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Why Magento Is the #1 Choice for E-commerce Industry in 2019?

Why Magento Is the #1 Choice for E-commerce Industry in 2019?
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    There are currently 222 000 live Magento websites on the Internet. A huge amount of customers come from the US market with 81 110 online stores. Magento comes second after WooCommerce in the top 1M websites ranked by Alexa.

    Not bad. But why are we focusing your attention on this platform in 2019?

    • Industry leaders use Magento for their websites including Nike, Samsung, Ford, Lenovo, Christian Louboutin, Coca Cola. Look at this top 10 E-commerce websites for instance. No matter the size of the company, both small startups and large enterprises choose this CMS today.
    • You get full control over your website’s both frontend and backend. Feel free to customize it to your taste and according to the latest trends.

    • A lot of extensions and customization options. Compared to template-based CMSs, Magento definitely offers a higher degree of freedom to its users.

    • It’s an open-source solution with huge community support. This means you won’t be left alone in the middle of nowhere with your project unfinished. Your team will always have access to your website’s source code. But this is rather a benefit for experienced website creators, rather than entry-level specialists.

    Enough with lyrics. Let’s talk business.

    Our customers always do their homework to understand what makes them stand out and win the competition. Oftentimes, it is the technology they choose for their online business.

    E-commerce industry is so fast-paced, that website owners always have a pack of challenges to overcome:

    • Multi-step checkout: high percentage of customers leave their carts abandoned.

    • Payment security: many customers leave online stores empty-handed because they can’t trust their credit card information, as they believe it can be lost or stolen.

    • Private information: website cookies and GDPR compliance is a headache for most online shopping businesses today.

    • Design: We are so spoiled with classy UI/UX we see every day, that it is now inappropriate not to optimize and update your website for more than a year in e-commerce industry. You just won’t be your customers’ savvy.

    You might say that WordPress has similar features, but it will be not correct, to know more click here Magento VS WordPress.

    The more automated, customized, and unique solution we apply, the better your customers’ reaction would be. We’ll help you stay up to date with the latest tricks and insights on e-commerce development to build converting websites and drive profit. To start with, check one of our recent whitepapers with a bunch of expert tips for better e-commerce homepage UX optimization.

    Top Magento development companies which received high praise from business owners.  

    Last but not least

    According to BuiltWith stats, Magento is being developed fast and gains customers who’ve decided to switch from Opencart, Zen Cart, VirtueMart, and osCommerce. There’s no surprise, as Magento has proved to be a one-stop solution for a customized e-commerce website.

    Do you already have a website that needs an upgrade? Or, perhaps, you’re considering to develop one from scratch?

    No matter what you have now, just contact our experts. Despite having Magento certified specialists on board, we are also recognized as a top Magento Development Company on DesignRush. So let's arrange a call for a quick advice for your e-commerce business. Let’s talk?


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