What Defines a Premium Quality eCommerce Website?

May 14, 2013

Buying stuff online today is as natural as buying in a brick-and-mortar store only 10-20 years ago. Therefore a webstore that would represent your business in a proper way is an undeniable must have.

There is a set of unspoken rules and a whole lot of approaches in building well worth eCommerce websites. I've spoken to Zfort Group experts and we came up with the following ‘recipe'.

    1. Well-designed layout: this feature will help you link with appropriate target audience who is going to appreciate your site and come back again and again. Ready-to-use attractive designs can be found on the net or alternatively the help of qualified eCommerce professional agencies can be used to create web designs from the word go according to your needs. There are multiple eCommerce templates that are both high quality and free of charge among which are the latest responsive web design templates. However, there are plenty of talented designers who will build perfect eCommerce solutions that will suit your particular business needs. For that matter it is vital to receive a corresponding frontend design, which is usually provided by eCommerce development companies.
    2. User-friendly usability and easy navigation: a website which the users stop to surf for shopping purposes must work fast, be easy to navigate, look good and be in good condition. That means all links work well, there are no page breaks, all information is up to date and product buying process is safe. If all these factors function perfectly, people will recommend it to their friends and acquaintances and your online store will quickly gain popularity. The bottom line here is make the user experience as pleasant as possible and your sales will be just as positive.
    3. Traffic: with traffic it is pretty much impossible to underappreciate commercials. Boosting the traffic through additional advertisement campaigns will most certainly lead to extended turnover while an average conversion rate may somewhat go down. However, if the conversion rate and order amount are acceptable there is no reason to worry. To reach positive results an owner of an online store will have to invest in SEO, PPC, Social Marketing and e-mail, referral and affiliate programs.
    4. Control over products: a well-organized eCommerce webstore is normally preferred by the buyers simply because it saves the time of the clients. It's all about the products having the right categories – these little details can significantly reduce the time when desired products are searched, leaving positive impression in a client's mind. And on the contrary, if a user is having a hard time looking for a product, it usually pushes them off right to the competition's store. Therefore it makes sense to adjust the products on your website properly and provide complex search functionality that will help users establish the product they are seeking.
    5. Conversion rates: keeping this number up is very important for an eCommerce website. Permanent update of the design and content of the site, optimization of usability and functionality can help improve conversion rates. Such activities as web development and additional analysis will guarantee growing turnover and overall profitability. Having that done, your eCommerce website conversion rate will not require an extra commercial or investment because your current clients will be enjoying the updated version of your site again and again. Last but not least, do not forget to hold your prices on the attractive level and watch your competition's activities.
  1. Safe and easy checkout process: a very important element of the buying process without which most potential customers never become the actual ones. It is highly recommended to every webstore out there setting up a secure eCommerce platform (e.g. Magento eCommerce) and take advantage of eCommerce development agency where professionals will adjust your website accordingly.
  2. Mobile compatible/responsive eCommerce website: various mobile devices – from smartphones to tablet PCs and different sized computer screens - are the latest trend of today's market. That is why it is so crucial to consider the fact that mobile phone users are growing fast along with mobile eCommerce and responsive eCommerce websites. That means that the audience buying these devices is really large, therefore your website must have a mobile version and it should be compatible with most popular devices. eCommerce development agencies will help you with responsive websites for this purpose.
  3. Order amount: can be extended through special deals, promotions, bulk discounts and product bundling. It will demand a little extra development and certain profit loss however it will bring revenue in the long run.
  4. SEO Strategy and Search Statistics: Keyword search is very helpful for eCommerce websites. A search volume of keywords connected with eCommerce can help boost the traffic on a website. Such searches will help you find out which particular keyword phrases are specifically in demand and by that increase traffic to your eCommerce store. It is crucial to perform a corresponding keyword analysis, plan a strategy of your marketing plan that will raise your ranking in search engine, and the users will be finding your site and products/services when they seek for a relevant keyword in search engines.
  5. Returning customer rate: should be constantly enhanced. It is achieved through permanent communication with the clients, referral programs, loyalty and special offers for current clients. The major guideline here is that cost per acquisition which works for larger amounts of orders directly impacts the costs, makes it cheaper to initially convert a potential client to the actual customer. End result is a lot like the one with enlarged order amount – an average profitability slightly goes down, but the owner of the site saves on the marketing costs and gets more funds in the end.

Undoubtedly there are many more factors to consider when creating a proper eCommerce website, we just tried to list the most important basics. In case you have something important to add, feel free to start a conversation in the comments below!

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