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As obvious as it may seem, but the beginning is the most critical part of the work. This golden rule works pretty much for every area, and software design and development is no exception. That's why MVP development has become so common not only for start-ups but for many other cases, too.

We know for sure that MVP Software development is an intricate process, the importance of which can be hardly overestimated. At Zfort Group we provided MVP Software Development Services to both start-up and large corporations launching a new product over the years. As an MVP Software Development Company, we use Agile methodology to build MVP that suits your needs.


What is MVP?

MVP stands for Minimum Viable Product. MVP is the very basic version of your product that is ready for end-users. Sometimes MVP can entail only one core product function.

MVP Software development goal is to see if the idea is a working one, and if the intended realization plan is efficient.

Lastly, an MVP is a reliable method to gather feedback, enhancing the end product. Since MVP software isn't the full product, this is just the right project stage of analyzing the first user feedback and implementing the desired improvements later down the project's road.

Who Needs MVP?

Any company that wants to launch a new product needs an MVP first. It's not only a proven strategy to optimize funds but is also the best way to collect valuable project data. Going for MVP development service allows companies to find out if their potential end-users who in fact, need the product, if the market has the demand for it, and who is its target audience.

Launching a Minimum Viable Product is beneficial for a project in the long run: MVP release means consolidating the first audience interested in the final product.

On the whole, MVP is a way to test the waters by investing the minimum amount of time and effort. It is favored by organizations and people that tend to utilize their investments smartly.

MVP Software Development at Zfort


Everything begins with preliminary product analysis and the client's vision of choosing the most suitable tech stack for a project. Then we proceed with the Planning phase breaking down the project's timeline and costs.


Once it's determined and agreed upon, we start off the MVP development part: setting project software requirements and drafting the technical specification.


The planned tasks are coded, then tested, and presented to the client on a regular meeting. This is the standard flow for every iteration. Such MVP development approach has proven to be flexible and transparent.


For the design and development team, it's an excellent method of having each step of the project coordinated and approved by the client to avoid any possible misunderstanding or miscommunication.


From the client's standpoint, it's best to ensure the project meets the desired outcome. It's convenient to be closely involved in the MVP development process and making any adjustments to the Minimum Viable Product as it's being designed and developed.


If the MVP launch becomes successful, we are happy to continue the full-cycle product development. This model is standard in our practice, which helps us establish long-term reliable client relationships by providing the most efficient solutions.

What Products Are Zfort's Expertise?

We can do absolutely any project for MVP: large or small; web or mobile. It is common for MVP development to use ready-made systems or platforms such as WordPress, Magento, Shopify, etc.

Our tech stack is pretty wide. The variety of projects we have delivered enables us to tackle any tasks. Marketplaces, dating, fitness or e-commerce apps, fintech, and booking platforms are in our portfolio.

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Why Zfort?

We strongly believe that smart Planning is a must for successful MVP and development in general. Our 20-year experience in software design and development allows us to come up with a smart technologies choice for your Minimum Viable Project, helping you optimize your costs and create just the project you have on purpose.

We are flexible enough to meet your needs and to form a development team accordingly. Once your MVP is live, we are happy to continue the full-scale product development, already aware of your vision and having a clear idea of the end-result we achieve together.

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A SEO-tool to manage your clients’ websites, social media, and marketing campaigns.

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Magento 2 Store for Household Appliances. Retro style, delivered digitally.

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A revolutionary Ethereum-based cryptocurrency with tokens generated by the amount of time a user spends on a website.

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Web and mobile app for the world’s largest plastics recyclables marketplace.

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Website upgrade with a calculator to provide a quote for a solar system installation.

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