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Zfort Group Had Magnificent Weekend Adventure

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    On the previous Saturday, August 11, Zfort Group had an unbelievable trip to the wonderful, splendid places of Kharkov region. And we'd like to share some of our photos and impressions after this wonderful adventure.

    At the beginning of the trip all of us felt as treasure seekers, because the sights in our list were not widely known and, actually, lost in the depth of Kharkov region. Fortunately, it was a sunny and warm Saturday, so the weather was excellent for such a journey. During the excursion we've visited three memorable places:

    • Sharovka – this is a real pearl. We couldn't even imagine that one of the Ukrainian's best palaces and a park ensemble is situated in our region. A lot of us were very surprised and excited with this fact.
    Zfort Group in Krasnokutsk
    •  Museum of History and Art in Parkhomovka. This is an absolutely unique museum that is situated in the Parhomovka village, with a collection of world-class masterpieces. It is astonishing that such a great museum was founded by a kind-hearted village teacher – Afanasiy Lunev. The museum contains masterpieces of the worldwide famous artists: I. Repin, I. Aivazovsky, I. Shishkin, K. Malevich, I. Levitan, P. Picasso, and many others.


    • Arboretum in Krasnokutsk. This is one of the oldest dendrologic parks in Ukraine. It was founded more than 200 years ago. We saw a huge collection of more than 350 species of different plants. The time we spent there was full of flowers' flavors and birds' singing.

    Zfort Group in Krasnokutsk

    Our trip took the whole Saturday, so we were pretty tired, but happy at the end of the day. We saw many breathtaking masterpieces made both by human and by nature. So, we've come back home inspired and ready to create something that is incredible and outstanding in our own web design and development industry.

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