called Devikin, and they are unique and rare, like all NFTs. Each has its traits and classes. The basis of their differences is divided into:

    - Genes define the shape of their faces.

    - Affinities which is responsible for regulating how quickly their abilities and they, in general, grow.

    - Ancestry determines the color or rather the tone of their skin.

    - Personality is a critical parameter that determines their behavior.

    - Overall Affinity - sums up all affinities.

    - Rarity measures the rarity of their affinity and genes.

    Devikins allows you to be solely an investor and never actually play. Instead, just mint unique NFTs for yourself and keep them in your wallet while waiting for the price to rise.

    Also, they have their own cryptocurrency - Devicoin (DVK), with which you can not only play in the game but also conduct actual crypto transactions like with a regular cryptocurrency.



    It sounds like a Pokémon or Digimon, but still a Binemon. This is an online multiplayer game in which the basis is the battles of players with each other, with the help of unique creatures - Binemon. 

    They are created as NFT tokens, and consist of 10 unique body parts with over 90,000 color options, so unique traits are provided in this way. 

    At this stage, you can fight with each other and plan to join clans to make joint raids. Also, there will be a wide range of missions and companies in the future.



    CryptoKitties is one of the very first and most popular NFT games. She became famous even before the enormous NFT hype in 2021. Its main task is to allow players to raise their crypto cats. They are all unique, and they are all cute. You can breed them, mate with each other, sell, give, and so on. 

    Generally, it is a well-known NFT game based on the Ethereum ERC-721 protocol. However, over the years of the game's existence, the audience has grown to hundreds of thousands of participants. This is more of an investment platform in the form of lovely cats than a game, but since it has become so influential, we decided to include it here too. In total, there are more than 4 billion variants of phenotypes and genotypes that allow you to create new cats. Considering this, CryptoKitties has almost limitless potential.


    Blank Block Party

    Blank Block Party

    Let on to the holiday with Blankos Block Party. The game is an online multiplayer game consisting of a giant block party of creatures.

    So what are Blanks? Blanks are unique NFT models that imitate vinyl designer collectible toys. They are all about the same shape, but each has its own unique design that never repeats.

    These figurines are not just a collection. They are living characters that can be played in a hugely entertaining and colorful Blankos Block Party world. 

    In this world, you can race, jump mountains, shoot each other, or even fly with a jetpack. But that's not all because these are just possibilities or building blocks from which you can build your own game. Yes, yes, your obstacle course and the conditions for passing it, which will be of interest to you and your friends!

    Gold Fever

    Gold Fever

    Meet another online RPG NFT game. Get through the thorns and find your gold. But this is not just about a treasure hunt. Gold Fever is a whole battle around the gold mines in which you can be:

    -An adventurer who came here for impressions,

    - A capitalist who seeks to capture all the mines and put them into business, 

    - A merchant who deftly copes with the trade both with gold and tools around him,

    - Or be one of the members of the tribe who wants to live and protect their territory from outsiders.

    All this drama is wielded by a massive number of in-game items, each of which is NFT. This list includes weapons, inventory, clothing, companions, heavy weapons, mining items, planes, trains, and cars. All this is thrown into an endless 3d world where everyone fights for a place under the Sun.

    Moreover, they have their own Native Gold Token, the distribution of shares you can see on the website. You can buy game items or trade them on regular crypto exchanges with these tokens.

    Sidus Heroes

    Sidus Heroes

    The big world of a possible futuristic future. In an attempt to become more perfect, people began to turn into machines. But unfortunately, the technologization of oneself did not cancel the human essence, and war became commonplace. 

    In this universe, you yourself can create a unique character for yourself and go on space adventures with him. During them, you can visit different planets, board and rob ships like a space pirate, participate in wars and fight one-on-one with other players. 

    What's more, using raw materials mined from various comets, you can create new items and sell them on the intergalactic market.

    Naturally, all game items are NFT tokens, and by the way, you can purchase some items such as cards not only on the internal marketplace but also on the OpenSea Marketplace.

    Cosmic Champs

    Cosmic Champs

    Collect, fight, trade, and submit. Such are the syllables of cosmic champions. And this is another space NT game in which you need to create your characters and fight with them in space.

    In fact, it is a card game, which does not reduce its value. Surely fans of table card games will appreciate it.

    In total, there are four types of cards:

    - Champs - former soldiers of fortune, which form the main backbone of the game.

    - Ships are ships that can surf the universe and extract resources. All of them are stylish and sturdy machines with a unique designs.

    - Planets where everyone returns and the place where they share the spoils.

    - Treasure - all kinds of bizarre and extraordinary game items are like natural treasures to be found and discovered!

    They also have their crypto token - Earn Cosmic Gold ($COSG). With it, you can vote in the game, improve your champions, participate in tournaments, and most importantly, earn money on bets and rates of your crypto coins. The token is available on many real-world exchanges.

    Untamed Isles

    Untamed Isles

    As the name suggests, the Untamed Isles are islands where you have to tame the wild fauna. But. Fana does not consist of ordinary animals but fantastic ones. You will explore beautiful tropical islands and tame unique animals in this game. 

    These creatures consist of 7 different parts with various customization and 15 sub-categories called "moods" here. All this provides multi-million variability in their appearance and special internal characteristics. So your decoration pets will always be unique NFT tokens.

    You can also upgrade your skills and items, thanks to which you can do additional game activities such as hunting, gathering, or even fishing.

    Neon District

    Neon District

    The first cyberpunk game on this list. The main essence is to create a team of pizza delivery men and their gear and do it effectively, publicly earning currency and improvements for your team.

    To begin, one free character and 300 Neon and 5 Juice (local game currencies) are given, which is enough for the starting team. After that, you can customize the characters however you like. The same goes for their vehicles. After that, you earn more Neon, Juice, and spare gear parts, which you then change to improve your team and vehicles.

    You can participate in multiplayer missions or turn-based online battles with other characters.

    Your entire playground is the Neon area, where thousands of hungry residents are waiting for you to feed pizza. During deliveries, you can be hunted and taken away from your pizza, but you can do the same)

    Neon District works on two blockchain technologies - Matic and Ethereum. In the form of NFTs, you can own characters, vehicles, and in-game currency. The game is exciting, and here you can check the terrific guide, where you can get acquainted with everything that interests you in more detail.

    Spider Tanks

    Spider Tanks

    Mech theme continues. Spider Tanks is an NFT game for those who love mechanisms, robots, and battles with them. It has a "Ghost in the Shell" anime series vibe, but instead of AI, you decide how and where your tank robots will go.

    You are provided with a vehicle garage where you can collect different tanks with unique characteristics. Experiment with their movement elements, weapons, and defenses. All this affects more effective online battles. Passing a variety of missions, battles, and special events, you earn points and resources with which you can upgrade your tank fleet.

    Spider Tanks is a GALA game and uses Gala for its transactions.

    NFT Champions

    NFT Champions

    NFT Champions is an open-world arena where everyone can try their hand. You create your character and buy combat monsters for it, which you can upgrade. 

    Further, by surfing the open-world, you can earn experience and points by completing quests and participating in battles. And here is something we have not seen before: the bet to win. Yes, you can bet NFT with your opponent, and after the fight, the winner takes all, cool, huh?

    The NFT game has a store with additional abilities, such as power-ups, speed-ups, or even a first-aid kit, which increases the chances of winning the fight.

    Currently, the battles are taking place in the form of 1v1 and 3v3. To participate in the second, you must pump the characters and properly rally an effective team. Since each monster has its strengths and weaknesses, do not forget to consider this.

    Thetan Arena

    Thetan Arena

    The next game today is Thetan Arena. And it, like the previous one, is an NFT game in the electronic sports genre, where you can play by yourself or team up with friends to participate in various battles in the arena.

    The game is available on all mobile devices, including PC, so you can play it for anyone, as long as you have a device and the Internet.

    Four combat modes are available - this is a royal battle (1v1, or team to team), deathmatch 4v4, the superstar also 4v4, and destruction of the 4v4 tower.

    So, previously game basis of earnings was the investments in your character, and now it is also prize money in In the form of Thetan Coin. In addition, there is also a particular currency - Thetan Gem, which is only for investment.

    Meta Scientists

    Meta Scientists

    Feel like a mad scientist who plows the worlds and inhabits the mud with your creations bred in a petri dish!

    As a Meta Scientist, you can use your previous works, for example, art, to enhance and diversify the gameplay By adding your legacy art to meta cells.

    In your lab, you will breed rare nano cells and unique mutated versions of your third-party NFT collectibles for sale or trade.

    If you win battles, you will reward with your own Biometa tokens based on the ERC-20 protocol.

    Starting from the prologue, or as they call Genesis, there is a finite number of insane meta scientists, namely 10200 pieces. Then you create new nano cells, which subsequently begin to mutate. Finally, you can crossbreed them with other nano cells to create new NFTs. And the best part is, you can cross these creatures with your previous works.

    The game supports Ethereum, Polygon, and Solana blockchain.


    The Walking Dead: Empires

    The Walking Dead: Empires


    NFT games on zombie topics are always something special.

    The Walking Dead NFT Game continues the eponymous series about the walking dead. However, you will also need to survive, kill and kill zombies and crazy people that the new world is full of. Along the way in this exciting adventure, you will unite in groups, seek shelter, strengthen them, go on forays for food and other resources and try to survive in every possible way. Isn't it charming?)

    As for NFT items, these are first aid kits, unique knives, and collectible card sets. There is also a wide binding of cryptocurrencies with which you can buy all these: ETH, GALA, MTRM, TOWN, TEST[GC], BAT.

    Star Atlas

    Star Atlas

    Let's be as biased as possible. The design of this site is a work of art, even if you are not particularly interested in the topic of NFT and be surprised. 

    And now to the main thing.

    The Star Atlas is truly an atlas of all the stars you will travel and explore. You have been given a spaceship with 27th-century technology. In the world of the future, there will be not only people only three factions - aliens, intelligent androids, and people themselves. 

    Then ships, there are also three of them - the main and large station, a warship, and a high-speed ship with a warp core.

    All planets can be explored and conquered, and you can also extract resources from them using space mines.

    The game has a big world and many NFT items that players can possess. The main categories are spaceships, mining stations, resources (clothes, food, and equipment), collections, and special badges of honor.

    Alien Worlds

    Alien Worlds

    And again, the theme of space - Alien Worlds. But in the last game, everything was serious and deliberate. Here the main component is humor through parodies and references. If you like the movie Starship Troopers, The Orville TV series, and Star Trek Lower Decks, then you will love this game too)

    Their NFT marketplace provides items such as weapons, special tools for excavating your mines, the NFT virtual earth itself, Minions, avatars, and even missions.



    One of the first NFT games appeared on the wave of the popularity of NFT technology. It is a sale of NFT cards with real players on them.

    What is the essence of the game? You buy or exchange player cards with someone and make a team of 5 players. Further, all players have a rating, which can grow depending on whether the player had a performance action in the real world. For example, if someone scored a goal, passed an effective pass, or defended the goal, the player gets points. 

    Then all your team points are summed up, and you get into the rating. This rating gives participation in tournaments and cups; if you win them, you will receive a reward. If the rating is high, then the reward is significant. If it is low, then the compensation is appropriate. The prize is new NFT cards, which can be changed and resold. 

    In total, 126 football clubs are represented, the rating of which is also tied to the real world. So you must carefully choose the club and the players from which you want to assemble a team.

    As you can see, this is the perfect game for European football fans!



    A turn-based card game mainly based on stats. So the whole NFT potential of this game is collectible cards.

    They are divided into the following points:

    - There are four Rarity types: Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Each has different levels and circulation caps.

    - Seven Unique Stats: Compare Mana Cost, forms of Attack (like Melee, Ranged, Magic), Speed, Armor, and Health!

    - Seven type of Elements: Otherwise known as "Splinters," the Elements are Fire, Earth, Water, Life, Death, Dragon, and Neutral (mercenaries).

    -Sixty Four Abilities: such as special abilities allow players to turn the tide of battle in unexpected and exciting ways!

    In total, more than 500 cards are obtained, which means you can build many strategies and fight with other players.

    Gods Unchained

    Gods Unchained

    Gods Unchained is another card game where you can also play different strategies based on a rigorous calculation of the odds and stats of playing cards.

    Several unique filters allow you to select a card based on its stats, such as power, divinity, health, defense level, tribe, quality, rarity, mana, etc.

    The Sandbox 3D

    The Sandbox 3D

    Sandbox is a colossal world with unique characters and a wide range of possibilities.

    For starters, you can draw the game characters and models yourself. In addition, the game has its own Vox Edit - NFT Creator tool. This is very cool if you are an artist, and your NFT can be valued more because of the quality of your work. 

    Sandbox also allows you to make your games inside a huge virtual world. And the last is the creation of your avatar. 

    This is saturated with creativity and uniqueness, which favorably distinguishes the game from others. In addition, this is the NFT game that Snoop Dogg has invested in, so it will always have media support.

    Axie Infinity

    Axie Infinity

    Axie Infinity is a such a famous NFT game that I'm not even sure what needs to be explained.

    Remember that the game has the main characters - the axis, which you can grow and upgrade yourself. With the help of an axie, players participate in battles with each other and earn a rating for themselves.

    Recently, new virtual land has appeared, where you can build buildings, make abilities and improve your axis monsters.

    Crazy Kings

    Crazy Kings

    NFT tower defense game. The main idea is to build defenses along the sides of the road along which enemy mobs are walking. The striking difference will be that here you have additional functionality. 

    Namely, this is your avatar, which is also involved in protecting the passage. The avatar can be customized, upgraded, and given all sorts of useful abilities so that you can cast spells and effectively fight off enemies.

    The game was developed in 2015. And it is a card game that is crossed with tower defense. Unfortunately, this game is only available on mobile platforms. 

    You can buy NFTs in the form of characters, towers, unique abilities, etc. As you play and earn a rating over time, you will begin to receive prizes in the form of in-game currency that can be withdrawn to the real world.

    Crazy Defense Heroes

    Crazy Defense Heroes

    The last game on today's list is almost a complete copy of the previous one, but it has its unique design and slightly different game mechanics. But the essence of the NFT game is a card game crossed with a tower defense game.

    It is also worth mentioning that the game is available for both Android and iOS. On its own, it is more economically successful than Crazy Kings, with over 2 million players already playing it.

    What makes the game potentially attractive for NFT investors.

    How to Build Your own Game with NFT?

    Making your own NFT game is a complicated business. First, it is necessary to understand technologies to mint new oil and gas. Then, what are the advantages and pitfalls. Such as - what blockchain you should pick, what are transaction fees, do you need to include royalties, and etc.

    You need a team of game development team experts: designers, programmers, level designers, etc. However, the task is not easy-one and requires experts in all areas. Our team of play-to-earn NFT game developers has been involved in NFT and blockchain projects for more than ten years and more than 20 years in custom software development.

    Thank you for reading this article. I hope you found the answer to what NFT games mean.


    We will help you with your NFT project!

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