Regular Charity Event by Zfort Group

  • September 5, 2012

Zfort Group arranges charity events on a regular basis. And here is a short report about the latest one that was dedicated to the Knowledge Day in our country.

This time we helped the Kharkov Regional Orphanage № 3 and a social service of Novaya Vodolaga (Kharkov region) that takes care of all the abandoned and needy children in the district.

On August 30, we went to the Regional Orphanage. We were greeted with warm atmosphere and our presents were taken with great gratitude.

Zfort Group Charity Knowledge Day (2012)

On the last day of summer, on August 31, we went to Novaya Vodolaga. At first, we brought different presents to the Center of Social Services and talked with the staff. Social workers told about their work, the key problems and thanked us for the help.

Then we went to bring help to one large family. Previously, we have visited such families, so we were ready for anything. But, despite the poor living conditions, the family was friendly and nice. This is a full family with two parents, grandparents and four children: Vitaliy, Nikolay, Tanya and Ruslana. The mother is pregnant, and according to doctors, this time she is waiting for twins.

Zfort Group Charity Knowledge Day (2012)

We gave much fruit and clothes, nappies for the future twins. The mother was talking about her kids and according to her talk it was evident that she was proud of each of them and she would make every effort to put them on their feet. Despite a lot of family problems, the parents do not lose heart and try to give good upbringing to their children and they are proud of them.

We are glad that we were able to help this family and brightened up their life even just a bit.

Zfort Group is a friendly company and we want to be friendly not only in web technologies, but also in life. The company organizes charity events on a regular basis and we are always happy to see other companies joining us. We continue to thank everybody for any participation in these events. More and more of us are willing to help, and this is just great!

zfort charity september 2012

The next charity event is planned for the New Year!

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