Farewell to IE8, Success of Google+, Quick Dell and Much More

September 21, 2012

What is the freshest news from the world of informational technologies? Find out in our weekly digest from the 21st of September.


  1. Google Will Terminate the Support of IE8 in November. Representatives of the U.S. branch of Google Inc. said that the company will stop supporting Internet Explorer 8 for the service Google Apps soon.
  2. There Are 400 Million Registered Users in Google+. But only 100 million of them are active.
  3. Google Purchased an Analog of Instagram – Snapseed. The company bought photo editor Snapseed, which is one of the competitors of Instagram, it's available for iOS, Mac and Windows.
  4. "Innocence of Muslims" Has Left Pakistan Without YouTube. Prime Minister of Pakistan – Raja Pervez Ashraf ordered to block access to YouTube, because of a "sacrilegious" anti-Islamic movie.
  5. HTC Windows Phone 8X and 8S Were Officially Released. On 19th of September, at a press conference in New York, HTC and Microsoft introduced two new products based on Windows Phone 8: HTC 8X and HTC 8S.
  6. Dell Introduced its First Line of Windows 8 PCs. Dell announced a PC running on Windows 8, and the company made that far ahead of its main competitors.
  7. Apple Has Released iOS 6. Despite of the fact that the previously submitted iPhone 5 will be available for purchase only after 21st of September, Apple has started to update apps for iOS 6.
  8. ZTE Confirmed Plans to Release a Smartphone with Mozilla Firefox OS. ZTE has confirmed that in the first quarter of the next year it plans to introduce several Mozilla-smartphones.
  9. The New Version of Adobe Photoshop Will not Work in Windows XP. Developers of Adobe Photoshop reported that CS6 (13.0) version will be the last that runs on Windows XP.
  10. Zed Attack Proxy (ZAP). One of Mozilla's developers introduced a comprehensive tool for websites' vulnerabilities detection.


  1. Farewell to Internet Explorer 8! Google announced the imminent end of supporting Internet Explorer 8.
  2. New Internet Explorer Weakness Already Exploited in Attacks. Security experts are worried: culprits start to use a previously unknown vulnerability in the Internet Explorer browser (versions 7, 8 and 9) to spread the Poison Ivy trojan.
  3. The German Parliament Encourages Citizens to Abandon IE.
  4. Do Not Track Is in Chrome. After almost a year and a half after the beginning of the discussion to the feature Do Not Track (DNT) in the web browser, Google Chrome at last did it.

Amazing Website's Design:

  1. https://www.zfort.com/go/http://www.taginterativa.com.br/%23/index/ – a funny website with a background video.
  2. https://www.zfort.com/go/https://www.zfort.com/go/http://beta.usatoday.com/ – a new functional website of USA Today.
  3. https://www.zfort.com/go/https://www.zfort.com/go/http://stldesignweek.com/ – a website with nice animation.
  4. https://www.zfort.com/go/https://www.zfort.com/go/http://neil.judg.es/ – vertical website with humor and parallax.
  5. https://www.zfort.com/go/https://www.zfort.com/go/http://verdi.com.br/# – a Brazilian website, which is suitable for viewing on tablets.
  6. https://www.zfort.com/go/http://www.oxitalia.com/ox/%3Fcat=14%23section-4 – the modern implementation of a product page.
  7. https://www.zfort.com/go/http://www.gastonbouchayer.com/%23/a_propos/base_sur_des_faits_reels – a sample of a minimalistic modern portfolio and a small website.
  8. https://www.zfort.com/go/https://www.zfort.com/go/http://www.styleonedigital.com/ – a website with relevant data loading and animation, including transitions between pages in the style of presentation.
  9. https://www.zfort.com/go/https://www.zfort.com/go/http://graphicnovel-hybrid4.peugeot.com/start.html – Peugeot launched a fascinating one-page promotional comics-website "The hybrid graphic novel".

Design It:

  1. Twitter Updated the Look of User's Profile.
  2. Modern Design of Progress Bars.
  3. Smashing Conference Live – day 1.
  4. Secrets of the Layer Panel in Photoshop CS6. Part one.
  5. New Features in Illustrator CS6. In addition, a few new resources with educational materials can be found.
  6. One of the Latest Trends in Web Design – blurred photographic background.
  7. Logos Featured with All Types of Vehicles, Including a UFO!
  8. The Best Solutions for Mobile E-Commerce Sites.
  9. Samples of Restaurant Website Design. Very Tasty!

A Bunch of Design Freebies:

  1. 9 Photoshop Actions for Photo Processing.
  2. Books about UX.
  3. Some Fresh Fonts: from Sahara to Wayfinding Sans.
  4. 40 Manuscripts and Decorative Fonts: from Cheyenne Hand to Own Written.
  5. Kelson – a nice sans serif font from a Brazilian design agency.
  6. Mood Type – a fresh decorative sans serif font from Filliz Sahin.
  7. Albatross – a sans serif font from Timo offered for a tweet.
  8. Small Bag with Flags Treated in a Grunge Style.
  9. Magnolia Free – Infographic PSD Template.
  10. iPhone 5 PSD Mockup Templates. A few PSD files of iPhone5.
  11. iPhone 5 in Vector.
  12. 30 PSDs from the Depths of Dribbble: interface components, icons, and even YouTube on iPhone.
  13. UX Sketching and Wireframing Templates for Mobile Projects.
  14. freepik.com – a service to search for photos, vector images and PSDs.


  1. Convert Vector Images to Web Font Icons.
  2. A Useful Service for Those Who Are Working with Animation.
  3. bootsnipp.com – snippets for Twitter Bootstrap.
  4. rvl.io – a service from Hakim to create presentations with reveal.js effects.
  5. jQuery Builder – a simple collection of jQuery 1.8.1 modules.


  1. Circus in Your Browser. An experiment from Chrome and Cirque du Soleil, and how it was done: Movi Kanti Revo – creating a 3D world.
  2. Celebrating 500 Chrome Experiments.
  3. 3D CSS Solar System.
  4. Wireframe Ripple.
  5. Rocking Dendrites.


  1. Integrating Input [type = "file"] with the API File System.
  2. Web Icons & the iPad Retina Displays. The quick tutorial explaining one approach to creating resolution-independent scalable images that will look great on any screen at any resolution.
  3. 10 Useful Infographics about HTML5.
  4. Semantic Pagination.
  5. WP-plugins, which Are Used by Chris Coyier.
  6. Rundown of Handling Flexible Media.
  7. Web Development for Beginners (Resources).
  8. CSS3 2D and 3D Graphics and Animation Effects.
  9. A Descendant of Zen Coding – Emmet for ST2!
  10. What Prevented Facebook from Work with HTML5.
  11. An Example of Using Web Audio API to visualize the frequency characteristics of the audio track. It works only in WebKit-browsers.
  12. What's Covered in the Depth of the Site Dedicated to Apple iPhone 5, or "How Apple Compresses Video Using JPEG, JSON, and ".
  13. Parallax that Is Running on Mobile Devices. Stellar.js + iScroll4.
  14. Sublime Text 2 Project Bliss.


  1. CSS Ellipsis: How to Manage Multi-Line Ellipsis in Pure CSS.
  2. Solution from Adobe Developers for Adaptive Image in HTML5.
  3. Kube – minimalistic CSS-framework to support adaptability and LESS.
  4. slickmap – simple stylesheet for displaying finished site maps directly from HTML unordered list navigation.
  5. Rosette Made with the Help of Pure CSS.


  1. HTML 5 Canvas Radial Gradients.
  2. Jarallax – a plugin that allows implementing parallax effects, and more.
  3. slabText – a jQuery plugin for producing big, bold & responsive headlines.
  4. Fullscreen Video Slideshow with BigVideo.js.
  5. EGrappler – another full-screen adaptive slider.
  6. equalize.js – a jQuery plugin for equalizing the height or width of elements.

Fun & Entertainment:

    1. Smile Is 30 Years Old. Direct speech from the inventor of “smile”, Scott Elliot Fahlman.
    2. Magic of Firefox OS. Firefox OS is the beginning of something incredible. This is a revolution. A breath of fresh air.
    3. Meet Any New iPhone.
    4. How Exactly iPhone 5 Was Made?
    5. Gorilla Glass. How does it work?
    6. How to Make the Internet Better?
    7. Smart Phones, Smart Fun! The head of Yahoo! promised new smartphones to all the employees of the company. They can choose from: iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S III, HTC One X, HTC EVO 4G LTE or Nokia Lumia 920.
    8. Advertising Revenues in the Newspaper Business Have Returned to the Level of 1950.
    9. Users of "Wikipedia" Got an Opportunity to Create Electronic Books from Articles.
  1. Puppytext. Say anything in puppies.

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