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Dedicated Development Team

Get a skilled development team collaborating with your
company or in-house team as one unit

Zfort Group builds dedicated teams for software
product companies, digital agencies, and technology
startups. We cover recruitment, onboarding,
infrastructure, and retention efforts. Focus on your
core strategies and services while we handle the
development part of your business.

Our Dedicated Services

No matter what industry you’re in, our custom software
development services typically start out with business analysis.

IT Staff Augmentation

Ability to use contingent workers and extend your in-house development team with additional resources. Anytime you need a QA, designer, frontend developer, DevOps or any other specialist, we are ready to integrate them within your existing team.

  • Extra talent when you need;
  • No lengthy hiring process and staff onboarding;
  • Lower operational costs;
  • You manage the team;
  • Access to top 10% of skilled specialists;
  • Increased output of the team;
  • Flexibility.

Hybrid team

Your team can consist of both employees that work from your office on sight and in our development center, completely following your corporate culture, internal policies and workflow processes.

  • Maximum adjustment to your company’s vision, values and requirements ;
  • Real-time communication and thus, less time for decision making, since the team leadership works in your office;
  • Less costs in comparison to a regular in-house team.

Dedicated team

Select, interview, and hire tech talent to extend your team. We help companies build their remote development teams from scratch, or empower their existing development units with additional workforce.

Your benefits:

  • 100% managed by client;
  • Predictable budget;
  • Frequent on-site cooperation if needed;
  • Stable product growth;
  • Fast recruitment and layoff processes.

Web App Development
that We Implement

We tailor our development practices to suit your business needs. The
work on the projects is typically divided into the following phases:

Send requirements

Tell us about the technology stack, team structure, and specific requests. Together we’ll discuss the approximate monthly budget and timelines.

Select candidates

We provide the best matches for your review. If necessary, you can interview the final candidates by setting a Skype call or arranging a personal meeting in our office.

Set up the team

Once you pick the best, we onboard your dedicated team and provide them with all the necessary equipment, accounting, performance management, and HR support.

Launch the project

You can achieve maximum integration with your dedicated development team via detailed reporting, regular meetings, and clearly defined KPIs.

Scale the team

As your business grows, we can adjust the team size. Use our large pool of qualified tech candidates to extend your dedicated team.


Advantages for you

  • Hard Skills

    Access the largest talent pool of top 10% developers and expand your technology stack.

  • Cost Savings

    Save 50-70% of expenses compared to running an in-house team.

  • Risk Minimization

    Minimize the risks with our competent project management and reliable operational processes.

  • Transparent Contracts

    Get simple monthly billing without hidden cost.

  • Flexibility

    Benefit from agility and adaptability in case of changes in the project, quick reaction to any issues.

Lets start now

If you'd like to discuss your idea or product in detail or have any questions, our experts will be happy to help and estimate your project.

Our Clear and Transparent
Hiring Approach

With a 20-year experience on the market, providing dedicated teams has been a major part of our focus. We have taken our partners’ businesses to a completely new level by supplying them with teams that allowed them to deliver more complex and larger projects. We have a whole recruiting department, HRs and technology experts to make sure every aspect of the hiring process is properly covered. Here are the major stages it involves:

After gathering the requirements about the expertise needed and taking into account the team structure and corporate culture, our recruiters select the candidates that have the necessary stack as well as give them a short intro about the project in question, so that both parties have the same expectations from the very beginning. It goes without saying, the vacancy description and the extent of the information revealed, are thoroughly coordinated with the partner beforehand.
This is the step where our Tech Leads conduct a technical interview. As a rule, at least two people participate on our side to have a comprehensive evaluation of the candidate competence.
This aspect implies checking English knowledge, communicative skills on the whole, findling out more about the candidate’s past working experience: the company’s structure and organization.
A practical technical task to have a complete idea of a potential employee’s skills.
Get to know the candidate in person. With extensive feedback from our experts, form your own impression to make the decision.
And so the work begins. Your new team member is being onboarded, learning about the company’s culture and workflows, delivering commercial tasks supervised by a Lead. Our standard trial period normally takes 3 months but can be also negotiated separately basing off the client’s preferences.
Congrats! We’ve done a good job finding the right person and now your team is even more reinforced.

Track record

  • 18

    Successfully working
    dedicated teams

  • 2-60

    Developers in each team

  • 1573

    Candidates in our pool
    available for hire

  • 3-8

    Weeks to launch a team

  • 34

    Core technologies used
    by existing teams

  • 22

    Startups augmented their in-
    house teams with our specialists

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