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AI Trends in 2020: The Comprehensive Guide

ai trends 2020
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    “AI can be our friend.”

     Bill Gates

    Over the recent years, new exciting technologies emerge at breakneck speed turning the world upside down.

    Artificial intelligence development plays a vital role among them. It enters more and more areas, creates unique opportunities for those who are open to adopting trends in artificial intelligence. It is no longer a "nice to have" to impress others. AI is embedding into the core of the business. Artificial intelligence building blocks become affordable, even for small businesses.

    Before you get hands on the new technologies, let's take a glimpse of the upcoming artificial intelligence trends - where AI is heading in the nearest future and how to benefit from these innovations.

    AI enables neural networks of the next level

    AI for neural networks

    A neural network is a set of computing systems and algorithms patterned on a human brain and imitating its approach to problems. In other words, it works without any prior knowledge, all by itself. Latest AI trends mirror a developing brain manner - "learning" to perform tasks by analyzing examples.

    Modern AI neural networks can recognize even complex samples: images, speech, natural language, and handwriting.

    Experts list neural networks intensifying as AI trends 2020. Their architecture is going to become more complex, while the number of variables required for the network’s "training" is likely to decrease. Consequently, in the nearest future, we'll undoubtedly witness neural network accuracy and efficiency boost. 


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    These trends in artificial intelligence can be applied to a significant range of business problems, such as spam detection, data entry automation, customers' segmentation, computer vision, financial forecasting.

    With that said, in 2020, businesses' trust in neural networks as a resource will increase contributions to the prospects for global growth and development.

    If you are not sure how to make use of new trends in AI related to neural networks for your specific business, than welcome to our AI Development Company, we'll be happy to help!

    AI needs less data than before

    AI trends 2020 less data

    As it grows in its power and capability, one of the most impactful artificial intelligence trends today is reducing the amount of input data. Applications and machines become less artificial and more intelligent by their nature. 

    AI trends 2020 lie in defining the problem and coming up with innovative solutions by generalizing from previous examples. Such flexibility involves simulating new scenarios out of the existing data instead of the old deep learning rules-based approach, which required an infinite amount of data. This strategy employs continuous emerging data synthesis. As a result, further data appears along with the rules of its application in the system to entirely personalize users' experiences.

    Less data-hungry and costly trends in artificial intelligence methodology are highly favorable for business purposes as the kinds and volumes of data are limited. Moreover, a business that adopted similar AI trends won't face ethical constraints compared to those using data-intensive systems.

    If you are ready to apply robust AI to your processes, we'll do our best to turn your idea into reality.

    The job market will change drastically with AI

    AI trends 2020 job market

    AI is already deep-rooted in our lives and gains more and more ground. Similarly, we can't deny the transformational influence of artificial intelligence trends on many occupations.

    Despite the common concern of humankind to lose their jobs due to artificial intelligence development, AI trends are not likely to ruin the job market, still they are set to reshape it. According to a recent evaluation, about 1.8 million jobs will be wiped out in 2022, while 2.3 million are going to appear instead. Employment sites like Jooble see a significant rise of vacancies related to AI in the recent year.


    We Provide AI-Powered Solutions from Concept to Launch.

    These AI industry trends will mostly affect repetitive, monotonous jobs that were previously handled by human beings - AI systems will carry out such tasks faster, bringing in sound results. At the same time, the demand for new specialists capable of ensuring that everything runs smoothly, especially in the spheres of programming, development, maintenance, and support, will steadily grow.

    In the realia dictated by artificial intelligence trends, people will naturally develop new competencies and unlearn old patterns.

    Likewise, artificial intelligence future trends will bridge the gaps between human abilities and managing big data. Namely, the latest trends in artificial intelligence will cut IT workload by removing time-consuming troubleshooting. Finally, specialists will get a chance to focus on creativity and matters that need their attention the most.

    Following the job market artificial intelligence trends, make sure to prepare for a gradual role shifting within your industry. 

    Voice and visual boost with AI

    AI trends 2020 voice and video

    Face and voice recognition are among the most prominent features of modern AI. AI systems will enhance further and provide more relevant results with fewer mistakes.

    Digital marketing trends in AI will also boost sales employing such automation tools as robotic consultants and highly intelligent chatbots. 

    E-commerce will become tailored explicitly for the needs of the customer. When a user puts down some text in the search bar, the request will get correlated with the context of their previous inquiries. So, the result of such a query will perfectly fit the background and will more likely meet the customer's needs.

    Artificial intelligence in 2020 will empower businesses to reach a highly-targeted audience and build their purchase journey with the help of new AI algorithms: providing the right information at the right time under the right conditions.

    Take your chance to apply this personalized interactions approach to step up your marketing automation efforts - tangible benefits won’t be long in coming!

    AI for enterprise

    AI trends 2020 enterprise

    Artificial intelligence development pushes the industry forward, delivering unprecedented returns.

    According to recent forecasts, 75% of commercial enterprise data apps will use AI by 2021. The reason behind this AI trend is that artificial intelligence solutions for business processes deliver more effective customer engagement and employee productivity, free up engineers to perform higher-value tasks. 

    The key to success lies exactly in aligning AI technologies with real business needs. Surely, it may require redefining and reshaping the whole business concept; however, this adjustment will ensure automating the appropriate business processes and developing reliable and profitable platforms.

    New trends in AI offer algorithms that are also a perfect tool to achieve organic growth for a business, their expansion into a new industry, as well as the development of new products. Also check our article about AI in Ecommerce.

    If you are interested in scaling AI trends into your business enterprise but lack specific AI expertise needed to make this real, feel free to contact us.

    AI for healthcare

    AI trends 2020 healthcare

    The practical usage of artificial intelligence trends in the medical field is opening new ways to a better future.

    Applying sophisticated algorithms and software to the analysis of complex medical data, the AI ability to approximate conclusions will help to reach the new level of healthcare. Thanks to the AI trends of 2020, medical care will become cheaper and more accurate. 

    That definitely will make impact on AI insurance.

    The ability to access data from several sources of electronic records in real-time and analyze it in a meaningful way will enable care enhancing capabilities. Such data availability will also ensure choosing the right approach to the patient.

    Artificial intelligence development will speed up new drug discoveries by monitoring and detecting cellular drug interactions on a massive scale.

    Additionally, the number of dangerous diseases is going to decrease due to artificial intelligence trends. People will be able to examine themselves using a smarter mobile phone. In this way, new AI trends will help to prevent cancer or defeat it in the earliest stages.

    If you are interested in AI digitalization, diagnostics, and care optimization, don't hesitate to address your questions to us.

    AI for manufacturing

    AI trends 2020 manufacturing

    AI trends in 2020 have resulted in another industrial revolution for the manufacturing sector. More and more representatives invest in artificial intelligence development to unlock new insights and improve their competitiveness in a complex global market. About 84% of executives expect AI trends to enable them to reach new or save their existing competitive advantages.

    Currently, technological innovations inherent to artificial intelligence trends empower manufacturers to expand and modernize their production line, tackle extensive data, optimize workflows, and enhance quality. 

    Moving up the ladder into these AI trends, it will become easier to control manufacturing components involving less inspection. Manufacturers will сut employees free from routine and possibly dangerous work. Moreover, employees will focus on creativity and innovation. As a result of this change, business owners will fully embrace the value of their main asset - people. 

    Artificial intelligence future trends show that by 2035 AI-based technologies will increase labor productivity by up to 40% within 16 industries.

    If you are eager to embrace manufacturing AI trends, we can deliver AI solutions on enterprise designs and development and help with your operations. Read more about AI in Cybersecurity.

    AI for your product enhancement

    AI trends 2020 product enhancement

    Trends in artificial intelligence start to dominate the marketplace.

    In 2020 we'll witness the first consultant robots, more intelligent personalized shopping. Artificial intelligence future trends will make possible guiding through customers' preferences based on the supply and demand analysis and even advising on the features to enrich a newly created product.

    Today, many companies generate new leads and provide an unparalleled customer experience with the help of online shopping ai trends.

    Experts anticipate 85% of communication between a customer and a company will not require any human guidance as early as in 2020.

    At the moment, eCommerce AI industry trends are disrupting traditional customer engagement methods. Advanced model and video recognition trends in AI allow building smarter apps that can see the world "through the customer's' eyes". New search experiences are becoming available: a user can select an item in any online photo, and use it for further searches with the help of image recognition software.

    Artificial intelligence trends advance even in "reading customers' minds".

    Innovative companies are now using facial recognition to seize the time a customer is physically present in a store next to a specific product to make use of this data upon the next visit. 

    Feel fascinated by artificial intelligence trends and need a breakthrough with your product? Our team, with extensive expertise in consulting, "on-demand research," prototyping, and software development, can help you figure everything out.


    We Provide AI-Powered Solutions from Concept to Launch.

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