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Ecommerce: Top Ideas to Improve Your Customers' Experience

Ecommerce: Top Ideas to Improve Your Customers' Experience
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    What do you need to boost the sales of your products? How to create a perfect picture for your product, and how do you need to interact with the customers? We want to highlight 12 tips that will help you push your sales up.

    1. Check Your Website's Speed

    When your potential customer clicks on your website, it takes about few seconds to scan it. If your site loads too slowly, the customer is not going to wait and will click on another website. As a result, you lose the customer. The picture of your product plays an essential role in the customer's decision for purchase. Sometimes, when you click on the e-store website, pictures are being downloaded too slowly, and it can significantly decrease the customers' motivation to purchase.

    2. Remember About the Navigation and Site Search

    Your website must be easily navigated so the customer can find everything he/she needs just in a few clicks. The best way is to limit unnecessary buttons, and add such features like auto-scroll that will make your website comfortable in use. Make sure your site search is well-optimized, and your website's search bar is prominent. The ‘Online Marketing Institute' states that 85% of customers abandon a site due to poor design, and 83% leave because it takes too many clicks to get to what they want. Offer the mobile search opportunity as well, so your customers will do shopping on the go. Following this, an autocomplete functionality is also useful. With this function, shoppers will see the product matches or popular searches.

    3. Implement a Live Chat

    Your customer wants to get a quick response 24/7. Live chat can help you ‘catch' each customer's inquiry, and share the information related to your products or services.

    4. Upload Good Photos

    If a website is the face of your company, a good picture is the face of the product. Make sure you have good quality of the pictures, and your product is shown from different perspectives with the right background. While selling a camera, put photos around it, for example. Use your creativity and sell the atmosphere or story, not a product.

    Homepage design really matters. Remember, you have only a few seconds to impress the customer. Find out how to create the best homepage design ever from our e-Commerce Homepage UX Design Tips guide.

    5. Write a Catchy Description

    Write down a short but catchy description of your product. Attract your customer, and explain everything needed in just a few words. Make it simple, but informative, and don't forget to use the keywords.

    6. Take It Seriously When It Comes to Customers' Reviews

    Your customers' feedback should be essential for your business. Pay attention to the customers' reviews of your products. The products with a positive review will attract your customer more than those that don't have any. Reviews are trusted more and this will increase sales.

    7. Make It Simple To Contact You

    The customer must be able to find your contacts in a few clicks, as easy access to the seller is crucial for a positive customer experience. Especially when it comes to searching for contact info, the customer might be impatient.

    8. Include the Payment Options

    It's annoying when you want to buy something but there is no information regarding payment options. The speed of the website, good photo of the product, and easy way to pay are the three pillars that keep your e-sales up.

    9. Add Shipping Info

    Make it easy for a customer to ship, give discounts on shipping, as customers usually hate paying for shipping.

    10. Create a FAQ Page

    This will drastically reduce the amount of work for you. Highlight the most common questions, so your customer will get easy access to the most needed info about your business.

    11. Write Down a Return Policy

    Customers always want to know how they can return the product. To avoid such inquiries and misunderstanding, tell your customer how to do it.

    12. Provide 24/7 Customer Support

    This will influence positive customer's experience. Especially, if your customer support team replies straight away after request. This kind of customer service will increase sales of your services or products.


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