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Top 10 Magento Stores to Inspire Your Ecommerce Website

10 best magento websites
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    Magento is one of the top ecommerce frameworks for a reason. Just take a look at the statistics: Magento ecommerce sites grow three times faster, and the software powers 12% of all ecommerce stores. Magento adoption is also on the rise, nearly doubling in the space of a single year. 

    Magento website development is so important to us here at Zfort Group that we’ve made it a core part of our business. And because we focus on Magento web development services, we also like to think about what the best Magento website might be so that we can learn from the sites that we love and apply what we learn to our customers.

    And so with that in mind, let’s go ahead and take a look at ten of the best Magento websites.

    1.  Joel & Son

    joel and son ecommerce magento website

    Perhaps we’re a little biased here because we had the privilege of working on this one. Still, the Joel & Son website has earned its entry on this list because of two main reasons. The first is vital on every Magento site, and that’s the fact that it’s easy to browse through the site and to find whatever you happen to be looking for.

    But the other reason that this website stands out is that it does a great job of conveying the company’s history. Dating back to the end of the Second World War, their story includes the tale of a young tailor and a 14-year-old boy who left school to help the family’s market stall.

    2.  Sigma

    sigma ecommerce magento website

    This website deserves to be considered for the title of the best Magento website because it does such a great job of using social proof and influencer marketing. Indeed, a substantial amount of real estate on the homepage is given over to inviting people to “shop the look”, embedding user-generated content from beauty influencers and linking through to where you can buy the products.


    Do you need to build an ecommerce store, update or make a new extension? We can help!

    Sigma has opted for custom Magento development, creating a highly customized installation, and it goes to show just how many new features and functions are available. Unusually for a Magento ecommerce site, but also understandably, they even offer up a list of approved vendors that you can buy from.

    3. Cox & Cox

    Cox and Cox ecommerce magento website

    The first thing that you’ll notice about the Cox & Cox Magento site is that they hit visitors with a lightbox to encourage them to sign up to the company’s mailing list. This gives us an immediate idea of which priorities they had in mind when they created their custom Magento development brief. They’re so keen to build their email marketing list that they offer visitors 20% off their first order if they sign up.

    This then feeds into their marketing strategy and has a huge impact on the content that they share. They’re arguably the best Magento website when it comes to seasonal marketing, as demonstrated by the fact that at the time of writing, they’re focusing on Christmas, devoting the homepage of their Magento site to Christmas trends, wreaths and garlands, tableware, crackers and more.

    4. Boodles

    Boodles ecommerce magento website

    Boodles specializes in bespoke jewelry, and so perhaps it’s no surprise that they chose to engage a custom Magento development company. It’s hard to say whether it’s the best Magento website. Still, it’s certainly earned its place in our top ten if only for the excellent job it does of reflecting the company’s premium feel and the fact that it “has a reputation for being one of the finest English jewelers in the country”.

    One of the exciting things about this Magento website development build is that instead of using the top of the homepage to promote their products, it’s used instead to share a video. Storytelling is such an essential part of what Boodles does that it’s coded in by their Magento ecommerce development agency.

    5. The New Craftsmen

    the new craftsmen ecommerce magento website

    This custom Magento development build is similar to Cox & Cox in that it immediately throws up a lightbox to encourage people to sign up to a mailing list, although this time, they don’t offer an incentive. Still, they’re worth a mention as potentially the best Magento website because of the high degree of personalization that they offer to shoppers once they’ve signed in to the site.

    It’s also interesting that this is arguably the best Magento website for highlighting how their products are made in the first place. During the Magento ecommerce development, the company decided to add a section dedicated to their “makers”, who are from across the British Isles and who craft “exceptional furniture, lighting, textiles, gifts, ceramics, baskets, and decorative accessories.”

    6. Nike

    nike ecommerce magento website

    However you pronounce it, you’ve probably heard of Nike. Their custom Magento development makes it easy for visitors to browse through and to shop for the huge range of items that the company has to offer. Despite the complexity of their Magento ecommerce development, it’s super easy to find your way around.

    For our money, that makes it the best Magento website at scale, especially because it also incorporates other owned fashion brands and pulls together different collections from across their multiple product ranges. This was a complicated Magento website development product because it also uses geotargeting to refer visitors to the most appropriate store for their region.

    7.  Warby Parker

    warby parker ecommerce magento website

    This is arguably the best Magento website when it comes to ease of use and accessibility, and perhaps that’s unsurprising. As a specialist provider of glasses and prescription eyewear, they knew that to build the best Magento website for their target audience, they’d have to provide a clear, easy-to-read design. They’re so committed to having an accessible Magento site that they have a dedicated web page to talk all about it.

    It’s also the best Magento website when it comes to user engagement, purely because of how many different features (like a quiz to find the perfect frame for you) that they have on offer. And in a unique approach compared to the other Magento sites that we’ve looked at, they also allow customers to try up to five frames at home for free – meaning that they don’t need to purchase until they’re sure that the glasses suit them.

    8. S’Well Bottle

    swell bottle ecommerce magento website

    This is another great example of a strategic approach to Magento website development, which aims to communicate what the brand is all about through how the site looks and feels. The company, which specializes in reusable stainless steel water bottles, could have gone with a Magento ecommerce web design that focused solely on utility. Instead, they focus on what their bottle allows people to do.

    That’s why their navigation bar is separated into “drink”, “eat,” and “entertain”, and it’s also why they use plenty of imagery of the product in action. They might not be the best Magento website when it comes to the depth of the site and the range of products, but it could well be the best Magento website when it comes to their product imagery.

    9. Fred Perry

    fred perry ecommerce magento website

    The Magento ecommerce development company behind the Fred Perry site was briefed to put the company’s culture first. That’s why the homepage of their Magento site is dedicated to everything from collaborations with Mixmag to new shirts created to celebrate the 40th anniversary of iconic band The Specials.

    In that way, it’s reminiscent of the Sigma site, and perhaps they both used the same Magento ecommerce development company. Both put influencer marketing and social proof front and center, and both almost prioritize content over products, allowing people to browse the site for a while before they even look at a product listing. 

    10. Helly Hansen

    helly hansen ecommerce magento website

    Last but by no means least, we have Helly Hansen, who’ve sourced bespoke Magento website development services to bring their brand to life. This is the best Magento website for individual product categories, and indeed the brand goes out of its way to group related products in a way that makes sense.

    Another notable feature of the Helly Hansen store is having both public-facing ecommerce store, and a pro store for professional athletes. Athletes buy their sports gear in bulk or are high-valued customers due to the frequency or the average total value of their purchases.

    Wrapping things up

    Now that you know which is the best Magento website, you’ll want to spend some time thinking about why you like that particular website so much when compared to its competitors. By the way find out more about Magento pricing. Being able to identify this will help you to get to know what you’re looking for from your own Magento ecommerce developers. Having this information, you are more likely to brief them on exactly what it is that you’re looking for.

    The good news is that if you’re in the market for a Magento development company, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Zfort Group, our developers have experience of Magento website development for all sorts of different companies, from small startups to huge international companies. Find out more about how we can create B2B ecommerce website. We look forward to working with you!


    Do you need to build an ecommerce store, update or make a new extension? We can help!

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