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How Do I Create a Gift Card in Magento 2?

How Do I Create a Gift Card in Magento 2?
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    E-commerce stores aim to display as many products on their virtual shelves to address every shopper's needs. Despite hundreds of items, a shopper may not find a suitable product to give to a family member or friend. All your attempts of managing products in various categories will make no sense when a shopper leaves your site because the shopper cannot find a gift.

    In the meantime, creating a gift card or building a gift certificate program would be an excellent alternative. It allows customers to pay for a shopping voucher for their friends who can use it to buy their favorite item. In the article today, we'll show you how to generate a gift card in your Magento 2 store. 

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    Why should you set up gift cards for your online store?

    Retain existing shoppers 

    A gift card is an extra option for your current customers to shop around. They can purchase a gift voucher if they don't know what to buy for their family or friends. 

    We always want to give something precious to our beloved ones. However, we may not know their interests or needs. Hence, they can choose to purchase a coupon card so that the receivers can redeem it on your store and order their desired products.

    Approach new customers

    Every business wants to grow beyond a locality and customer base. Using gift cards is an ingenious method to attract more and more customers. Your shoppers who buy gift cards would want to send them via email, personal messages, or post.

    The gift card receivers are suggested to make purchases in your store. They go to your site and use the gift card to buy your products or services. That's when you get new customers.

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    Increase brand awareness

    There are many chances that the person getting the gift card may have never heard of your business. A gift card enables them to try out your goods and have a better insight into your brand. If the receivers love your offerings, there are certain possibilities that they will purchase the same gift card for their relatives, thereby enhancing your brand awareness

    Your brand logo on the gift card will get your brand noticed and outstanding. Additionally, unlike physical gift cards, digital gift cards can be sent to every corner of the world, which gives your business a global approach. 

    Manage returns, rebates, and rewards 

    If shoppers would like to return a product to your store but don't have a receipt, providing a gift card can keep their dollars in your business. This can also be an option if shoppers want to return a product after your grace period. 

    Besides, retailers can avail of gift cards as a reward for their customers and employees. You can give your best salesperson a gift card as a reward for their effort or offer your VIP shoppers a gift card as a thank you. Moreover, you can include gift cards in your loyalty program as a reward for many purchases with your store.

    Boost revenue

    Gift card sales not only make money when they're bought, but they also open a chance for additional revenue when they're redeemed. Customers with gift cards are more inclined to buy some of your higher-priced products because they consider the gift cards free money to spend. According to Retail Touchpoints, 72% of people who visit a store to buy a gift card for others would end up purchasing something for themselves. 

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    The step-by-step instruction to create gift cards in Magento 2


    Step 1: Generate the gift card product

    Log in to the admin panel, go to Catalog > Products, then click on the Add Product button


    • Enable Product: Select Yes to activate the gift card product
    • Attribute Set: Select which you want to apply for the gift card product
    • Product Name: Create a name for the gift card. You can show the type of gift card in the name. For instance, Luma Virtual Gift Card 
    • SKU: Fill in an SKU for the product. If you leave the field blank, the product name will be used as the default SKU. 
    • Quantity: Enter the number of gift card you want 
    • Stock Status: Select In Stock or Out of Stock 
    • Enter the length, width, and height of the product 
    • Categories: Select one or multiple categories. You can also generate a new category for the product. 
    • Visibility: Choose where this gift card will be displayed
    • Click on Save to move to the next step 


    Step 2: Complete the gift card information

    • Card Type:Choose a suitable type of gift card (physical, virtual, combined)
    • Amount: Enter the predefined value for the gift card. Besides, you can include multiple pricing options by choosing Add Amount 
    • Enable Open Amount:
      • If you choose No, shoppers will have to select a predefined amount you have set for the gift card. 
      • If you choose Yes, shoppers can add an amount to the gift card. 
    • Open Amount From/ To: Fill in the minimum and maximum amount that shoppers are allowed to add
    • Code Pool Group: Select a pool group that you created (Happy New Year, Happy Birthday, Valentine Day, Women's Day, etc.)
    • Gift Card Images: Select an image for the gift card 
    • Redeemable: Select Yes so that the value of the gift card can be redeemable 
    • Gift Card Expiration Time: Set the valid time (days) for the item 
    • Enable Send Message: Select Yes to allow customers to send a gift message to the receiver
    • Notification Email Template: Pick an email template you want to send to your shoppers
    • Click on Save to move to the next step

    Step 3: Publish the product

    If you're ready to publish the product in the catalog, choose Yes in the Enable Product field 

    Method 1: Save and Preview

    • In the upper-right corner, click on Save

    Select Customer View on the Admin menu to view the product in your store

    Method 2: Save and Close

    Select Save & Close on the Save menu

    The best Gift Card Solution for Magento 2 stores?

    Magento 2 Gift Card extension by Mageplaza allows store admins to generate stunning gift card samples and configure them easily with the drag-and-drop feature.

    With this module, customers are enabled to personalize their gift vouchers by using their own images. They can leave gift messages and personal information on gift certificates.

    For digital gift vouchers, shoppers can decide to send via SMS, emails, or online messengers like Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Viber, or Tango. Meanwhile, physical gift cards will be printed out and sent via the post office.

    Notably, the Mageplaza Gift Card extension provides fast and attentive support, free lifetime updates, and a 60-day money-back guarantee. Install the extension today to create more eye-catching gift cards for your customers.

    The bottom line

    Gift cards create many benefits for e-commerce stores. Gift certificates can attract new customers, boost revenue, and grow your brand awareness, so it's not surprising that more and more store owners try to set up gift cards.

    To optimize the success of gift cards, merchants should keep developing and innovating gifting efficacy to catch up with customer trends and new technologies.


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