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Cut Costs.
Manage Risks.
Go Digital.

As a technology partner we help offline companies reinvent their business, shift their business model to online. With your efforts reprioritized, your company will recover fast and advance to the next level.

This is a get-set-go moment to fit the future of the digital world and engage with your customers online.


What is Digital Transformation Service?

Digital Transformation is the process of applying digital technologies to create a business from scratch or to readjust an existing business to fit the new market demands and acquire new customers.
Check more on Get customers from new niches.

We’ll help you get your business ready and set for growth by the time the world economy will resume. You’ll be able to:


Engage with users in new ways


Improve your customer journey


Integrate cutting-edge tech to your product


Increase operational efficiency


Get new customers from new niches

Amazon, PayPal, Uber have proved to be successful by going digital-first. Now it’s obvious that businesses that do not change will soon become extinct. Grow while your competitors struggle with market turbulence.

What’s Your Type of Business and Why Consider Digital Transformation?

Customer experience

If you have a local business, retailer, restaurant, education, service provider, but no online capabilities, you need to think long-term. Customers are ready to purchase, but you are not able to serve them.To amplify the value you already deliver, convert your physical product into a platform for digital customer experience.

Digitized customer touch points
  • Make your physical product available online;
  • Apply diverse tech stack to deliver advanced UX;
  • The value you already deliver amplified.
Business model

You have both online and offline presence, running a startup, but your niche lacks business activity. Customers put all work on hold and wait. Maybe, it’s time to do the pivot?

Digitally-modified business
  • Change your business model;
  • Optimize business processes;
  • Ensure uninterrupted operations and
    business growth.
Operational process

Your business is an established working company, your niche is fulfilled with customers’ demand, but you need to optimize expenses and processes. Are you planning to shift the existing online business model and adjust it to today’s market challenges and cut through the complexity?

Automation and decision making
  • Delegate certain operations without interruption;
  • Digitize processes as much as possible to increase efficiency and grow;
  • Overperform your competitors struggling with market turbulence.

Core Elements of Digital Transformation:



Define your current business goals, know your users and their needs. Our experts will audit existing legacy models and define possible ways for transformation.



Identify functionality improvements, seek for ways for unlocking new business opportunities, risks reduction, and customer satisfaction.



Create a vision for engaging user experience using AI, AR, VR, brainstorming for efficient business solutions.



Build a digital transformation roadmap with precise description on how our tech expertise aligns with your business goals.


Development and testing

Design, develop, and release ready-to-use solution using the latest tech stack available including Cloud, Big Data, Mobile, AI, and VR.


Release, scaling, and support

After the product goes live, we are always on hand for support and improve your software product to ensure continuous growth.

Reasons to go
digital now:

Drive more sales - innovative services that meet customers’ expectations draw in new consumers and prompt them to put more in their shopping carts.

Speed up the production, enhance performance - using software apps streamline the sales management and business processes. Digitalization changes the nature of manufacturing and aligns it with the customers’ needs.

Improve security - when it comes to digital transformation, cybersecurity is among our top considerations: it is integral and automated from the outset.

Stay connected to your customers - whenever and wherever they need, your customers receive a consistent experience. Engaged customers are the leading sales influence.

As technology partners we help the following industries create custom software solutions:

  • B2B Enterprise Tech

    B2B Enterprise Tech

    We assist B2B digital businesses with digital transformation to streamline internal processes, facilitate transformation in the customer experience, and reorganize the selling channels with custom digital solutions
  • Education


    The education industry is one of the first to undergo a digital transformation. Boost your digital learning tool by applying digital transformation supported by artificial intelligence, machine learning, and IoT.
  • Financial Services

    Financial Services

    Digital transformation allows to create robust digital ecosystems, integrated with digital platforms and applications to help improve the customer journey, boost cloud security, and optimize internal operations.
  • Food & Beverage

    Food & Beverage

    Сonduct business transformation through digital transformation with IoT, cloud, big data to automate adherence to quality and safety standards, increase revenue, analyze user behavior, and improve UX.
  • Healthcare & Biotech

    Healthcare & Biotech

    AI, Machine Learning, Big Data drive the digital transformation here. Digital transformation services vary from mobile health apps and digital records tracking, to data analysis services and wearable gadgets.
  • Real Estate Construction

    Real Estate & Construction

    Real estate & construction apply digital transformation enabled by AI, Big Data, and cloud services. Implement digital solutions aimed at better data organization, management, and analytics with cloud and AR apps.
  • Retail Ecommerce

    Retail & Ecommerce

    Growing demand stimulates retail to enhance its operations and customer experience. Digital transformation in retail includes cloud solutions, existing digital product enhancement, chatbots, and Big Data.
  • Wellness & Fitness

    Wellness & Fitness

    Digital transformation for wellness & fitness means integration of Big Data and IoT to provide personalized customer experience and to increase wearables usage, as a part of their digital business transformation.
  • Online Dating

    Online Dating

    Data-driven matchmaking and fake profile detection are the main features of digital business transformation in e-dating. The digital tendency leans towards personalized customer journey and better digital data usage.
  • Remote Work

    Remote Work

    Migrating to the cloud and extending the company's digital solutions to accommodate the employees with digital business transformation is a trend. Remote work is now the new norm forcing businesses to adapt rapidly.

Case Studies

Background Remove AI Tool

Recognition of objects in images or How to remove background in 15 seconds?

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Background Remove AI Tool

Voice Recognition System

Language-specific, industry-specific, encoding-specific voice recognition system.

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Voice Recognition System

AI Case Study

Intelligent video monitoring system that knows what should be seen by the camera and raises an alarm when something seems off.

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AI Case Study

Blockchain Case Study - Invluencer

Invluencer is a solution that will help investors enter the venture capital arena safely and correctly.

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Blockchain Case Study - Invluencer

Blockchain Case Study - Imperium

Imperium is an easy-to-use investment tool that provides simplicity, security, ownership and permanent exposure to the top cryptocurrencies.

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Blockchain Case Study - imperium


Read more about how we set up an automated alert system for an SEO tool to manage your clients' websites, social media, and marketing campaigns.

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Gotta Hunch

The gambling application app allows you to make a daily news prediction. Both iPhone and Android apps were completely designed and developed.

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Gotta Hunch

iNET Guardian

Zfort team created an app for parents that gives quick and easy access to their kids' activities, allowing kids to surf the Internet safely and securely.

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iNET Guardian

Magento 2 Store

The created Magento 2 Commerce store handles a vast number of combinations of different products. The website is generating significant profits, and gets positive customer feedback on their online shopping experience.

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Magento 2 Store

Online IO

A revolutionary Ethereum-based cryptocurrency with tokens generated by the amount of time a user spends on a website.

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Online IO


The development team has updated the existing iPhone applications for the fitness boutique chain. The app provides ease of use for customers and a competitive edge in the market.

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The marketplace is designed for both web and mobile applications. Sellers and buyers can post a listing, get the best price, conclude deals directly from the phone anywhere in the world.

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Our team completely redesigned and rebuilt both front-end and back-end of the platform to make it a suitable place to meet and match people. We also realized the iOS mobile app.

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The main goal was to upgrade the WP website and add some features, provide a preliminary savings quote with a solar system installation and inform them about the solar panels' services.

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Your first step with Digital Transformation

Ready to take your first steps with us into digital transformation to increase revenue, optimize operational costs, take security to the next level, and build new ways of organizing processes?
Get in touch with us today to learn more on how you can transform your digital capabilities to make them simple, clear, and efficient.


No. We’ll do it together with you applying all the necessary workforce, including Software Architects, Business Analysts, Product Growth, and Development Specialists from our pool. No need for you to hire any additional talent, like digital transformation consultants, or apply extra resources. After the project is done, it’s possible some internal processes you used to utilize will transform. But that would be your positive outcome for the whole business, not only its digital aspect.

As professionals, we are always keeping up with the latest tech to accelerate our clients’ business transformation. Of course, certain best practices exist for some specific cases like data analytics solutions, cloud services, or any other digital industry. Yet, the technology choice for every digital business is strictly individual. Depending on the current problems and future goals, a business transformation may imply enhancing UX, launching a mobile app, or re-writing a website on the newest framework. It takes a lot of experience and tech-savviness to tell which precisely digital solutions will “do the trick.”

Our teams always make every effort to deliver digital transformation solutions as soon as possible, especially during this period of huge challenges and uncertainties, when every business needs to adapt its digital services, at least to some extent. To speed up the changes effect, digital transformation can be made in small smart moves.

Unfortunately, there is no magic number in terms of business transformation. It varies from project to project. We will be glad to answer all your questions as well as estimate any project of yours to facilitate your digital transformation.

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