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Yii2 Modules & Extensions on GitHub

Yii2 Modules & Extensions on GitHub
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    Zfort Group developers presented some of their projects on GitHub, so now you can access the comments module for Yii2, Yii2 shopping cart, RBAC Manager for Yii2, Yii2 application template, and many more in a free admission on GitHub.

    GitHub represents the world's leading social coding website. On this site, you can find over 30 million of projects. The website is a hosting platform for open source (OS) software developers. There, they share code repositories that are based on open source technologies, for instance, PHP or Python.

    Here are some projects we have shared on GitHub:


    Shopping Cart Extension for Yii2

    You may install this extension through composer. Then, you need to configure the cart component, and create the Product Model that implements a CartItemInterface. This interface simplifies many operations related to shopping carts. Through CartGrid widget, it is possible to generate a table with cart items. Check out more =>


    Comments Module for Yii2

    You can also install it through composer. Prepare the database for configuration, and use the necessary code for module setup. This extension provides the translation option. Check out more =>


    RBAC Manager for Yii2

    This extension provides a web interface for the access control. By installing it through composer, you can modify the configuration of the application. This extension is also internationalized. You can also make the console migrations for creating/updating RBAC items. Check out more =>


    Yii2 Basic Application Template

    This extension is a skeleton of the Yii2 application that is suitable for small projects. To install this application template your web server should support PHP 5.6. Check out more =>


    You also can find other modules and extensions such as Yii2-settingsYii2-cms, Yii2-user, Yii2-tree, Yii2-selectize, and much more.


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