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Zfort Group, like nobody else, knows the power of this programming language.

JavaScript software development is one of the three essential ways of web production. Accompanied by HTML and CSS, JavaScript offers exceptional standardization, speed, and increased functionality.

Zfort Group builds cloud web applications using JavaScript stack from scratch to project's deployment. With extensive experience in working with Node.js, Angular, React, AWS, along with various databases, we can help you develop a unique web app with a scalable and secure architecture.

Considering each project with a long-term view, we ensure that sustainability and stability are always at the core of our decisions. Our goal is to help you create quality software that scales well, performs better, improves user satisfaction, and allows you to achieve your business goals.

Zfort Group utilizes agile methodologies to ensure an efficient, adaptable process that helps clients meet their project goals and objectives. Embedding with your team, we also share our best practices to ensure that your developers can carry each project into the future after our work is completed.

Our JavaScript Development Services

Website Development

The key reason for applying JavaScript to build a website is its interactivity.

If you expect more powerful and sophisticated functionality from your future website, JS has a number of indisputable benefits to offer.

Web App Development

Web browsers and PC are continuously developing, so web apps have to evolve as well.

JavaScript is an essential technology for a newly-built application that you expect to operate in acertain way. Create highly scalable web applications with Zfort Group and impress your users across all digital platforms.

Mobile App Development

By applying JavaScript, Zfort Group develops responsive mobile apps compatible with various platforms and ecosystems.

Looking to achieve the highest business productivity? Just deploy and download the apps right into the respective store.

Desktop App Development

JavaScript makes it possible to develop a custom application regardless of the OS you use, be it Windows, Mac or Linux.

Server App Development

Together with Node.js, JavaScript is widely used for server-side programming.

Such industry giant as Walmart trusted JavaScript the core part of its back-end infrastructure.

Back-end Development

Looking for an easily scalable and maintainable application?

Hire JavaScript developers with Zfort Group! Get a lightning fast speed and grow your business!

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Why choose JS development?

  • Increase applications' interactivity and functionality

    Zfort Group uses JavaScript to make web applications more dynamic and functional. Also, JS enhances the user experience of your product. There is a variety of front-end and back-end development frameworks which speed up development and time to market.

  • Multifunctional technology with good speed

    JavaScript functionality covers both client-side and server-side programming that allows creating maintainable products. This language has unrivaled functionality with a wide range of frameworks, libraries, plugins, and other tools that ensure continued support.

  • Interoperability and excellent browser support

    JavaScript is compatible with most server-side technologies such as Java, Ruby, Python, PHP, etc. It is supported by all modern web browsers, which increases the web pages functionality and saves costly development time.

  • A huge community of developers

    JavaScript is supported by a large IT community that contributes to the technology development of this technology. It is also the most popular programming language across the world, powering millions of web applications.

Technologies we use to build
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Case Studies


A SEO-tool to manage your clients’ websites, social media, and marketing campaigns.

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Magento 2 Store

Magento 2 Store for Household Appliances. Retro style, delivered digitally.

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Magento 2 Store

Online IO

A revolutionary Ethereum-based cryptocurrency with tokens generated by the amount of time a user spends on a website.

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Online IO


Web and mobile app for the world’s largest plastics recyclables marketplace.

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Website upgrade with a calculator to provide a quote for a solar system installation.

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