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Smart AI solutions

Smart AI solutions change the world around us, powering the transformation of the whole industries. In this rapid pace of AI development no industry will be left untouched. With artificial intelligence services integrated in almost every domain from research and development to the supply chain, recruitment, finance, marketing, - they can be used in your business as well.

AI consulting and integration services

AI is particularly good at crunching numbers and processing big data to arrive at new conclusions. Google uses it to figure out what people are trying to search for. Netflix and Amazon employ it to make recommendations. Banks use it to detect fraudulent transactions. In each case, the role of the AI solutions is to process data and to carry out calculations at a speed that no human being could ever hope to match.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is like regular AI on steroids. Traditional AI is programmed, at least to a certain extent, and while it does mimic human intelligence, it isn't able to mimic another traditionally human activity: learning.

Machine learning takes AI a step further because it doesn't include these pre-set information points. An AI algorithm might be programmed to recognize cats by scanning images to look for tails or creatures with four legs. Machine learning algorithms are shown thousands of pictures of cats until they "teach" themselves what a cat looks like. In a business setting, this means they can arrive at conclusions that programmers have never thought of.

  • Data analytics and mining
  • Research and modelling
  • Results verification on production data
  • Classification and regression
  • Recommender systems
Machine Learning

Deep Learning

Deep learning is a subtype of machine learning which uses artificial neural networks to mimic the structure of the human brain. Often powered by cloud computing, deep learning algorithms have only recently become a workable solution thanks to the rapid evolution of new hardware. The good thing about deep learning is that it goes above and beyond traditional artificial intelligence and machine learning. It's overkill in a lot of cases, but from a business perspective, it's a robust solution when you're creating and processing huge amounts of data.

  • Image recognition
  • Natural language processing
  • Object detection
  • Voice to text translation
  • Fraud detection
  • Business processes automation
  • Performance improvement
  • Patterns detection
Deep Learning

Conversational AI

Conversational AI services focus on a technique called natural language processing where computer programs aim to understand and communicate in the language that we humans use, as opposed to in the 1s and 0s of binary. If you've ever interacted with a Google Home or an Amazon Echo, you've interacted with a conversational AI.

For your business, you'll want to consider hiring professional AI consultants to develop conversational AI in the form of chatbots, automated ticketing systems, and more. Our skilled artificial intelligence software development team will be happy to help you to create a bot that adds value to the lives of your customers and your staff.

  • Messaging apps
  • Speech-based virtual assistants
  • Virtual personal assistant
  • Virtual customer assistant
  • Robotic process automation
  • Virtual employee assistant
Conversational AI

Predictive analysis

Predictive analysis relies on using artificial intelligence services to make predictions about the future. This is the essence of what AI does in general – for example, an AI-based self-driving car doesn't memorize a list of rules. Instead, it predicts what a human driver might do.

There's a huge market for artificial intelligence-based predictive analytic tools, and any AI software development team worth working with will have predictive analytics experience. These AI solutions use historical data to make predictions, and you can put them to good use at your company by using them to inform future strategy.

  • Fraud detection
  • Recommended products and services
  • Risks calculation
  • Sales forecast
  • Customer churn reduction
Predictive analysis

Leverage AI in your industry

Six business domains we proved our competence in:
AI solutions have the ability to change our healthcare industry drastically. Imagine a "Netflix of healthcare" in which every patient is given a personalized treatment based on what's worked well for other similar patients. Conversational artificial intelligence solutions could also help doctors with their paperwork by automatically updating patients' medical records. The possibilities are virtually limitless.
Artificial intelligence as a service is already revolutionizing the AdTech industry, and its explosive growth is showing no signs of slowing. AI solutions can help marketers reach people they are trying to reach better, they're trying to reach, tailoring messaging at an astronomical scale and customizing bids in real-time to ensure the best possible use of your advertising budget.
One of the significant benefits of AI software development is that it allows you to streamline your company's processes and to cut down on wastage and inefficiencies. When it comes to logistics, AI services can pay for themselves and ultimately become profitable because you can offset the cost of AI software development by cutting down on wasted and lost products and unnecessary fuel costs for extra/additional journeys.
AI software development is a must for the modern insurance industry because it can help to cut down on false and fraudulent claims. It can also do a better job of assessing risks and identifying premiums, creating a fairer system for everyone. Insurers can often boost profits while simultaneously reducing their prices thanks to the predictive power of AI services.
As with insurance, the finance industry is increasingly looking to AI software development as a way to reduce fraudulent transactions and to better protect customers. AI can also be used to make more accurate predictions for stock market traders and major investors to give them better insights into whether to take on a risky investment or to let it pass them by.
Travel and hospitality
Another great use of AI software development is to power booking engines, comparison sites, and other staples of the travel and hospitality industry. AI can crunch huge amounts of data that are created daily and ultimately allow travel and hospitality companies to provide more personalized service for every customer.

How AI works

Customer data
Web, mobile, wearables, IoT, Blockchain, e-commerce.
Raw data
Data preprocessing & feature engineering
Data analysis, data visualization, structured and unstructured data preparation. Business goals setup.
Structured data
Model creation
Virtualization, dashboards, reports creation, machine learning, statistics for data-driven analysis.
New patterns
Model training
Training and testing, allowing the system to automatically improve itself from experience.
Ranked models
Patterns detection and decision making
Data processing using CPU/GPUs. Predictive trends and patterns generation.
AI Deployment
Ready-to-use predictive signals and simulation of human intelligence by machines implemented within the software product.

How we approach AI development

Investigation, building hypotheses
Any artificial intelligence developer worth their salt will begin the process by investigating the needs of the customer and getting a feel for what the software needs to accomplish. This includes getting to know what data is available, what the software is supposed to do, and roughly what is a rough cost estimate for the project. From there, your AI developer will be able to start to develop hypotheses for all parties to agree on before the build begins.
The next stage of AI development is the prototyping stage, where a lightweight version of the software is created, so that both the artificial intelligence company and the client can take a closer look at potential AI solutions and to provide feedback and requirements before the full build begins.
MVP launch and real life testing
MVP stands for minimum viable product, and the idea here is for your AI software development team to expand upon the prototype to create functioning artificial intelligence services. They can then be tested in real-life situations, and further refined and re-examined by your AI solutions team as needed until the full, final version of the software is created and released.

Case Studies


Read more about how we set up an automated alert system for an SEO tool to manage your clients' websites, social media, and marketing campaigns.

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Gotta Hunch

The gambling application app allows you to make a daily news prediction. Both iPhone and Android apps were completely designed and developed.

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Gotta Hunch

iNET Guardian

Zfort team created an app for parents that gives quick and easy access to their kids' activities, allowing kids to surf the Internet safely and securely.

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iNET Guardian

Magento 2 Store

The created Magento 2 Commerce store handles a vast number of combinations of different products. The website is generating significant profits, and gets positive customer feedback on their online shopping experience.

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Magento 2 Store

Online IO

A revolutionary Ethereum-based cryptocurrency with tokens generated by the amount of time a user spends on a website.

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Online IO


The development team has updated the existing iPhone applications for the fitness boutique chain. The app provides ease of use for customers and a competitive edge in the market.

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The marketplace is designed for both web and mobile applications. Sellers and buyers can post a listing, get the best price, conclude deals directly from the phone anywhere in the world.

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Our team completely redesigned and rebuilt both front-end and back-end of the platform to make it a suitable place to meet and match people. We also realized the iOS mobile app.

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The main goal was to upgrade the WP website and add some features, provide a preliminary savings quote with a solar system installation and inform them about the solar panels' services.

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The most popular choice among AI development is Python. Its syntax is simple, which makes implementing AI algorithms easy.

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