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Main Features Of Magento 2

Main Features Of Magento 2
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    Future is here: finally, we have a new version of Magento. And when we saying “new”, we mean completely new. It was totally rebuilt and have more differences than similarities with previous versions. So, there is no automatic upgrade from 1.x versions. It means that it became more convinient for ecommerce sites.

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    Main features of Magento 2:

    1. New Admin Interface. It looks much cleaner and up to date. But what is more important, it optimised for tablet and mobile devices.
    2. Product Attribute Swatches. Now image, color or text swatch can be shown on a store front.
    3. New Checkout Concept. Guest checkout, automatic user recognition and structure change.
    4. Stability and scalability improvements.
    5. New Magento Connect.

    Magento 1.x will be supported for next three years. There is a migration tool from 1.x versions. It will help you to move data from your store, but themes, extension and all other customization need to be rebuilt.


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