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Cannabis Data Analytics Platforms Development

The cannabis industry often faces the challenge of managing inventory and optimizing logistics. At Zfort Group, we have developed AI solutions that allow you to forecast demand effectively, optimize delivery routes, and manage inventory. Our technologies will help you minimize losses, improve delivery accuracy, and reduce operating costs.

Regardless of the task's complexity, our team is ready to offer individual solutions tailored to your needs. We also offer solutions for analyzing sales data and customer preferences, automating business processes, and improving the quality of service.

Why Zfort Group?

Experience and expertise

Our team has over 20 years of experience developing IT solutions for various industries, including the cannabis industry. We have successfully implemented many projects, which allows us to solve problems of any complexity confidently.

Individual approach

We understand that every company is unique, so we offer personalized solutions tailored to your needs. Our developers carefully study your business to create the most effective tools.

Innovative technologies

Zfort Group uses advanced technologies and approaches in artificial intelligence and machine learning. We constantly update our knowledge and skills to provide clients with modern, high-tech solutions.

Comprehensive services

We offer a full range of services, from analysis and planning to development, implementation, and support. This ensures process continuity and high quality of the final product.

Proven results

Our projects demonstrate real improvements in clients' business processes. We are proud of our cases where AI solutions helped improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase profits.

Support and training

We implement solutions and train your employees to work with them. Our support helps you quickly adapt and get the most out of new technologies.

Flexibility and reliability

We are ready to adapt to your business's changes and requirements. Zfort Group provides reliable and scalable solutions that grow with your business.

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Services we provide

Inventory management and logistics

Our AI solutions help optimize inventory management and logistics processes.

We develop systems that allow you to forecast demand accurately, reduce excess inventory, and minimize losses.

Demand Forecasting

Using artificial intelligence, we create forecasting models that account for seasonal fluctuations and trends.

This helps your business stay ahead of the curve and plan production and deliveries effectively.

Sales Data Analysis

Our analytical tools allow you to collect and process sales data, identify key trends, and understand customer preferences.

This helps improve marketing strategies and service levels.

Automation of business processes

We offer solutions for automating routine and labor-intensive processes.

This frees employees' time for more strategic tasks and improves overall business efficiency.

Supply chain management

Our supply chain management systems provide transparency and control at all stages, from the procurement of raw materials to the delivery of the final product.

This helps reduce costs and improve supply reliability.

Personalized recommendations

Using AI, we develop personalized recommendation systems for customers.

This helps increase sales and improve customer experience.

Integration and support

We ensure full integration of our solutions with your existing systems and offer ongoing technical support.

This guarantees uninterrupted operation and a quick solution to any problems that arise.

Additional services and features

We offer consulting services to develop digital transformation strategies and implement innovative technologies. Our experts will help you identify critical opportunities for growth and business process improvement using AI.
In addition to AI solutions, we develop mobile and web applications that integrate with your existing systems. These applications will help improve customer interactions and make internal processes more efficient.
We offer a full range of support and maintenance services for implemented solutions. Our team will ensure uninterrupted operation of systems, prompt resolution of problems and regular updates of functionality.
To make the most of new technologies, we train your employees. We also offer certification programs to ensure your team remains on the cutting edge of technology.
Our analytics and reporting tools help you make informed, data-driven decisions. We provide detailed reporting and data visualization to understand and control all aspects of your business better.

Our work process


Consultation and needs analysis

To understand your business goals and needs, we begin with a detailed consultation, analyze your current processes, and identify key areas for improvement. Our experts form a clear understanding of the project's objectives.


Research and planning

Based on the collected data, we developed a detailed project plan. We define technologies and work stages and create time frames. The entire strategy is coordinated with you to ensure complete transparency.


Design and prototyping

We create designs and prototypes of future solutions that demonstrate the functionality and appearance of the product. We will make the necessary adjustments based on your recommendations. This allows you to minimize risks and optimize the development process.


Development and testing

Our developers begin to implement the project, strictly following the approved plan. Regular testing at every stage ensures high quality and compliance. We promptly correct identified errors and conduct a final check.


Implementation and integration

We implement a ready-made solution into your infrastructure and integrate it with existing systems. We ensure seamless operation of all components and minimize downtime. This stage ends with complete functional testing.


Training and launch

We train employees to effectively use new tools. We prepare all the necessary instructions and materials. After this, we put the project into operation and begin monitoring.


Support and development

We provide ongoing technical support and monitoring of the system. We carry out regular updates and optimization. We are always ready to offer opportunities for further development and improvement of your solution

Technology stack

Programming languages:
Project management tools:
Cloud platforms:
Data storage systems:

Case studies

Optimization of inventory management and logistics

One of our clients, a prominent cannabis production and distribution company, was experiencing inventory management and logistics issues that resulted in excess inventory and high operating costs.

Problem: The client had difficulty forecasting demand, which resulted in frequent product shortages and surpluses. Also, delivery routes were not optimized, which increased transportation costs and reduced the efficiency of logistics operations.

Solution: We have developed an AI system that uses machine learning to accurately forecast demand based on historical data and trend analysis. We have also introduced a system for optimizing logistics routes, taking into account geographic data and current road conditions.

Result: Our solution allowed the client to reduce excess inventory by 30%, reduce operating costs by 25%, and significantly improve demand forecasting accuracy. This resulted in improved customer service and increased profits.

Analysis of sales data and customer preferences

Another of our clients, a cannabis retail chain, had difficulty analyzing sales data and customer preferences, which made it difficult to develop effective marketing strategies and manage its product portfolio.

Problem: The client could not quickly and accurately analyze sales data, resulting in ineffective inventory management and missed opportunities to increase sales. Identifying customer preferences and tailoring marketing campaigns to their needs was also difficult.

Solution: We have implemented an artificial intelligence-based analytical platform that collects and processes sales data in real-time. The system analyzes purchasing trends, identifies customer preferences, and provides recommendations for optimizing assortment and marketing campaigns.

Result: By implementing our solution, the client increased the accuracy of assortment management by 40%, increased sales by 20%, and significantly improved understanding of customer needs. This has enabled the development of more targeted and effective marketing strategies, which has positively impacted overall sales and customer satisfaction.

Testimonials from satisfied clients

Jonathan Smith

Jonathan Smith

CLogistics Director

Zfort Group has significantly improved our inventory management and logistics. We have reduced costs and increased delivery accuracy thanks to their AI solutions.

Sarah Johnson

Sarah Johnson

Marketing Director

Using the analytics platform from Zfort Group, we better understand the preferences of our customers. Sales increased by 20%, and marketing campaigns became more effective.

Richard Brown

Richard Brown

Director of Operations

Zfort Group solutions have helped optimize our business process. Automation and accurate demand forecasting have saved us time and money. Our company has become more competitive.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


The cost of development is an essential issue for any client, as it directly affects the possibility of realizing his idea. We always strive for a fair assessment of the labor cost, selecting the optimal technology stack, team, and development time. Thus, the client receives a balanced price tag without overpayments and subsequent rework. We also do not take on projects that can be solved with ready-made solutions that the client might not know about, and we always offer the best options.

Development time depends on the complexity of the project and the scope of work. We conduct detailed analysis and planning at the outset to establish realistic time frames. On average, the project takes several weeks to several months. Thanks to regular reports and a transparent project management process, our clients are always aware of the progress of work.

We use various advanced technologies, including AI, machine learning, big data, and cloud solutions. The choice of technologies is determined by the specific requirements of the project and the client's goals. We constantly update our knowledge and skills to provide the most relevant and effective solutions.

Many levels of testing and verification guarantee the quality of work at every stage of development. We conduct regular testing to identify and correct any errors at an early stage. In addition, our development process includes regular reviews and feedback from the client to ensure that the final product meets their expectations and requirements.

Yes, we provide full technical support and follow-up after project completion. Our team is always ready to help with any questions that arise after launch. We offer update and optimization services to ensure your solution remains relevant and effective.

We offer services to integrate our solutions with your existing systems. Our experts ensure that new tools seamlessly connect to your current infrastructure. We complete testing and inspection to ensure that all systems operate correctly.

The security of client data is our priority. We use modern methods of encryption and data protection at all stages of development and operation. The entire process complies with international security standards to ensure the safety and confidentiality of your data.

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