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Zfort Group Celebrates 10th Birthday!

Zfort Group Celebrates 10th Birthday!
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    10 years ago on December the 3d, 2000 Zfort Group company has been found!

    During these long 10 years we worked intensively to gain our current standing and results.

    Although we have been working and work very hard, there was a place for creativity and entertainment in our daily activities. Today every employee will get a little present and tomorrow official part of the holiday is awaited, with banquet, impressive show-program and versatile surprises.

    If to take a look in the company history, it was started very modestly: a small office with a few developers and projects. The company growth was very stable and constant. We did not have different falls, staff reductions due to financial problems and similar disappointments. At the moment there are more than 70 people in our team and we continue to grow. We do not have foreign funds and we are not someone's subsidiary. In our assets we have hundreds of successfully completed projects, clients from more than 15 countries from all over the world, and also a number of prestigious awards from the web community.

    We are happy with the current achievements and there are plenty of new goals for the future that we will definitely achieve.

    Happy Birthday, Zfort Group!

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    Roman Korzh

    VP of Development

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    Anna Slipets

    Business Development Manger

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