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Zfort Group is a web and mobile app development company providing software development services since 2000.

We help companies build efficient Magento-based e-commerce solutions from scratch as well as extend their existing development teams with top tech talent from Eastern Europe.

By applying both our tech experience with 15+ business domains and management skills gained through 1500+ software projects, we know what it takes to deliver on time and exceed the expectations.

Our Magento Website
Development Services

Magento is the choice of the top e-commerce industry leaders. Trusted by 235,000 e-shops worldwide, this framework has proven itself to be a flexible, easy-to-integrate, modern, and head-to-toe customizable solution.

No matter if you’re just starting your project, or want to improve the existing solution, Magento development is an excellent opportunity to build a scalable e-commerce website.

Stress-free Magento 1 to Magento 2 Migration

Are you considering moving from Magento 1 to Magento 2? Great idea, but be aware you can end up with many issues and bugs. Our expert team is already like a small moving company ready to deliver a painless, risk-free migration process.

Magento website audit

If you already have a website and would like to have a different pair of eyes explore it independently, our experts are glad to offer a complete website audit to point out the space for improvements. It’s always a good thing to reimagine your website so that it will help you grow and scale your business.

Magento Development

Zfort Group hires the top tech talent to ensure our clients get their e-commerce websites developed fast and efficiently. Custom Magento 2 development is something we truly believe and stand for, as every online shop needs to deliver a unique and advanced purchase experience to its customers.

Magento Extensions Development

The e-commerce industry is so dynamic that it’s vital to apply the latest trends and practices to stay on top of your competitors. With Magento extensions, you can easily manage and update your online store so that your time-to-market is reduced and profits grow.

Magento Website Support and Maintenance

Have an issue or would like to bring some changes? Our team is very responsive and will be there once you need any fixes or updates. No matter if you are from from the USA, Australia, or Europe, we’ll do everything possible to make your website stay awesome 24/7.

Magento Integrations

E-commerce industry requires enormous flexibility in terms of the number of additional services and platforms your customer need to purchase. Payment systems, chatbots, personalization services.

Magento happens to be a multi-supportive platform. With that in mind, we’re able to integrate your existing user experience with your e-commerce platform.

Magento Integration

Our experts will integrate any third-party service you can imagine with your Magento store to deliver the online shopping experience your customers won’t resist.

Online shopping industry is so dynamic because of a great number of software products available worldwide. Today, every aspect of your online store can be automated and integrated with one another, so that the industry leaders access a huge amount of customer information and operate it from a single dashboard.

Smartly processed, this information allows e-commerce companies to build efficient purchasing funnels and increase profits. Let’s see the basic integration opportunities.

Magento Parcel
Services Integration

Automated delivery makes the purchasing process faster and equals happy customers today. For advanced logistics and parcel services, we offer easy integration with services like UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc.

Magento ERP

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions allow e-commerce companies to plan and monitor all the related processes including customer information management, manufacturing, financial, warehouse and distribution activities. You can request and access any business-related information and integrate it with your Magento store for advanced automation.

Magento CRM

By integrating your customer relationship data with your Magento store, you’ll get access to all data on your website visitors’ activity and behavior. With this info you can reduce shopping cart abandonment, build email marketing campaigns, launch special offers, and increase profits as a result. The integration will allow you and your team to get visualized CRM data and build better purchasing scenarios.

Magento Social
Media Integration

Be where your customers are by integrating your Magento shop with major social networks out there. With Facebook and Instagram integrated with your store, you’ll be able to allow your customers to buy directly on these platforms without leaving Facebook or Instagram.

Email Marketing

We help e-commerce stores integrate all major email marketing services including Mailchimp, Bronto, Remarkety, iContact, etc.

By having all your customer-related data, you’ll be able to send beautifully-designed, accurately-targeted email campaigns to say in touch and engage with your audience regularly. Wrap your message and reach your VIP customers, first-time visitors, send them special offers, Birthday wishes, and many more creatives coming to your mind.

Integration with
Payment Systems

A proven way to speed up your online store sales is integrating it with major payment services. PayPal, Stripe, Amazon Payments, We Pay, Payoneer, etc.
Your role is to give your visitors an opportunity to choose and opt for the most convenient payment method. And we are here to help you deliver the best online shopping experience your customers could ever expect.

What happens after you send us the request?

You briefly describe your thoughts and requirement for the project. Send the request.
We get back to you within 24 hours and set up a call to talk in detail.

After we get an overall understanding of your project, we opt for one of the two options possible:

Option A: Project-Based Approach

Get your custom project developed and launched from scratch according to your requirements.

This is the way we work with customers who have an idea or a clear vision of their project. Depending on what you already have (generic idea, specification document, designs, etc.), we’ll go through the following stages:

  • This stage is extremely important to make sure we fully understand your goals and the direction you’d like to take your product. Discovering your passions and vision, we’ll have a project concept.

Option B: Extend Your Magento Development Team

Hire dedicated Magento developers from Europe’s top 5% talent pool.

  • Fast recruitment process allows us to extend your in-house team with top tech talent within one month. If you’d like to set up a team from scratch, together we will define the requirements for all candidates in order to establish a well-balanced and efficient remote team.

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