IT Digest: Google Webmaster Tools Breach, Apple is the World’s Most Valuable Company, Apollo Plus and Much More

November 30, 2012

The latest IT digest with the most interesting news from the web design and development world dated the 30th of November is at your disposal.


  1. Android 5.0, Key Lime Pie Powered LG Optimus G2 Release Date: May 2013 – Android 5.0 devices are just around the corner. Korean media outlets are reporting that LG Electronics recently began developing a phone called the LG Optimus G2.
  2. Facebook launches conversion measurement tool – Facebook began rolling out a conversion measurement tool on Black Friday to help marketers bridge the data gap between social ads and online sales.
  3. Intel inside: looking inward for CEO may be best bet – Intel CEO Paul Otellini will retire in May 2013, the company announced last week.
  4. Google Webmaster Tools, the Google web site that helps website owners manage how their site appears in Google, diagnose problems, and optimize traffic, is currently experiencing a major security breach..
  5. Apple is now the most valuable company of all time – As Apple's stock price continues its roller coaster ride after topping $600 earlier this year, one industry watcher believes the stock is currently in the bargain bin.
  6. Microsoft Sells 40 Million Copies of Windows 8 in First Month – Is that number good, bad, or merely mediocre? Probably good, but perhaps not great. Microsoft sold 60 million copies of Windows 7 in the first ten weeks of that operating system's availability, with the Wall Street Journal estimating that 40 million copies were sold in the first month.
  7. Retailers report slow Windows 8 sales, low demand. With 'Vista problem' solved, customers see no need to upgrade.
  8. Microsoft is said to be working on the first update to its Windows Phone 8 software – Codename Apollo Plus, the update will bring several features that just missed out on being included in the initial release, and we should learn more early next year.
  9. Windows Blue: Microsoft's plan to release a new version of Windows every year. According to unnamed sources Microsoft is planning a major update to its operating system towards the second half of 2013 - and it is likely to keep doing so every year thereafter in a serious change to its release schedule that will see it brought closer to Apple's operating model.
  10. Gmail users can now send files up to 10 GB – A new button in the Gmail compose window will give users the ability to attach a file from their Google Drive account rather than attaching the file itself to the message.
  11. Yandex Disk Brings Cloud File Management & Sharing To Windows 8 – The Modern UI-styled app doesn't seem very finished when compared to the classic desktop and also mobile variations, but it does provide a good looking overall expertise in case you want to stay inside the new software.


  1. Firefox Beta Adds IonMonkey to Improve JavaScript Performance – A new Firefox Beta for Windows, Mac and Linux is now available for download and testing. This update includes JavaScript improvements that make Web apps and games perform better and support for W3C Touch Events. Firefox Beta also supports Retina Display for Mac users.
  2. Firefox Beta 18.0 supports Retina Display – The update enables MacBook Pro with Retina display owners to use an alternative to Safari or Google Chrome, and enjoy the benefits of retina display rendering.

Amazing Websites' Design:

  1.– a web site built with the slide model.
  2. – a nice one-page web site with parallax.
  3. – an interesting implementation of the slider.
  4. – a web site with lots of animation and interactive elements.
  5. – a nice one-page web site with animation, including the sprite one, and cute illustrations.
  6. – naturally blend animation effects used for the majority of interactive elements.
  7. – a little more sprite animation from Brazil.

Design It:

  1. Web Design History: From The Beginning.
  2. Using Transparency in web design: Dos and Don'ts.
  3. Evolution of famous brand logos.
  4. Skeuomorphism and the User Interface.
  5. Different Photoshop Secrets.
  6. Typographic Anamorphism.

A Bunch of Design Freebies:

  1. All Free Vector World Maps (AI, EPS, SVG).
  2. Collection of Free Thematic Social Icons Sets.
  3. Social Media Tabs.
  4. Free PSD UI Kit: Super Buttons.
  5. 30 Free and Premium UI Kits & Web Elements for Designers.
  6. Free Light User Interface Kits.
  7. 55 Free and High Quality Christmas Vector Graphics.
  8. 10 Free Fun Holiday Fonts.
  9. Prime free font – unique sans serif tech font.
  10. 10 Beautiful and Free Slab Serif Fonts.
  11. Tipografía gratis: Festiva.
  12. Free font: FV Deventer.
  13. Boros rounded - decorative font in witches' style.


  1. SmartSprites – CSS Sprite Generator.
  2. makeappicon – the tool resizes and optimizes your icon designs into all formats needed for iOS and Android mobile app.
  3. iconbench – Web application to style icons selected from the list of available ones.
  4. Font Custom – Generate custom icon webfonts from the comfort of the command line.
  5. One div aims to highlight the potential of CSS3 through a library of single element logos.All icons displayed on the website are realised in pure css with only one html div. The challenge is also to provide an alternative to SVG.
  6. Extensionizr is a simple way to jump start your chrome extension development just in 15 secs.


  1. 3D Digital Creativity Guidebook by Google.


  1. Data Monday: Physical Device & Viewport Sizes.
  2. The web site to facilitate the work with html5/css3: generators, articles, tools.
  3. The Ultimate Social Media Sizing Cheat Sheet.
  4. Taking Web Audio Offline in iOS 6 Safari.
  5. How to record audio in Chrome with native HTML5 APIs.
  6. Chrome Devtools Cheatsheet.
  7. imgo – advanced images optimizer.
  8. Make WordPress Core.
  9. WordPress snippets to work with social networks.
  10. Making of:
  11. Making 100,000 stars, Chrome Experiment project with THREE.js and CSS3D by Michael Chang.
  12. List of 197 useful Twitter bootstrap resources.
  13. Sublime Text 2 Themes (textmate) created by Dayle Rees.
  14. 50 Tricks for Faster Web Applications.
  15. 5 APIs that will transform the Web in 2013.
  16. Chrome Dev Tools: Markup and Style and Networking and the Console.


  1. Code smells in CSS.
  2. CSS3 Treevew. No JavaScript.
  3. Web Fonts Performance: Making Pretty, Fast.
  4. New Sublime Text CSS Plugin: Hayaku.
  5. Luigi, DR. Zoidberg full css.
  6. Colors in CSS.
  7. Flexbox Revisited: The New Syntax For Flexible Boxes.
  8. The menu element.
  9. CSS3 Substring Matching Attribute Selectors.
  10. IDs Will Not Make Your Documents More Semantic.
  11. Using Trigonometry to Animate Bounces, Draw Clocks, and Point Cannons at a Target.
  12. Sass and Compass CSS animation library based on Animate.css.
  13. Animated 3D Flipping Menu with CSS
  14. Responsive CSS timeline with 3D effect.
  15. Responsive background images with fixed or fluid aspect ratios.
  16. CSS Swinging Panel Menu.
  17. IE10 CSS Hacks.
  18. The Mystery Of CSS Sprites: Techniques, Tools And Tutorials.
  19. Getting Inner Border Radius Just Right by Joshua Hibbert.
  20. CSS3 Monochrome Icon Set.


  1. Calendario: a flexible calendar plugin.
  2. a!ertifyjs – an unobtrusive customizable JavaScript notification system.
  3. bootup.js – Cache and load static files from local storage.
  4. Any List Scroller by
  5. Responsive Img – Make your existing images responsive without creating new images.
  6. timing – a jQuery core plugin.
  7. A Few New Things Coming To JavaScript.
  8. jprichardson / sublime-js-snippets – Snippets for JavaScript / JS Programming in Sublime Text 2.
  9. pickadate.js – A responsive and lightweight jQuery dateinput picker.
  10. Long Press – the plugin to insert rare characters as easily as on Android or iOS.

Fun & Entertainment:

  1. Yandex and W3C at Web Standards Days.
  2. Windows RT review.
  3. Cut the Rope comes to life in new web series.

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