Zfort Group Sponsors IT Jam 2010

Zfort Group Sponsors IT Jam 2010

September 11, 2010 professional gathering of everybody who is interested in advanced technologies in the field of development and testing of software, IT Jam, will take place in Kharkov. Zfort Group will be one of the primary sponsors.

In the scope of the event's activities and terms there's much interesting – free beer and nuts, versatile advertisement materials, Open Space Area where lead gurus in their areas of expertise will share knowledge. Also different prizes and contests are planned. A rich program will be continued by musicians of different styles and directions.

More details about the scope of the event:

  • Presentations from Ukrainian and European gurus about new tendencies in PHP, .Net, Java, Mobile development and project management will take place on the big stage,
  • Open Space Area is divided into several zones for informal communication and discussions – more than 25 presentations are registered already,
  • Business Value Game will take place for those who are interested in Agile,
  • The rich program will be continued by IT Jam Music Session from 6 p.m. Any participant who can masterfully operate not only with a keyboard and a touchpad, but also with guitar, bass set or any other musical instrument may perform in this part of the program.

The event will start at 2 p.m. Place – Radmir Expohall, Kharkov.