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Workshops from Torsten Daerr, Zfort Group’s Client and Partner

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    We had a welcome guest this week, our client and partner from Germany, Torsten Daerr.

    Mr. Daerr is a businessman, teacher, trainer and just a really versatile person who visited Zfort Group not just once.

    Torsten Daerr has the following certifications:

    • certified TOEIC test examiner since 2003;
    • certified Corporate Language Trainer by Speexx since 2004.

    He is operating since 2003, launched in 2011.

    Workshops from Torsten Daerr

    Torsten even managed to take part in our charity initiatives. He also runs a few projects with Zfort Group and he is our official representative in Germany. Overall, our cooperation grew into a real friendship. And we hope this friendship will last very long.

    With this visit Torsten decided to please us with his brilliant training abilities and kindly ran 2 workshops for Zfort Group's employees:

    Workshop #1 Overview of IT Industry in Germany:

    1. Structure of the market.
    2. eCommerce in Germany.
    3. IT development in Germany.
    4. Differences between East and West Germany.
    5. Study case: TowerByte Jena.
    6. IT companies in Leipzig.
    7. Barcamp Mitteldeutschland as a major IT event in central Germany.
    8. IT start-up companies in Germany.
    9. Study case: crowdinvesting through Companisto.
    10. German Zfort customer experience.

    Workshops from Torsten Daerr

    Workshop #2 English for Winners:

    1. How can I learn English fast and easy?
    2. What is my current level of English (based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages — CERF)?
    3. Advantages and benefits of improving my English.
    4. How can I learn English if I don't have any time?
    5. What are the best resources and techniques to improve my English?
    6. With whom we managed to strike up friendship.

    Workshops from Torsten Daerr

    All Zfort Group employees had so much pleasure taking part in these workshops. We are inspired and ready to study harder, work more effective, communicate more open-mindedly and also discover new opportunities in the German IT market.

    Workshops from Torsten Daerr

    Workshops from Torsten Daerr

    Workshops from Torsten Daerr

    We'd like to thank Torsten one more time for his time, devotion, passion and all the inspiration he has given us. We are very happy and proud to have such clients.

    Torsten, you rock! :)

    More photos from these workshops you may find in our separate Flickr album.

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