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Zfort Group Expands Geography: Our Autumn Trip to the USA

Zfort Group Expands Geography: Our Autumn Trip to the USA
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    On the last two weeks of October, our Zfort team has visited several major cities of the East Coast. The main goal of the trip was to meet our potential or existing clients face-to-face as effective communication with our customers is essential for us.



    The trip was full of adventures, in a ‘Route 66' style, our team has represented Zfort Group to the local digital and software development companies in the Philadelphia and Washington DC areas.



    Zfort Group offers friendly technologies, so we need to be friendly with our clients as well. It became a good tradition for us to have business trips to our clients. Just few months ago, we've already had another trip to USA, with some European trips. And in the nearest future we will have a business trip to UK. Our company prefers meeting the clients face to face as it brings us the opportunity to estimate their needs deeply and set an efficient communication.



    U.S. is full of attractions, but our guys didn't have time for that as 3+ meetings per day in two weeks is a challenge. But Zfort is always happy to expand our horizons and meet new partners.  Over these days we had meetings with local digital agencies and leading software companies, and had some calls with our clients in Canada.



    We were lucky to come at Halloween, so we saw how our clients celebrate this ‘horrific' day in their offices. The October U.S. trip was successful and full of emotions. We will keep this tradition to set close relationships with our clients and travel directly to them.
    Want us to visit your office and discuss your software development needs? Contact our team, and we will schedule a meeting for our next business trip.

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