Zfort Group Paintball Battle

  • October 2, 2012

Zfort Group employees went on the warpath! This war was colorful, fun, totally unpredictable and exciting.

And it couldn't be in another way, because it's Zfort Group, you know. And this was not the first time we organized such an exiting entertainment.

Zfort Group Paintball Battle (2012)

There were about 50 of the most courageous employees that gathered at the weekend to test their shooting skills and the ability to work in a team.

Heroic somersaults, original strategies and tactics, a sense of victory and the agony of defeat – all of these will be remembered by the participants of this event for a long time.

Zfort Group Paintball Battle (2012)

Incredible battles took place on two adjacent polygons for four hours. During this time more than 20,000 balls with paint were shot. This light-hearted feeling of the game and competition provided an opportunity to dip into childhood, when it was possible to play during hours and hours, not worrying about anything. This was wonderful feeling and wonderful day.

Zfort Group Paintball Battle (2012)

These and other photos can be viewed in Zfort Group's galleries on Flickr.

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