Zfort Group Expands to New Office

  • June 8, 2012

Zfort Group growth and addition of the number of employees resulted into company's growth and the necessity of the new premises. From the very beginning of the year an active preparation for the move has been held.

And we have finally moved! Currently Zfort Group possesses 2 floors with a plenty of spacious and light rooms.

Zfort Group New Office

We refused from open spaces and right now every team has a separate room.

Zfort Group New Office

The office of Zfort Group company has now the following address: Kharkov, Geroev Stalingrada, 45. This information can be also found at our contact us page. This is a quiet and comfortable area which is easily reached from downtown. Near the office, there are a few stops of the public transport that helps reach any corner of the city. Also, the company has own bus that takes the employees to the nearest underground stations.

A new office means new possibilities. Now Zfort Group employees have a personal guarded parking lot. Bikers can also forget to worry about the safety of their vehicles – they have their own parking for bicycles.

When you enter the office, you find yourself in a grand marble lobby that leads to any part of the building despite the huge number of rooms.

Zfort Group New Office

Our employees have their dinner in an exotic restaurant “Flying-Up Dragon”. Its original interior in oriental style with attentive personnel and acceptable prices leave everybody satisfied. And those who wish to have a snack in the office can do this in a cozy kitchen.

Zfort Group New Office

For different seminars and conferences, we have specially equipped modern conference-halls.

Zfort Group New Office

And for our music band ZZfort their own studio has been equipped where they can create new music masterpieces.

Zfort Group New Office

There's much to do to create our own atmosphere, cozy design and original interior. But this will be accomplished very soon and yet we joy with pleasant changes and continue to work for the sake of the Internet.

We will share the information on how we settled down our office very soon.

Welcome to our new home!

The day of the resettlement – a cake and champagne to honor the office-warming.

Zfort Group New Office

Zfort Group – premium IT outsourcing service provider.

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