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TOP 10 Artificial Intelligence Companies

top 10 artificial intelligence companies
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    We’re entering a world where AI and Machine Learning play a pivotal role in the future of modern companies. Where standard software might not be fit for purpose, the best AI solutions come into play. These technologies automate routine processes, improve marketing activities, save time and money by replacing manual systems, and much, much more. That is why outsourcing artificial intelligence development is becoming ever more popular. 

    Although AI industry is still evolving, there are thousands of outsourcing software development companies willing to implement your project. But far from all of them are able to deliver on their promise of results. Picking highly-skilled specialists in AI at reasonable rates may be truly hard.

    How to find an AI partner?

    Hiring experts to work with technical solutions in any field is laced with risk; with complex frameworks based on Artificial Intelligence - even more. Therefore, before tasking an AI company with your project, make sure to follow our recommendations.

    Research their expertise in terms of technology and assess experience - check available case studies. Every credible outsourcing company will have a portfolio documenting past projects. To round out your impression, go through company structure, customers’ recommendations, time in business, number of clients, and employees


    We Provide AI-Powered Solutions from Concept to Launch.

    Whichever company you liked, contact them. Thus, you can evaluate the simplicity of communication, learn more about their attitude and processes, form a roadmap for how you will cooperate. As your discussion moves on, pay attention to their understanding of your goals and requirements.  Be careful, AI companies who paint too rosy a picture probably don’t fully understand the landscape - this could indicate a lack of professionalism, but they still have to understand AI trends.

    To help you narrow down your search, we have also compiled a list of the most trusted AI companies. These artificial intelligence companies are considered to be experts in Big Data, AI, and Machine Learning.

    Zfort Group

    top 10 artificial intelligence companies zfort group

    Size: 250 - 999
    Founded: 2000
    Services: Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Machine Learning, IoT
    Location: Ukraine

    Zfort Group stays at the forefront of the fast-growing artificial intelligence field. It is a full service IT provider building custom software projects and dedicated teams for hundreds of customers since 2000. Our 18 dedicated teams work for the world's leading brands. Over the past few years, Artificial Intelligence development has become one of their core competencies

    Zfort Group develops and implements Big Data solutions across all business verticals. The company helps businesses to realize the potential of collected data with scalable cloud storage and computer platforms. Over the years, they have managed to establish a reputation as a reliable AI Development Company at a reasonable cost.

    Abto Software

    top 10 artificial intelligence companies abto

    Size: 250 - 999
    Founded: 2007
    Services: AI, Computer Vision, Healthcare Blockchain Solutions,  Web Development & Design, Research & Engineering
    Location: USA, Ukraine

    This company positions itself as an AI enterprise application development partner able to provide access to unmatched data science expertise and certified AI talent. Abto Software is quite skillful in a wide range of cutting-edge technologies and programming languages and successfully competes with other top artificial intelligence companies.


    top 10 artificial intelligence companies DLabs

    Size: 10 - 49
    Founded: 2015
    Services: Artificial Intelligence
    Location:  Poland

    Using data science and machine learning, DLabs specializes in creating IT solutions, complete with custom-made algorithms. 

    Unlike many AI companies, they strive to design individual AI solutions for particular business needs. DLabs focus on things that stress out their customers' business and take time from more important goals.


    top 10 artificial intelligence companies sorun

    Size: 10 - 49
    Founded: 2014
    Services: Artificial Intelligence, Custom Software Development
    Location: Turkey

    SOR'UN emerged from the in-house entrepreneurship program and became a digital platform. This AI company focuses on facilitating interactions with customers. They help to manage digital communication channels of brands, bring them together in one digital platform. 

    This company provides services for businesses to get live support for their site and mobile applications with artificial intelligence and natural language processing.


    top 10 artificial intelligence companies talentica

    Size: 250 - 999
    Founded: 2003
    Services: Custom Software Development, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain
    Location: India

    Talentica was designed to help startups, small and mid-sized technology companies, to build products using their technological expertise.

    This company engineers data-driven algorithms aimed at power machine intelligence. The solutions they provide are based on data structures, model training, model integration, and architecture.


    top 10 artificial intelligence companies botscrew

    Size:  10 - 49
    Founded: 2016
    Services: Artificial Intelligence
    Location: UK, Ukraine

    As the name suggests, this AI company develops custom chatbots to help startups and enterprises with customer support, instantly answering FAQs, workplace routine automation. Botscrew can also rebuild and improve the existing chatbots. 

    Botscrew provides the full cycle of chatbot development, including design, bot development, quality & performance, and maintenance & support.

    top 10 artificial intelligence companies chatbots studio

    Size:  10 - 49
    Founded: 2016
    Services: Artificial Intelligence
    Location: Ukraine, Holland, UK

    This is another chatbot development company that specializes in conversational UI. is mostly building new communication channels in messengers (Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook). 

    This AI company also provides Robotic Process Automation to deliver some business tasks and processes. Their custom AI chatbots may help businesses to move their customer experience to improve. 


    top 10 artificial intelligence companies mobidev

    Size:  250 - 999
    Founded: 2009
    Services: Artificial Intelligence, IoT Development, Web Development
    Location: Ukraine, USA, UK

    MobiDev emerged in 2009 as a group of enthusiastic managers and software developers. Gradually they gained extensive expertise in artificial intelligence, which allowed Mobidev to provide Machine Learning consulting services and become one of the top AI companies. Their experience also covers Deep Learning, Computer Vision, and NLP.

    Still, Mobidev mostly focuses on mobile development. Apart from this, this company works with visionary products - augmented and mixed reality development.


    top 10 artificial intelligence companies achievion

    Size: 10 - 49
    Founded: 2013
    Services: AI product development, AI strategy consulting, AI enablement 
    Location: USA

    Achievion Solutions delivers web and mobile products powered by AI to help businesses achieve their goals. Their customers range from startups to mid-size enterprises and government agencies. Its expertise in AI includes Cognitive Computing, Machine learning, Natural Language Processing, and Chatbots.

    This AI company concentrates on the entire end-to-end delivery process as opposed to the development phase alone, delivering projects on-time and on-budget.


    top 10 artificial intelligence companies Develandoo

    Size:  50 - 249
    Founded: 2014
    Services: Artificial Intelligence, BI & Big Data Consulting & SI, Cloud Consulting & SI
    Location: Armenia, US, Germany

    Develandoo is an AI company with main competency in Deep Learning and Computer vision, that provide full-stack solutions for retail industries. They  specialize in building early-stage companies. What makes DVLD different from other artificial intelligence companies is the usage of the Innovation Team as a Service model in their work, it means they help to understand their data and create new revenue using Artificial Intelligence.

    Wrapping up

    This list is a selection of the top artificial intelligence companies to outsource as an AI partner with a strong portfolio, genuine feedback, and fair pricing. Still, it's up to you to develop your own approach to the choice. Also check our list of TOP ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE DEVELOPERS IN EUROPE.

    If you are trying to make your investment into artificial intelligence beneficial and your company stands out in a competitive market, Zfort Group should perfectly match these goals. See it for yourself


    We Provide AI-Powered Solutions from Concept to Launch.

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