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NFT Website Development. The road from NFT Idea to Complete NFT Marketplace

NFT Website Development
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    Since Satoshi Nakamoto laid bare his creation called the blockchain, it has been more than a dozen years. Blockchain technology has become a synonym for data security and infallibility. Moreover, it served as a boon to the appearance of such things as cryptocurrency and NFT.


    We will help you with your NFT project!

    Such giants of the NFT industry as OpenSea, Binance, and Axie Infinity are household words. NFT Websites are on a roll today.

    Small wonder that people often ask: How To Develop and Launch An NFT Website? Just take a look. According to GlobeNewswire global NFT market size is going to reach about US$ 7390.8 million by 2028.

    What does NFT mean, and what is it?

    NFT means a non-fungible token. But what is this token? Let's be clear about it. Technically it is just a record in the blockchain. In crude terms, it is a piece of code. But unlike a usual token, an NFT is non-fungible. This difference makes an NFT unique. It means that one NFT isn't equal to any other NFT.

    A range of parameters makes NFTs so popular in the digital world.

    Uniqueness. You can be sure your NFT is unique and guarantees you the authenticity of the digital asset as its owner.

    Security. Blockchain technology supplies you with a digital ledger. So nobody can change your NFT without your permission.

    Indivisibility. A simple token can be divided into component parts, but it's impossible in the case of NFT.

    Transparency. All transactions are limpid. So at any time, you can know at what price and to whom one or another NFT was bought.

    Decentralization. This parameter is beneficial to performance, consistency, and security.

    There are a lot of things in the world that we can turn into NFT. For example, suppose you are an artist; you can mint NFT from your painting. In the case of music, you can create NFT from your songs or music compositions. 

    NFT gaming is developing by leaps and bounds, so the video game industry is going gangbusters.

    Sports corporations embrace NFT opportunities to help their capital grow.

    NFT in real estate occupies a significant niche as well.


    What is an NFT website?

    NFT Website is by nature of a marketplace. But unlike usual eCommerce, an NFT website can produce (or, as they say, mint) products that will be sold. So what about taking a look at features that an NFT website must have.

    Sign up. As a first step, let your potential users have a sign-up option. Then, users can continue to sign in to the site with their credentials by creating an account.

    Wallet integration. While we're on the subject of money, you have to supply users with the option to render payments. Using their crypto wallets, either buyers or sellers can transfer money and store digital assets.

    Listing. Any web marketplace needs listing ability.

    Minting. It is an integral piece of the NFT world. To create their NFTs, users need an NFT minting option. 

    Bidding. Consider bidding ability. Holding an auction is an essential thing in the NFT market.

    Transfer of ownership of NFT. After buying any given NFT, the digital assets must find their way into the buyer's wallet.

    Adding search, showcase, and rating options would be great for users' convenience.

    Would you like to get an NFT Website?

    Let's assume that you want to create your own NFT website.

    There is a wide range of blockchains to base the NFT website or marketplace. Sure, you can choose any of them. However, it must be a conscious choice whether it is Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, or any other network. So, it will be best if you make allowance for several simple rules. Keep it in your mind that you need to bring potential users on your side.


    As we mentioned above, there are many things to make NFT of. Gaming, art, sports, real estate, etc., you can choose any of them.


    It is a keystone of your NFT website. The most widespread blockchain is Ethereum, including but not limited to its standard ERC-721. However, it doesn't mean the most acceptable. Take into account other blockchains with a good track record as well. Among them are such blockchains as Solana, Polygon, Flow, Cardano, WAX, etc.


    The design of a user interface is just a table stake. But besides a bright picture, don't forget about user experience features. But besides a bright picture, don't forget about user experience features as well as including your logo design and other branding elements. So both coin sides are essential. Not so many people judge a book by its cover; however, an eye appeal also matters.


    NFT website development includes creating smart contracts, testing code, and launching your NFT site. You can't make a shift at this stage without a reliable development team. 

    So it would be better to hire an NFT development company.


    NFT website development has finer points. That's why the best way to get a top-shelf product is to hire an NFT development company. Zfort Group has a lot of experience. Our professionals can make your NFT project from the ground up or help you at any stage. 

    Zfort Group, at your service!


    We will help you with your NFT project!

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