Zfort Group's 17th Birthday Celebration

Zfort Group's 17th Birthday Celebration



There was a big bang 17 years ago when Zfort Group was created. All these years we've tried our best to expand into the universe with our own traditions, established processes, professional team, and satisfied clients. Our company advanced along with the evolution of our clients' businesses.

Every year on December 3 we party hard. Because we work hard all other days. Zfort's birthday has become a favorite event for our employees and their families.




Traditionally, each corporate party is dedicated to the specific topic. We had “Back to the Future” theme in 2015 and “Masquerade ball” in 2016. This year we've chosen “Comic-Con” topic for inspiration.

Superman, Stalker, Catwoman, Marvel's American Dream, Diva Plavalaguna, Frodo, Harry Potter, Assassin, Maleficent, Ninja Turtles, and other heroes from the popular movies, cartoons, and TV-shows came to Z-party. Our guys have prepared the coolest costumes ever!


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Zfort Group turned seventeen and, like all teenagers, we are full of energy, inspiration, and plans. We look forward to the new projects, partnerships, and challenges. It's only the beginning!