IT Digest: Apple’s iPad Mini, Gmail Search, Surface by Microsoft, IE 10 and Much More

October 19, 2012

What is the freshest news from the world of informational technologies? Find out in our weekly digest from 19th of October.


  1. Apple invited selected members of media to a special event on 23rd October, 2012 to introduce a new consumer device. There is no doubt that a more compact version of the "apple" 7,85" tablet, which has already received tentative name “iPad mini”, will be represented in the California Theater.
  2. Google has extended their experiment to integrate Google Drive files into the results displayed by their search engine. The users that take part in testing experimental features program can see their available in the cloud storage Drive files, documents and spreadsheets that match their search results, just next to Google search.
  3. Microsoft and Asus are expected to launch Windows 8 platform and Surface RT tablet at a New York event on October 25, 2012. It seems that none of the other products based on the new ARM-platform is ready yet to launch on the market, and will linger for a while.
  4. Microsoft Surface RT pricing revealed, 32GB without Touch Cover costs $499 as a result Microsoft Surface preorders for base model sell out in under 24 hours. Key Surface specs include the NVIDIA T30 processor, 2GB of RAM, front- and rear-facing 720p HD cameras, a full USB 2.0 port, Bluetooth 4.0 and microSDXC support, and the tablet comes bundled with Microsoft Office Home and Student 2013 RT Preview with a free upgrade to the full version once it becomes available.
  5. Skype has reached 45 million concurrent users and that number is only expected to grow. After nine years period Skype has blossomed into a video calling and chatting giant that almost everyone has at least heard of.
  6. Take a walk through a Google data center with Google StreetView. From the networking room to the cooling towers outside of the facility, the user can explore the different areas of a Google data center in this guided video tour.
  7. Mozilla has announced version 0.4 of the Rust compiler and associated tools. The release is focused on stabilizing the language syntax, fully integrating borrowed pointers, and removing argument modes.
  8. Kaspersky Lab is under the development of its own secure operating system. The news came into light after a Russian news service reported the company is looking for requirements analyst and senior security system designer for SCADA automated control systems.


  1. IE10 on Windows 7 will become available in November. IE10 brings improved real-world site performance and additional standards support to Windows 7 that were strictly required.
  2. What to expect from the new IE10 in details as well as how it works with Responsive Design.
  3. Microsoft Opens Internet Explorer On Xbox Beta Test. The new features include a version of Internet Explorer that will run on the Xbox, new tools for creating and sharing recommendations and ratings and pinning favorites.

Amazing Websites' Design:

  1. – a modern site with custom navigation
  2. – entertaining, in every way, website
  3. – a site where navigation is made in the sliding doors style
  4. – a site for the KIKK festival with a nice design and interesting functionality

Design It:

  1. The hidden meaning behind really good logos
  2. Mobile design details: pull to refresh
  3. Retro style in web design
  4. 10 Tips how to handle responsive navigation menus successfully
  5. An object lesson how to create a seamless pattern in Photoshop
  6. Photoshop tutorial for creating stunning 3D text effects quickly
  7. Creating off-center balance: using asymmetry in web design
  8. New crop tool "Crop Until You Drop" in Photoshop CS6
  9. Test your Photoshop CS6 knowledge
  10. User interface techniques for creating successful digital products

A Bunch of Design Freebies:

  1. 50 Fresh free fonts for download: from Sacred Place to Kenyan Coffee
  2. 35 super cool free fonts: from grungy serif Astonished to handwritten BudHand
  3. 11 free creepy Halloween fonts package
  4. Slinkster – an intricately unique display font created by carefully overlapping equally-sized circles
  5. Free vertical menu PSD files
  6. Free dark gold UI Kit for web design
  7. A beautiful iPhone app UI template for rapid application development is this week's freebie
  8. A well-designed 55Mb PSD "iOS 6 iTunes & App Store GUI"
  9. Free Photoshop actions for vintage effect


  1. Caccoo service to create online diagrams, wireframes etc.
  2. SassMeister is a playground for Sass
  3. Webink fontdropper – bookmarklet-service that allows the user to apply web fonts from WebINK on any web page adjusting font size, color, spacing and more.
  4. Japonizer – Japanese traditional background generator
  5. WCAG 2.0 on color contrast by Lea Verou


  1. Atari resurrect arcade classics for free in HTML 5 and how it happens.


  1. LearnStreet – a new project for interactive learning JavaScript, Python, Ruby (in CodeAcademy and khanacademy style). Interactive courses are designed to help the user learn by actually writing real code and getting immediate feedback.
  2. SVG Fallback, Vertical Rhythm, CSS Project Structure By Chris Coyier.
  3. Constraint validation: native client side validation for web forms. To help ease the burden on developers, HTML5 introduced a concept known as constraint validation – a native means of implementing client side validation on web forms.
  4. PFold: paper-like unfolding effect.
  5. A simple parallax scrolling technique in a tutorial.
  6. How to build a responsive WordPress theme with Bootstrap.
  7. How to Create lazy-loading images for your website.
  8. Viewport meta tag gor non-responsive design.
  9. HTML5 Radial Gradient.
  10. HTML5 media and data URIs.
  11.  Fbootstrapp – a toolkit designed to kickstart development of Facebook iFrame apps in both relevant sizes.
  12. How to turn jQuery accordion into CSS3 accordion.
  13. Sciter – an embeddable HTML/CSS/scripting engine.
  14. Setting up Sublime Text 2 for front-end development.
  15. A showcase of sites and apps built on Twitter Bootstrap.
  16. SassCast interview w/Chris Coyier.


  1. Box-shadow property vs. drop-shadow filter: a complete comparison.
  2. CSS3 Microsoft Modern Buttons helps you easily re-create those stylish buttons used by Microsoft on their websites.
  3. Checkboxes and the ridiculous things you can do with them by Ryan Seddon.
  4. OOCSS + Sass = the best way to CSS.
  5. Nesting media queries.
  6. Flexbox – fast track to layout nirvana?
  7. Easy retina-ready images using SCSS.


  1. Pikaday: JavaScript datepicker.
  2. Kwicks 2.0.0 – sliding panels for jQuery
  3. slabText – a jQuery plugin for producing big, bold & responsive headlines.
  4. jQuery tutorial for beginners.
  5. A Javascript module loader RequireJS.

Fun & Entertainment:

  1. Fronteers 2012 – notes and more (Part 1).
  2. DIY is a club for Makers to earn Skills. DIY Makers do challenges, share their work with the community, and earn patches for the Skills they accomplish.
  3. The top 10 best Dropbox services, addons and hacks.
  4. 10 most Facebook-addicted countries on Facebook.
  5. Acoustic Barcodes are probably super popular in some alternate universe.
  6. Watch three ASUS Padfone 2 video ads right here.
  7. Microsoft's Surface graffiti ads go global, French version hints at European launch.
  8. Microsoft's new Surface TV ad: it's surface deep and first Windows 8 TV advert [Video]
  9. Internet Explorer 9 Commercial (Google Chrome Version) ad.

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