E-commerce Check-In and Checkout Pages UX Design Tips

Would like to learn the ins and outs of a converting checkout process?

76% is an average abandonment rate within e-commerce industry. Let’s calculate.
If you have a $10,000/mo sales revenue, a small reduction of abandoned carts just by 10% will generate you additional $12,000 of sales revenue a year!

Did you know?

  • 68% of users abandon their carts due to high extra costs;
  • 27% of users said the checkout process was too complicated;
  • 8% abandon online shops due to lack of payment methods;
  • 80% of users prefer auto-formatted credit card spaces.

The checkout page on your e-commerce website is the “make or break” moment. Just another quick fact to consider: a whopping 76% of visitors leave your online shop empty-handed. Sad news, but we know what to do about it.

The key takeaways:

  • Tips for a smart login process;
  • Advice on a checkout process structure;
  • Confirmation page best practices;
  • Ways to engage with one-time buyers.



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