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The main objective was to build a mobile presence as a native application. First off, this was supposed to be an app ensuring the ease of use for boutique customers. Also, it had to defend RYDE’s market position and build up a competitive advantage.

By the moment the client reached Zfort Group, they had already developed a general vision of the app architecture and set preliminary design concepts.


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At the same time, the customer admired
one of our latest projects and expected to get similar results.




Zfort Group team started with careful analysis of the configurations and available data. With the results in hand, they suggested UI upgrade and UX redesign. Zfort team used Apple Human Interface Guidelines along with the industry best practices while prototyping the app. Attracted by fresh creative ideas, the client agreed to revamp architecture design frameworks.

As a result, the project scope almost doubled during the implementation. A significant number of features were added in subsequent sprints.

Investment expansion caused by these changes was worth it! As the results have been immediate and measurable – the app worked perfectly and brought revenue and client retention.


RYDE app was a bit slow as it operated massive amounts of data. Caching it for the sake of speed was not an option as the data needed to be frequently updated.

Moreover, the Zfort Group team worked with the existing backend. They did their best examining the existing third-party API and managed to optimize it technically. To unload the system, the working group decided to create another API for processing statistics.


Key features

Viewing the schedule
Checking on instructors
Bikes online booking
Tracking customers progress
Managing accounts


  • iOS (Swift 5+)
  • Facebook/GA API
  • Firebase
  • WebKit
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The “Let’s Ryde” app was tested and launched. Easy and powerful, it helps visitors to absorb all the benefits of the RYDE product.

Furthermore, the customer is willing to continue this fruitful cooperation: the backlog of the second of application development has already been composed. It will involve gamification for even greater user engagement and more exciting features.

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