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We have been on the market long enough to see how brilliant business ideas are born and put into life. The possibilities that today's technologies are giving us can hardly be overestimated. Yet, the larger part of a product's success belongs to the big idea behind it.

A fair question here is, "How do I know if my idea works out"? - The answer is, "You don't. You don't till you try it.”

The most reliable way to check it is to develop a proof of concept. POC will show the idea's vitality, practical value and help calculate financial profit.

We are among others a POC development company to help you to do that.


What's POC in Software Development?

Proof of concept is a quick test to check if the software can actually be implemented.

It's not a prototype to show to the test groups or MVP to release to users. Proof of concept implies a small task volume that has only the core functionality. Proof of concept development typically takes around two weeks. A project that takes longer falls under full-fledged development.

Who Needs Proof of Concept Development?

One may think that POC is an essential step for start-ups, which is entirely accurate. But as our practice shows, POC has become increasingly popular with existing products or businesses regardless of organization size.

  • Imagine you have a small online boutique built on Magento, and you'd like to enhance it with some additional functionality. With proof of concept, you can have a plug-in installed and see if:

    • it compiles well with the existing website;
    • if it works as you thought it would;
    • if the new feature is worth it from the UI/UX point.

    The same situation applies to large companies. Persuading investors or a directors board with a strong presentation only - doesn't quite work these days. Proof of concept development is necessary to get some practical evidence if a new product strategy is going to work out.

  • Apart from representing a comprehensive concept of the future product, proof of concept development solves the following questions:

    • shows if the POC idea is feasible;
    • pinpoints potential risks;
    • helps win more investment.

    A well-written proof of concept is a solid foundation for the next stages of the project, such as prototype and MVP.

  • Prototype usually involves a bit enhanced functionality available for testing by investors or potential users. Again this model is far from the end-goal result but allows identifying severe bugs or inconsistencies. Unlike proof of concept, this stage gives a chance to fix critical bugs, improve or adjust the feature for smoother development later on.

    When it finally comes to MVP (Minimum Viable Product), you are finally getting your product's working model. Some clients prefer proof of concept development for attracting investment or winning tenders during initial project phases. But when it's time for more considerable investment or the next negotiations round, our customers go with an MVP.

    With a proof of concept and prototype completed, launching an MVP provides valuable data on the target audience and helps gather first-hand feedback from users.

Proof of Concept Development at Zfort

Here at Zfort, we are convinced that there is always just the right technology combination to implement your idea. Our POC development service starts with a brief on your project specifics and goals. Then we brainstorm on the suitable tech stack for POC implementation and finally proceed with coding.

On average, POC development takes between two-three weeks.

Once POC plays its successful role, our customers often come back to go ahead with a prototype, MVP, and full-scale development. We are always glad to translate your project ideas into the language of technologies. Below is our core tech stack:

Our Tech Stack


Why Zfort?

Mr. Einstein explained that a while ago: "In theory, theory and practice are the same. In practice, they are not". We, here at Zfort, can only confirm that.

Abundant experience and established tech expertise distinguish us from just another contractor. Instead, we strive to become partners to our clients to securely cover their business needs from the software side.

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