Webinar on Project Management Stratoplan Hosted at Zfort Group

Today we hosted an amazing and interesting event – the first webinar within the project of Stratosphere Study Centre from Stratoplan.ru (Russian language). More than 40 participants attended the event and learned many aspects of teamwork. The speakers and the main motivators were IT-professionals Alex Orlov and Slava Pankratov.

A Webinar by Pankratov and Orlov (2012)

Apart from the participants who attended the seminar in our cozy conference room, there were a lot of participants from more than 30 different cities who were following it online.

Some practical pieces of advice on the teamwork's basic principles for everyday life were stated at the seminar:

  1. What might and should motivate your employees.
  2. How to effectively communicate within a team.
  3. How to build a team.
  4. And, of course, what should a manager do to become a leader.

A Webinar by Pankratov and Orlov (2012)

A lot of useful information with examples from everyday life, as well as practical tasks within the groups, have made this seminar incredibly interesting and productive. So, let's start to implement this knowledge in practice!

Our office is so popular lately, don't you think so? As for us, we are happy with this fact! You should come and visit us too!