Clients Started Taking Part in Charity Events of Zfort Group

  • September 24, 2012
Clients Started Taking Part in Charity Events of Zfort Group

As you know, Zfort Group is engaged in charity activities for a long period of time. You read about charity events dedicated to the 1st of September, New Year and some others. We are trying to describe some particular details about these events in our blog to encourage any interested party to join such initiatives.

We are happy to tell about the first client who has heard our call. This is Torsten Daerr from Germany. He is the owner of a start-up project

Torsten is considered to be one of the most active clients of our company: in August he visited our office with his beautiful wife, he is a regular reader of our blog and he is always ready to join and support all Zfort Group's initiatives.

Torsten has read about the charity event dedicated to the 1st of September on our blog and was really impressed about it. So, he donated 100$ for the future events.

We want to thank Torsten so very much! We are happy to work with such an active, charitable and kind person.

This donation will be added to December charity action dedicated to the New Year.

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