Top 7 News of the Week, PlayStation 4, HTC One, Google News, Ubuntu Tablet, Tizen 2 and Much More

February 25, 2013

What is the freshest news from the world of informational technologies? Find out in our weekly digest from the 25th of February.


Top Seven News

Sony has officially announced PlayStation 4, console. See a few PlayStation Meeting 2013 reports here and here. Learn more about the gamepad innovative features in details. And some short news from competitors: Kinect 2.0 specs leaked on line.

HTC has announced its new flagship smartphone HTC One. Take a look at?HTC One video walkthrough in London and HTC One preview by Jonathan S. Geller. HTC One Video presentation. HTC One Benchmark testing. HTC One UltraPixel innovative technology. HTC adds IR control functions to OpenSense SDK.

Google news

Google Project Glass overview. ?How it feels? video + Google Glass official web site. Google announces premium Chrome OS laptop for $1,299 and a few words why Google did it. Google prospects: Google is going to launch its own chain of retail stores soon.

Canonical has introduced Ubuntu for tablets. Visit its official web site. Let?s see what main innovative features of Ubuntu on tablets are awaiting us. Ubuntu smartphones will appear not earlier 2014.


It is rumored that Samsung is going to leave Android soon and to move to Tizen. Tizen 2.0 released to developers. Tizen 2.0 screenshot appeared in the web.

Meet New Browsers

Chrome 25 with Web Speech API support to add speech recognition to users? web pages released as well as Firefox 19 with a built-in PDF viewer. As a bonus Firefox Development recent highlights.

A cross browser and standards compliant custom scrollbar script

Sooner or later all web designers face the necessity to customize a system scroll bar on the website. Developers at 2GIS described scroll mechanisms in details and offered their own way how to solve the issue. Detailed explanation is provided.


PlayStation 4:

  1. Sony has just unveiled PlayStation 4, updated controller ? Sony has just announced their next-gen console, PlayStation 4 with X86 CPU and 8 GB of unified system memory. Nevertheless there are no images of the device; the price is expected to be from $429 to $529 depending on the model; there are no fixed release dates.
  2. Sony's the most powerful platform,? PlayStation 4 is going to be officially launched on ?holiday 2013? ? on February 20th the console was revealed by Sony group CEO Andrew House at Manhattan Center Studios in New York. Mark Cerny, the lead PS4 system architect, Dave Perry, the founder of cloud gaming platform Gaikai, Hermen Hulst, Guerrilla Games managing director were the next on the stage to take part in the device introduction, announcing software compatible with the console.
  3. Sony PlayStation 4: everything you need to know ? learn more about Sony PlayStation 4 performance specifications, including its price, release date, plans for the future + Video.
  4. Sony PlayStation 4: Photo gallery ? camera, controller, several innovative games were presented with a great deal by Sony officials in New York, except the device itself.
  5. Kinect 2.0 specification leaked to the web ? apparently, a new generation of XBox, code-named Durango will come with a next-generation Kinect sensor described in the specs.

HTC One:

  1. HTC One: IR API is added to the HTC OpenSense SDK ? despite the rich functionality of SenseTV, rather smart application that allows you to control TVs and STB-boxes, it does not cover all types of infrared devices, including DSLR-cameras, printers, and many other. So there are still many ideas for further development.
  2. HTC One: the latest mobile flagship ? on Tuesday HTC introduced its latest Android 4.2 Jelly Bean-based smartphone in New York: HTC One, made completely of aluminum, is equipped with a 4.7-inch full 1080p HD screen and a Gorilla Glass display.
  3. HTC One innovative concept: UltraPixel ? being the first company that understood that customers don't need a number of useless megapixels in their smartphones, but high quality shots, Taiwanese manufacturer has introduced a new concept. UltraPixel, a huge matrix pixel able to capture 300 times more light than any matrices of other mobile devices.
  4. HTC One Benchmark Scores are exposed ? HTC One is interesting not only for its body, display, and a truly unique UltraPixel camera, but for its powerful hardware as well. The officials assure that performance has increased by up to 30% in comparison to other existing devices. The popular benchmarks have just approved that statement.
  5. HTC One - The Unveiling ? the full press conference led by HTC CEO Peter Chou introducing new HTC One in London on 19 February, 2013.

Google News:

  1. Project Glass UI introduction ? the details of Project Glass interface are uncovered with the new ?Now it feels? video provide by Google. According to officials ?bold, creative individuals? could preorder the device of their own, using the #ifihadglass hashtag on Google+ or Twitter.
  2. Chromebook Pixel, a premium Chrome OS laptop from $1,299 unexpectedly announced by Google ? Google is getting into the premium space for over 1000 dollars with the first Chrome OS laptop equipped with premium features including a touchscreen display and a backlit keyboard. Why Google made its own high-end laptop?
  3. Retail stores by Google are coming soon ? the technology giant Google Inc. is planning to launch its own network of retail stores after the success they achieved with Nexus and Chromebooks devices. Will Larry Page and Sergey Brin be able to repeat the success of Apple?

Ubuntu Tablet:

  1. Ubuntu on tablets ? Canonical has officially unveiled a project to create Ubuntu version for tablets. The ultimate goal of the company is to create a single unified platform for all types of devices such as PCs, smartphones, tablets, TVs, Android-devices and others.
  2. Ubuntu on tablets main features review ? based on the same code that powers the Phone version of Ubuntu ? Ubuntu on tablets contains a number of user-friendly features providing its users with unique productive multi-tasking, easy navigation, high level of security and much more.
  3. Ubuntu phones will not ship till 2014 - Mark Shuttlewort, Ubuntu founder, refuted the Wall Street Journal news that smartphones running Ubuntu Linux would ship in October 2013. According to Ubuntu creator a smartphone friendly version 13.10 will be widely available in October 2013, but smartphones themselves still need to be tested properly. While iPhone 5 is the world?s best selling smartphone model in Q4 2012 ? according to Strategy Analytics iPhone 5 has beaten Samsung's Galaxy S3 and become the world's best selling smartphone in the fourth quarter of 2012.

Tizen 2:

  1. Tizen OS: new concept of Samsung smarthpones ? during the last few years Apple's iOS and Google's Android are the leaders in the market of mobile operating systems. But it seems that the main competitor of Apple, Samsung, is going to shake it up with its own new operating system.
  2. Tizen 2.0 Magnolia SDK and Source Code Release ? after Tizen 1.0 release in April 2013 Samsung Electronics provides software developers and device constructors with a new version 2.0 of its operating system that includes many new features and updates over Tizen 2.0 alpha in last September, including HTML5 APIs and a new native framework. Download Tizen 2.0 Magnolia SDK here.
  3. Tizen 2.0 screenshots ? just after Tizen SDK 2.0 release a number of screenshots appeared in the web to let us know more about this operational system that seems to be another major OS competitor in the mobile market.

Social Services Short News:

  1. Auto video ads by Facebook are going to appear soon ? during his Stanford Future of Media Conference keynote David Fischer, Facebook VP of Business, assured the company would find the way to make YouTube style auto play video ads not so annoying for Facebook users.
  2. YouTube hired professional translators ? YouTube partnered with translation agencies, which will help users to transfer titles to their videos into 36 languages. When necessary YouTube will provide a list of potential contractors with their price lists and the estimated completion date. Gengo and have already become the first partners of the web site.
  3. Kim Dotcom is going to expand Mega into email, chat, voice, video, and mobile products ? according to Kim Dotcom?s Twitter statement ?? in the coming years Mega plans to expand from secure cloud storage to secure email, chat & voice, video and mobile?? Mega co-founder invites everybody who uses popular services like Gmail, iCloud, Skype, etc., but does not want to risk having their data extrapolated by the US authorities without any prior notification.
  4. Skype calls equivalent to one third of all global phone traffic ? Telegraphy research suggests that a number of calls via Skype is now equivalent to 44% of all international phone traffic that is twice more than the volume growth achieved by all phone companies around the globe.
  5. Skype launches video messaging ? for 10$ per a month Skype users can now record limited videos and send them to their contacts to play them later when opening the message. The service is initially available to users of Android, OS X and iPhone platforms.

Microsoft is closing Hotmail ? Microsoft is going to close Hotmail service founded in 1996. Instead, users are encouraged to switch to The reason for such a decision is the rapid growth of mail service with 60 million users registered for the last six months.


  1. Firefox 19 ? Mozilla has officially released Firefox 19 web-browser and a mobile version of Firefox 19 for Android. Beta testing of Firefox 20 is coming in the next few days together with separating Aurora branch of Firefox 21.
  2. A built-in PDF viewer in Firefox 19 ? now the users do not need any extra plug-ins to view PDF format. The new feature uses JavaScript library to convert PDF files to HTML5.
  3. Firefox Development Highlights ? WebRTC enabled by default, Metro UI - the new Firefox User Interface for Windows 8, H.264 & MP3 support in Windows 7, Crypto API and much more.
  4. Mozilla on switching Opera to WebKit ? Mozilla CTO and co-founder Brendan Eich states that Firefox is not going to use WebKit in the nearest future.
  5. The old web browsers... Do you remember them? ? Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Opera pushed far away Internet Explorer, the former leader of the World Wide Web in the early 2000s? But let's look back for a moment...
  6. Switching to WebKit made 10% of its employees to leave the company ? Core Technology department has lost more than 90 employees, including such veterans as Yngve Pettersen, Andr? Shultz, Lasse Magnussen and others because of the company?s switch from its old rendering engine to the open-source WebKit project.
  7. Browser Wars, the game ? Steve Fink, one of Mozilla software developers, proposes to imagine just for a second that all mobile systems switched to WebKit engine. What will be the results?

Amazing Websites? Design:

  1. ? Taiwanese are experts in custom navigation.
  2. ? a small website with nice design and parallax.
  3. ? a small website with vertical and horizontal scrolling effects.
  4. ? a one-page website slider with soft animation and simple elements created with SVG.

Design It:

  1. Grunge style in web design.
  2. Mobile form usability: avoid splitting single input entities.
  3. Learn from UX and design mistakes.
  4. Mix and match custom web design for smarter navigation.
  5. This is how I?m creating web font / icon fonts by Ben Schwarz.
  6. iconsTimes - important news in graphic.
  7. Guideline Colours - a collection of primary colors of the most famous web sites.
  8. Interview with Shaun Yue, who participated in the creation of interfaces for Prometeus movie by? Ridley Scott.
  9. Designing for the reading experience.
  10. 5 keys of successful logo design.
  11. Designing for touch by Luke Wroblewski.
  12. 50 mighty logo designs to power up 2013 and 40 stunning logos inspired by nature.
  13. Showcase of 30 most attractive black & white color websites, 30 amazing examples of orange websites and websites using full screen background images.
  14. How to make a cool cinemagraph image in Photoshop.
  15. 20+ free amazing Photoshop CS6 tutorials.
  16. Web design trends of fortune 500 companies.

A Bunch of Design Freebies:

  1. Free detailed texture set, 20 high quality metal textures, a collection of high quality map textures.
  2. Square UI Free ? User Interface kit.
  3. Facebook Timeline Template ? 10 free and cool templates to download.
  4. 18 latest free fonts for your designs, including PROMESH - a free athletic font.
  5. Salt & Foam ? unicase fonts representing surfing.
  6. 33 free cool and useful snowy fonts.
  7. 35 Free header fonts.
  8. IconBeast Lite ? 300 Free Icons and Symbols for iPhone and iPad App.
  9. MFG Labs ? a friendly icon set initially designed for an internal project.
  10. Free Photoshop custom shapes for download.


  1. Coding Confessional ? Repent, developers!
  2. ? color scheme selection on the fly.
  3. Harlem Shake for website.
  4. Gangnam Style maker.
  5. Vined ? see what's happening in the world. Just type in an @username or #tag.
  6. ? a service for checking your website responsiveness.
  7. ? a simple web chat.


  1. Windows-8-like animation with CSS3 and jQuery.
  2. CSS PhotoEditor for iOS6 devices.


  1. A cross browser and standards compliant custom scrollbar script by Hesido + demo.
  2. DRM for the Web? Say it ain?t so.
  3. HTML5 Cross Browser Polyfills.
  4. Building a screensaver in HTML.
  5. UNIGINE's Crypt demo is ported into a browser.
  6. Viewport target-densitydpi support is being deprecated.
  7. Responsive design increases web sites conversion significantly.
  8. Simplifying audio in the browser.
  9. Firefox OS building blocks to the rescue.
  10. HTML5 App Porter Tool ? Intel tool to port native iOS code into HTML5.
  11. Introduction to the HTML5 WebSockets API.
  12. Using WAI-ARIA Landmarks ? 2013.
  13. Infinite scrolling that works.
  14. Using white space for readability in HTML and CSS.
  15. LearnGitBranching - the app designed to help beginners grasp the powerful concepts behind branching when working with git.
  16. Build a Street Fighter Demo with CSS animations and JavaScript.
  17. Adobe rolls out preview of ?Edge Reflow? web design tool.


  1. Few CSS tricks.
  2. Mobile CSS compatibility tables released.
  3. Hotmail and drop support for Margin.
  4. WebStorm 6 EAP build 126.309.
  5. CSS secrets by Lea Verou.
  6. Using Flexbox: Mixing old and new for the best browser support.
  7. Setting weights and styles with the @font-face declaration.
  8. Improving CSS text decorations.
  9. Create a sheen logo effect with CSS.
  10. Understanding LESS color functions.
  11. How to create a sticky note using CSS.
  12. Simulate Float: Down.
  13. CSS3 only image slider with 3D transforms.
  14. New CSS tests - selectors and columns.
  15. On/Off FlipSwitch - generate pure CSS3 On/Off flipswitches with animated transitions.


  1. jQuery learning center.
  2. typeahead.js ? a fast and fully-featured autocomplete library.
  3. Animating CSS3 transforms with MooTools Fx.
  4. Pronto ? a jQuery plugin for faster page loading.
  5. jQuery Instagram plug-ins for integrating photos into websites.
  6. vminpoly ? a polyfill for CSS units vw, vh & vmin.

Fun & Entertainment:

  1. The most active GitHub users.
  2. How switching to Android helped me deal with my addiction to connectedness by Mathew Ingram.
  3. This is how your brain deals with Google and Facebook ads.
  4. Sergey Brin?s CV in 1996. Before Founding Google.
  5. Any two pages on the web are connected by 19 clicks or less.
  6. Gates disappointed at Microsoft's performance in mobile computing, calls for change.
  7. 3Doodler: the world's first 3D printing pen.
  8. How to use Google Authorship to boost SEO and reduce piracy.
  9. Google hypes Oscars, predicts winners according to their search popularity.
  10. Print me my face in 3D, please.
  11. 25 Video game personalities you should know who aren't developers.
  12. The Science behind why the Harlem shake is so popular.
  13. Harlem Shake flash mob shakes its way into Doe Library.
  14. Google 'flaw' puts users' details on display.
  15. Mark Zuckerberg helps launch the Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences foundation.
  16. Trip to anywhere in the world.
  17. Wedding invitation on the page styled as a Google search results page.

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