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How to make money on NFT Virtual World?

How to make money on NFT Virtual World?
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    The NFT offers great opportunities for making money. This is one of the best investment tools today. A new wave of NFT investments has touched the real estate sector, namely virtual land and physical land. NFT is a unique set of numbers that confirms the right to own absolutely any item that has been recorded in a branched register.

    This allows the fast, transparent, and safe exchange of NFT. Blockchain is an excellent base for this; blockchain technology is best known as a cryptocurrency, but NFT is another animal whose price is formed differently. NFT prices directly depend on such factors as hype, reputation, and prospects.


    We will help you with your NFT project!

    The most promising way now is to convert real estate into a state of some asset, which in itself is not used directly as real estate but guarantees the value of NFT by itself. That is, NFT becomes an investment tool.

    Now a new market is being formed in the world that will live inside the cyber-universe. Meta, aka the former Facebook, is betting big on this direction. Already, it is possible to assume with a high degree of probability how and what will be in the price. Cyberworlds will most likely be decentralized, but at the same time, they will be united by common space. This means a personal oasis but in one area. Some spaces will be more accessible, as the main streets in cities. This means that on some cyber-lands, it will be possible to sell advertising space for brands(Coca-Cola, Adidas, Tesla, etc), and this means constant passive income not only on the self-cost of cyberland but also as a sublease.

    Also, many companies are planning to transfer offices online, and perhaps in a few years, such areas as IT will completely work from home but with VR glasses in some kind of cyber-office. Yes, it all sounds like science-fiction and rather in the style of Stanisław Lem or Isaac Asimov, but it is possible future. After online workplaces, entertainment centers, cinemas, cyber-sports, and more will follow. All this can be a mix of "Free Guy" and  "Ready Player One" movies.

    It makes a transparent hint at a new niche with billions of potential for business investors and business people, and it is virtual real estate NFT.

    There are three investment options.


    You can buy land from companies that are already selling NFT land. The most popular NFT platforms are Sandbox, Decentraland, and Polka City. Here, in general, you need to focus on the popularity of the project, its blockchain platform, and the prospects for interaction with other projects. In general, the usual research for further forming an investment portfolio. You can collect several different lands with the idea of ​​further resale and leave a few for rent (advertising spaces, work offices, etc.)


    You can become an investor in a company that itself creates a virtual real estate NFT. This type of investment is similar to investing in any other startup. First, find a promising company that needs cash for development and payroll, make an investment agreement where you will be assigned a share in the company in exchange for investment.


    You create a company for the virtual land NFT by yourself. This is the toughest but most profitable way to go. Big profit goes along with big risk. You will need NFT development experts, your own marketing company, a good budget (which can be attracted on the side), and a desire to do a great project!

    How can we help?

    Our company has rich commercial development experience and expertise in blockchain and NFT technologies. Over the past few months, our portfolio has been replenished with projects with the NFT collection, and we have also developed a blockchain project for one company selling virtual NFT land. And therefore we can suggest how and what is best to do. We will help build the entire infrastructure - a marketplace, a generator of land plots, a system of interaction and integration into other blockchains. You have an idea - we are at your service.


    We will help you with your NFT project!

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