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What is Azure DevOps?

What is Azure DevOps?
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    If you want to stick with tried and tested tools to make their businesses function better, Azure DevOps is the right software market choice. As software development needs to grow, administrators have to take care of many servers in parallel. Created by developers and IT professionals at Microsoft, the Azure cloud platform is a leading service provider. It integrates with most leading tools on the market and is an excellent option for orchestrating a DevOps toolchain.


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    What is Azure DevOps?

    Azure DevOps is a continuous integration and delivery (CI / CD) platform from Microsoft. It offers users an end-to-end DevOps toolchain to develop and deploy software.

    Azure DevOps can be available in two ways: on-premises ("Server") and online ("Services"). The last structure is called Azure DevOps Services (in the past Visual Studio Online before it was renamed to Visual Studio Team Services in 2015). The DevOps process gets faster and simpler with Azure DevOps Services and is considered the next Big Thing in Application Lifecycle Management.

    Azure DevOps allows you to build, deploy, and manage applications across a global data center network.It is supported on any platform, any cloud, and programming language.

    At its core, Azure DevOps is a place where any development team can assemble a product from A to Z.

    What Services Does Azure DevOps Have?

    Azure DevOps comprises a range of services covering the full development life-cycle. At the time of writing, these are:

    Azure DevOps features including Azure Board, Azure Pipeline, Azure Artifact, Azure Test Plans, and Azure Monitor and provides the best Microsoft Azure DevOps solutions.

    Azure Pipelines

    This is one of Azure DevOps' automation processes, which allows you to create a build, release, test, and deploy on the target machine. The Azure pipeline is the combination of CI/CD.

    Azure Boards

    Azure Boards are boards for project management. This Azure DevOps solution is convenient for tracking team hours, agile planning, and reporting. Azure Boards have built-in support for Scrum and Kanban for story points, feature items, backlog, sprints, etc.

    Azure Artifacts

    This is a collection of many kinds of files. Azure Artifacts helps you to create, host, manage, and share packages across the team. Azure Artifacts supports multiple containers, e.g., NPM, Nuget, Maven, Python, etc.  

    Azure Repos

    Azure Repos is a place on the cloud where we can create, manage, and store versions of your codebase. We can use it for code review and other version control functionality. Azure Repos provides two types of version control: Git - distributed version control and Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC) - centralized version control.

    Azure Test Plans

    It is a suite of tools for manual and exploratory testing in Azure DevOps. Azure test plans support advanced test management solutions for customer feedback, UAT, Automation testing, and manual testing.

    Why go for Azure DevOps?

    We've now covered Azure rich features. But to unlock its value for you, let's answer the question - what are the benefits of Azure for your team?

    Azure has become a leading cloud service provider for a good reason. It supports any language, running on any platform, and deploying to any cloud. This is a reliable and scalable end to end solution.

    Azure DevOps requires no setup. A user signs in using a Microsoft account to set up an environment. They can create projects and add team members. 

    Unlike other vendors, Microsoft Azure offers high availability and redundancy in data centers globally. As a result, Azure can show a 99.95% Service Level Agreement.

    Microsoft Azure pays exceptional attention to security. It treats threats with the algorithm: detection, assessment, diagnostics, stabilization, and shutdown. In Azure, not only the platform is protected, but also its user. Such a multi-layered defense is critical as security threats grow every day around the world. They target end-users and put your business data at risk. 

    With Azure DevOps CI/CD pipeline, you can harness and use infrastructure as code that boasts of tools like Azure Resource Manager or Terraform - that help you create repeatable deployments that also meet compliance standards.

    Microsoft Azure makes it easy to increase or decrease processing power with the click of a button. With this scalable structure, businesses can pay only for what they use.

    Azure pay-as-you-go pricing allows small and midsize businesses to better manage their IT budgets by purchasing precisely what they need. Besides, the cloud enables enterprises to run both client applications and back-end applications in the cloud, thereby saving on IT infrastructure costs while reducing the burden on hardware and maintaining internal IT management. Check also other DevOps Solutions.

    How to Hire Azure DevOps Engineer

    If you want to hire DevOps engineers, the task may not be so easy. To evaluate their work, you need to understand programming. Instead, most people are interested in a finished product.

    At Zfort Group, we can help with it. Proficient in development and operational work, we offer DevOps service. Our experts work with all Azure technologies and can customize projects. Moreover, Azure DevOps Services presuppose that you pay only for what you use. 

    Our Azure DevOps can take on a complex project and both a long period and urgent tasks. No worries if you don't have a full-fledged project, we will be glad to assist with a small task that takes a few hours.


    Need comprehensive and cost-effective DevOps services? Our DevOps experts will provide the solutions tailored to your needs.

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