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Artificial Intelligence Development for Healthcare

Zfort Group specializes in creating customized solutions that solve specific problems in the healthcare industry, from improving diagnostic accuracy to optimizing hospital data management.

Our approach combines a deep understanding of your business with innovative technology, providing tools to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Why Zfort Group is the ideal partner in AI for healthcare

Deep industry experience and successful case studies

The Zfort Group team has decades of experience in developing solutions for the healthcare industry, allowing us to understand and meet the specific needs of our clients accurately. Our portfolio includes many cases where AI was required with a focus on the Healthcare sector, which gives us a deep understanding of the issue from the start.

Highly qualified team

Our specialists constantly improve their skills through various projects, improving their code, developing approaches, correcting errors, and also share their experience with all employees at general educational meetings.

We constantly organize meetings where our best employees share their experiences, which allows us to raise the overall level of our teams.

AI Specialization

We work with a wide range of technologies and programming languages and can do almost everything. However, our target technology is artificial intelligence and all its presentations. We keep our finger on the pulse of discoveries and are constantly improving our approaches to AI development.

Adaptation for the client

Almost every project is unique to us, despite the fact that it contains many elements that are similar to other projects. We always carefully analyze each client's needs and offer personalized solutions that perfectly match their specific challenges and goals. We will offer the best development solution or even provide a ready-made solution that is on the market if your project can be solved with existing resources.

Modern technological standards

We use only the most advanced technologies on projects, and always update the stack. This helps your project have a high degree of security and convenient, fast, or even seamless operation, as well as be easy to scale in the future.

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Our AI services for healthcare

Zfort Group offers comprehensive AI solutions specialized for the needs of the medical industry:

Big Data Analysis

Our big data analytics approach reveals hidden patterns and trends in medical data, leading to more accurate disease diagnosis and prevention.

Using advanced machine learning algorithms, we help healthcare organizations make informed decisions based on extensive and diverse data.

Predictive models

The development of predictive models allows our clients to predict likely medical outcomes based on historical patient data.

These technologies improve the quality of healthcare by streamlining treatment planning processes and providing clinicians with tools for early diagnosis.

Automation of document flow

We create systems that entirely automate the management of medical documents, reducing the time for documentation processes and reducing the human factor when entering data.

This not only improves the efficiency of medical staff but also improves the accuracy and accessibility of medical information to provide better patient care.

Custom AI Solutions

Based on a thorough analysis of each client's needs, we develop custom-made AI solutions, such as patient monitoring systems and tools for optimal resource allocation.

These systems are customized to best suit each facility's unique operational and clinical requirements.

Work process at Zfort Group

Our approach to work is characterized by deep integration with the client at every stage, which allows us to create the most effective and personalized solutions.


Understanding needs

In the first stage, our team conducts an in-depth analysis of the client's needs through interviews and work sessions. This allows us to accurately define project objectives and key goals.


Project planning

We then develop a detailed project plan, including time frames, resources, and implementation phases. Every step is coordinated with the client to ensure complete transparency of the process.


Development and testing

At this stage, the team begins to create a solution using agile development methods for flexibility and rapid adaptation to changes. In parallel, testing is carried out to detect and correct possible errors.


Demonstration and feedback

We regularly provide the client with demo versions of the product, which allows them to receive valuable feedback and make the necessary adjustments to the project.


Implementation and integration

After the final solution is approved, our team helps with the integration of the product into the client's existing infrastructure. This stage also includes personnel training and support during the initial period of operation.


Post-project support

We provide long-term technical support and consultation to ensure trouble-free operation and adapt the solution to changing operating conditions.

Technology stack Zfort Group

Our technology stack includes many technologies; there is no point in describing them all. Here, we have presented a list of the most commonly used technologies to ensure maximum efficiency and safety in medical applications:

We use Python and R to process and analyze large volumes of medical data. These languages offer a rich set of libraries and frameworks, making them ideal for statistical analysis and machine learning, providing accuracy and depth of analysis.
To create and train predictive models, we use TensorFlow and PyTorch. These frameworks support the development of evidence-based models that can predict treatment outcomes and assist in data-driven clinical decision-making.
We choose React for developing user interfaces due to its flexibility and power in creating interactive and user-friendly applications. This allows healthcare professionals to efficiently manage data and get the information they need in real time.
We use Node.js to create the server side of applications due to its performance and ability to process many asynchronous requests simultaneously, which is critical for high-load medical systems.
We use MongoDB for scenarios with large amounts of unstructured data and PostgreSQL for cases that require strict schema and transactional support. Both solutions provide high performance and reliability when working with confidential information.
Docker and Kubernetes allow us to efficiently deploy, test, and scale applications, ensuring their stability and availability even under high load.

Case study Zfort Group

We are constantly closing more and more new projects, for your perusal we have provided three thematic case studies illustrating our ability to solve common problems in the healthcare industry through the development of AI.

Optimization of ambulance work

Problem: Inefficient allocation of ambulance resources leading to delays in servicing critical cases.

Solution: Development and implementation of a predictive analytics system that analyzes historical call data and optimizes routes and resource allocation in real time.

Result: Reduced call response time by 30%, improved overall operational efficiency, and increased patient satisfaction.

Early Disease Detection System

Problem: Lack of early detection of chronic diseases, which led to worsening patient conditions and increased treatment costs.

Solution: Creating an AI model for analyzing medical records, which increases the likelihood of identifying diseases in the early stages.

Result: Improved diagnostic accuracy by 40%, early intensive intervention, and reduced long-term medical costs.

Automation of hospital data management

Problem: Low efficiency in processing large volumes of medical data, which made it difficult to access relevant information and slowed decision-making.

Solution: Development of a comprehensive cloud-based data management system that automates the collection, processing, and analysis of data in real-time. Applications of AI that effectively sorts, analyzes and categorizes documentation.

Result: 3x faster access to medical data, increased accuracy of medical records, and improved coordination between hospital departments.


Emily Roberts

Emily Roberts

Chief Medical Officer, HealthPlus Clinics

Zfort Group helped us to improve the way we handle emergency cases. They use a predictive analysis system which significantly reduces our response times. Their team's dedication and quick manager responses make our work enjoyable and leave a positive impression.

John Carter

John Carter

IT Director, Modern Health Hospital

Due to their high level of professionalism, the Zfort Group team added their AI document automation solution for our system very efficiently. It's impressive how quickly they were. It looked like they do this every day for years. That was amazing.

Michael Anderson

Michael Anderson

Managing Director, Progressive Clinic Network

We had a high need for AI encasements for our system. And this early disease detection system developed by Zfort Group has been a game changer for us. We have significantly improved patient care quality and reduced the costs of treating chronic diseases.


Our services start at $40 per hour. The final price depends on the complexity of the project and the amount of work required. We provide detailed estimates after analyzing each client's requirements.

The timing of the project depends on its scale and complexity. On average, development takes from 3 to 6 months. We discuss time frames at the initial planning stage and strive to strictly adhere to them.

We work with projects of various sizes, from small applications to large integrated systems. Each project is analyzed individually to determine the optimal resources and approaches.

Data security is our priority. We use state-of-the-art encryption techniques and comply with HIPAA and GDPR standards to ensure the security and confidentiality of your information. Each solution undergoes strict testing to ensure compliance with international safety standards.

Yes, we provide post-project support, including technical support, upgrades, and system maintenance. This service ensures the uninterrupted operation of implemented solutions and the ability to adapt them to changing client requirements.

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