“Zfort Autumn” Wallpaper Featured in Smashing Magazine

“Zfort Autumn” Wallpaper Featured in Smashing Magazine

We have a fantastic news for you!

Autumn wallpaper from our company has been added into the October's collection of the famous online portal Smashing Magazine: Desktop Wallpaper Calendar: October 2012 (Halloween Edition).

Smashing Magazine is an independent online web magazine that provides loads of useful information to web designers and developers from all over the world, since September 2006. Smashing Magazine aims to inform its readers about the latest techniques and trends in web development. And Zfort Group has become a part of the modern web design trends!

So, take a look at our masterpiece:

When nature prepares to rest, it brings very beautiful transformations - immense inspiration resource. That's how Zfort is inspired by Autumn.


Simple lines, warm breath of autumn, wealth of nature coloring – all these are shown on the picture. The wallpaper is available for download in all the popular screen resolutions. So, set it as your desktop background and be inspired together with Zfort Group!

The wallpaper was created by Igor Ivchenko, a Team Lead of creative designers at Zfort Group.

At Zfort we believe that any tremendous design starts from an idea, grows into a purpose, becomes a goal and then the reality. We have loads of great ideas that can be realized in your projects. So, don't miss your chance and take a look at the range of our services!