NFT for Video Games 

Zfort Group has been engaged in projects with highly complex technologies for a long time. We do complicated things simply and with taste. 

Zfort Group expertise in NFT projects

Our expertise in blockchain projects, tokenization numbers several dozen projects. Today Such technologies have become more relevant than ever, especially for an industry such as video games. If you need to create your own yan for your game, but you don't have the expertise in this matter, you've come to the right place. We have expertise in the Ethereum system and such popular solutions as ERC-721, ERC-1155, etc. We also know how to work with blockchains based on PoS, such as Flow.

Non-Fungible Token enables players to register their unique items, skins, subscriptions on the blockchain system, which automatically makes their contributions valuable. This means that this is already the standard for games. Today, of course, it has just appeared, but we are looking a couple of years ahead, where only old games do not use this technology, which provides advantages for players.

NFT automatically increase the value of all global assets since they are an intrinsic value for the players. 
All related NFT are unique and are always protected by a decentralized blockchain system, which means they cannot be stolen or faked because you can always trace all the information about NFT. Furthermore, the uniqueness of NFT itself means that it cannot be used everywhere, which means that its value will be maintained. All this creates a safe and transparent environment for everyone because you can track all transactions of every user. So it makes a good gaming atmosphere, and a good relationship is a key to the game's longevity. Plus, you can always introduce an incentive system for players, which will help them earn virtual money that will be of value thanks to the cryptocurrency.

NFT for Video Games
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Our NFT Solutions in Gaming

NFT for Arcade Games

Actually, you can turn many things into NFT in Arcade games: special characters, physical assets
    , or even unique scores records.

    NFT for Action Games

    Special moments, unique items, and such are perfect things for NFT.
      Also, let's not forget about the subscription thing)

      NFT for Board Games

      This is too obvious. When it comes to board games, every item can become an NFT.
        Starting from dices, finish with a unique quest in the game.

        NFT for Adventure Games

        Adventure games like Minecraft offer a virtual environment and authentic experiences.
          So the is a wide field to make NFTs.

          NFT for PvP Battle Games

          The game environment and character's skins of PvP battle games
            are the best targets for NFT.

            NFT for Casino Games

            Casino Games usually uses simple Tokens for games, but we can
              use NFT as a bet here.

              NFT for Card games

              Online card games items can easily become NFT. Here players can create their own unique decks from collectible cards and
                challenge others to join the battle and face the dragons.

                NFT for Fantasy Sports

                Fantasy sport NFT looks similar to the real sport since all tokens exist only in virtual reality as an abstract idea. So the same unique player assets, cards, scores, moments, players
                  themselves, sports clubs, brands, rights, etc.

                  NFT for Sport Games

                  NBA Top Shot success has shown everyone how sports moments can become items of interest. You can do similar things with any sporting event:
                    football, tennis, gymnastic, box, racing, etc.

                    NFT for Racing Games

                    Racing Games are standing for the creation of NFTs in cars and bikes and their accessories.
                      Furthermore, NFT can be a unique design of the vehicle, unique player skins, etc.

                      NFT for Simulators

                      Simulations are the virtual environment, which is close to the real world, as much as possible. The AR/VR advancements offer a better simulation experience.
                        Here any potential virtual asset can be NFT, so it is restricted only by your imagination.

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