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Top Magento 2 Extensions for E-store Startups

Top Magento 2 Extensions for E-store Startups
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    Among thousands of platforms that have sprung up like mushrooms to facilitate E-commerce businesses, Magento 2 is considered one of the most powerful and reliable tools for any new e-businesses in this advanced technology era.


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    Yet, to bring success to your new website, the functions of Magento Default are not enough. That’s why plenty of extensions have been developed to extend the Magento limitation and optimize the websites’ performance.

    Today, in this article, we would like to introduce top Magento 2 extensions for any eCommerce website, especially for the newbies to start their business in this competitive market. It will be divided into different categories based on each purpose for easily following.

    Let’s get started!

    Magento 2 extensions for optimizing Checkout

    Magento 2 One Page Checkout by Mageplaza

    Mageplaza one step checkout Magento 2

    Checkout is a final step, but it is the most important one that encourages customers to purchase the product. Splitit Research shows that 87% of customers abandon their cart at the checkout because of the process complexity. 

    Therefore, let’s turn your checkout page into the eye-catching and simple one with Mageplaza’s One Step Checkout. This module supports simplifying your Default checkout process and cutting down the abandonment rate as well as improving the conversion rate significantly.

    Highlight features:

    • Auto-suggested address using Google Database 
    • Checkout Optimization by gathering all the Default checkout steps into one page
    • Well-compatible with almost 100% payment methods
    • Easily customized color and layout 
    • Display multiple trust badges

    Price: 199$/installation

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    Magento 2 Delivery Date by Magedelight

    Magento 2 Delivery Date Extension

    When it comes to online shopping, delivery becomes one of the major concerns for customers as nobody is available to pick up goods at any time.

    With the MageDelight Delivery Date extension, customers can now select the preferred delivery date and time to receive their orders with ease.

    Highlight features:

    • Easily to choose the date and time for item delivery 
    • Additional comment box and “Call me before delivery” option at the checkout
    • Allow modifying delivery information after placing orders
    • Configure specific price for each time slot
    • Set the holiday and vacation time in the backend
    • Delivery details are included in emails and PDF documents.


    Magento 2 Extensions for generating Marketing & Traffic 

    Magento 2 SEO All-in-one by Mageplaza

    Mageplaza SEO extension was created to facilitate you in optimizing the performance of your Magento 2 website in Search Engines. It is proven to boost your site’s rankings by over 32%, improve the traffic for your website by 198%. In particular, this module assists you in decreasing 100% duplicate content and improving your SEO.

    Highlight features:

    • Prevent duplicating content issues
    • Automatically add structured schema data
    • Dynamic and various SEO metadata template rules
    • Support using Hreflang tag
    • Include SEO report feature
    • View Google search results (Rich snippets) on the admin side
    • Advanced HTML/XML Sitemaps 

    Price: FREE

    Magento 2 Reward Points by Mageplaza

    Mageplaza Reward Points Extension for Magento 2

    One of the effective ways to build customer loyalty is to provide them with reward points for various behaviors. By giving them points for specific actions such as purchasing, reviewing, sharing products, etc., buyers will feel happy and are encouraged to stay with your website.

    Mageplaza Reward Points extension supports setting an automatic point-earning & spending system based on customers’ actions. Moreover, it allows customers to use their points as a payment method to purchase products. Thanks to this extension, online stores can push up sales, conversion rates, and make customers commit to their stores.

    Highlight features:

    • Easy to customize Reward Points labels 
    • Add a point spending slider 
    • Create unlimited earning and spending rules
    • Reward points for behaviors
    • Purchase products by points
    • Import & Export customers’ reward points transaction in the backend
    • Milestones Program

    Price: $99/installation

    Magento 2 Abandon

    BaymardCustomizable email templates with ease

    • Contain a flexible schedule
    • Support unlimited rule numbers 
    • Automatically create unique discount coupons
    • Integrate Google analytics tool to track the email campaigns

    Price: $129/installation

    Magento 2 Extensions for Customer Support

    Magento 2 Live Chat by Landofcoder

    Not only can your products but also your service impress buyers and drive them to become your regular customers. Kayako's survey shows that 38% of customers prefer to purchase products from a company/website providing live chat support.

    The Magento 2 Live Chat Extension by LandofCoder offers a configurable live chat option with a clean interface. As a result, it won’t distract shoppers from their purchases while still clearly visible for them in case they need assistance. Also, it allows customizing the time and places the chat window will appear and tracking all the conversation logs.

    Highlight features:

    • Unlimited chat history 
    • User-friendly interface
    • Support setting chat name
    • Manage and monitor the chat system easily 
    • Boost the stores’ sales dramatically 

    Price: FREE

    Check our artilce about how to create a gift card

    Nearly 96% of consumers do not make a purchase for the first time they visit an online website. They always need to collect the information before deciding to buy any products. 

    With Mageants FAQs extension, the store owner can create the answer for the frequently asked questions, which allows customers to search for common inquiries, specific topics to get the appropriate answer even if your support team is away. 

    Highlight features:

    • Create static blocks above the FAQs to impress the content.
    • Support importing the FAQs directly to your website.
    • Optimize your FAQ web page to be more organized by using a paging function
    • Quickly access the search bar on the FAQ page.
    • Allow redirect categories depending on Ajax
    • Design FAQ page and show URL in top links

    Price: $49/installation

    Magento 2 Extensions for improving Search & Navigation

    Magento 2 Layered Navigation ULTIMATE by Mageplaza

    When going to a new place, it is quite challenging for you to reach the correct destination without a map. Similarly, for online shopping, customers also need something to navigate them to the expected products. 

    For Magento 2 website sites, an intuitive design with friction-free layered navigation is crucial, particularly, if your sites have lots of products with numerous attributes. Without a robust filtering tool, it is easy for shoppers to get lost and leave your store. 

    With the support of Layered Navigation by Mageplaza, all the filtering options can appear on the Menu. Therefore, customers can find their products by searching for categories, brands, colors, sizes, etc.

    Highlight features:

    • Ajax Loading page
    • Support choosing various options for each product attribute. 
    • Smart Price Slider to adjust the price range
    • Multiple stores and languages
    • Different filtering options
    • Friendly SEO- URL


    Magento 2 Ajax Search by Mageplaza

    main product photo

    With an online website, having an advanced search tool is essential, which can help customers to find their favorite products quickly. The faster they can search for the items, the more chances they will make a purchase.

    Magento 2 Search extension by Mageplaza is a must-have tool for you to improve your search functionality. With this module, customers can quicken their search for the product they want in just a blink of an eye with hundreds of related suggestions. This will not only bring great satisfaction to your customers but also help your store to collect more revenues.

    Highlight features:

    • Able to view searching results immediately in a search popup box
    • Support searching by SKU with over 10,000 SKUs
    • Customizable search configuration options
    • Support multi-languages
    • Set up the number of search result displayed in the box

    Price: $99/installation

    Magento 2 Extensions for Administration 

    Magento 2 Sales Report by Mageplaza


    To run Ecommerce businesses seamlessly and efficiently, each decision you make should be data-driven in order to alleviate guesswork and access to essential store statistics when needed. Besides understanding customers’ behavior, strengths, and weaknesses, comprehensive analysis of sales-relevant data will become indispensable.

    That’s why you need an outstanding Report extension for your Magento 2 stores. Advanced Reports extension by Mageplaza supports store owners in tracking, processing, and organizing their business properly with multiple advanced reports. You can find out various information from customers, orders, sales, and items on a regular basis easily. 

    Highlight features:

    • Easy to customize and compare reports in a different time period
    • Add many new advanced reports
    • Show Reports data by line charts
    • Filter report elements
    • The flexibility in Dashboard layouts
    • Support different Report dashboards

    Price: FREE

    Final thought!

    In a nutshell, there is a variety of extensions that can help you to enhance your website in many aspects varying from marketing, customer service to site management. Although this blog mentions a small number of modules, I hope it somehow helps you to find at least one awesome plugin for your Estore startups.

    Even if you cannot pick any of them, don’t worry; you can make your route to the customization. There are hundreds of skilled developers who are always ready to develop a new module that can meet precisely the feature you need for your website.


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