IT Digest: Gmail’s New Interface, 4 Million Windows 8 Upgrades, Mozilla Blames Microsoft and Much More

November 2, 2012

What is the freshest news from the world of informational technologies? Find out in our weekly digest from 2nd of November.


  1. ASUS Posts $230 Million Net Profits for Q3, Reports Soaring Sales of Nexus 7. – According to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), this is a 43% jump in earnings compared to $160 million last year.
  2. Asus expects to ship at least 10M tablets in 2013 and become the second in the world after Apple.
  3. Hurricane Sandy knocks out Huffington Post. – When its servers went down on Monday night due to flooding, the web sites it powered went down with it.
  4. Top 50 Websites: Pinterest Makes Debut, Google Holds Top Spot. – LinkedIn ranked at No. 26 with 39.6 million visitors in September 2012, Twitter at No. 27 with 36.8 million, Instragram at No. 44 with 26.2 million, and MySpace at No. 47 with 26.0 million visitors.
  5. Russian giant is set to expand into international markets under the name – The company claims that its services are used by Russian internet users only and the only significant growth opportunity for them is moving to international markets. And this is exactly what the company is planning right now – without specifying exactly what should be expected. 

Google News:

  1. Google announces Nexus 4 smartphone, Nexus 10 tablet, Android 4.2. – On 29 October, 2012 Google has introduced a new Nexus 4, a 10-inch iPad competitor Nexus 10, and launched a new version of its Nexus 7 tablet with cellular data connectivity. The devices are equipped with Android 4.2, the version that has already been branded as Jelly Bean.
  2. Official web pages of new Nexus models.
  3. Add your Photo Sphere images to Google Maps with Android 4.2. – A panoramic photo-like feature allows users to spin around and snap pictures in every direction. Once photo sphere has been created, it can be viewed on the phone, shared on Google+, or posted to Google Maps.
  4. Gmail has updated e-mail interface. – The main idea is in a new form for letters. Now the letter is created in a separate small window, which is located above the main interface, but allows users, for example, while working with their inbox to respond to other letters without leaving this folder.
  5. ComScore: Gmail is the most popular webmail service in the world. – Gmail has overtaken Hotmail to become the web's most popular webmail service with 287.9 million unique visitors.
  6. Google helps Windows 8 users get Search and Chrome with new video. – Google has launched a Get Your Google Back site to teach new Windows 8 users how to restore or add Google Search to their devices and to get Chrome. It does not help those with Windows RT devices who seem stuck without Google, however.
  7. Android 4.2 officially out, Jelly Bean name here to stay. – Photo Sphere Panoramic Camera, Gesture Typing, Wireless HDTV Streaming and many other useful features are now available.

Microsoft News:

  1. Microsoft announces 4 million Windows 8 upgrades sold in first four days. – The figure includes individual purchases, as well as units that have already been sold to stores and which they expect to sell.
  2. Microsoft Unveils Windows Phone 8. – With the exception of just a few new features, Windows Phone had not changed a lot since 2010. Nevertheless, its new OS makes the platform feel more refined and even brings back some original freshness of the firmware. There was a great demand for hardware that is relevant to today's market, and Microsoft brought it.
  3. Windows Phone 8 – What New Features Does It Bring? – At its Windows Phone 8 launch on October 29, Microsoft unveiled a few additional features in the newest release of its phone operating system.
  4. Microsoft and HTC reveal Windows Phone 8X and Windows Phone 8S in text and video formats.
  5. Nokia no longer top 5 smartphone manufacturer. – It was less than a year ago that Samsung outsold Nokia and became the world's largest smartphone manufacturer; having made Nokia sliding further and further down the line. This week Nokia no longer a part of the top 5 smartphone manufacturers.


  1. Browser Security Comparative Analysis: Socially Engineered Malware. – IE 10 with App Rep had a mean malware block rate of 99.1%.
  2. Mozilla blames Microsoft for 9 million fewer Firefox downloads. – The complaint filed against Microsoft resulted last Wednesday in the EU Commission sending Microsoft a statement of objections regarding its failure to offer Windows 7 users a free choice of browser. At the time Microsoft said the browser choice screen's absence was nothing more than the technical error.
  3. Firefox Integrates Facebook Messenger with its social API. – The Social API solves the problem of the way to integrate modern social networking into the browser.

Amazing Website's Design:

  1. – beautiful space web site.
  2. – another creative space web site.
  3. – all Bond's cars in an animated presentation.
  4. – conceptual French site with a smoking monkey.
  5. – Diva brand zestful web site.
  6. – a website with parallax, animated components and a nice design
  7. A web site with a very unusual navigation.
  8. – Polish studio adaptive portfolio web site, despite the sleek styling, includes rather interesting special effects.
  9. – another Polish website with interesting 2D and 3D effects
  10. – another portfolio web site, this time from the French company, is different with full-screen background images changing and use of galleries inside the galleries.
  11. – fairly live web site with a well-designed impressive animations and original galleries and sliders.
  12. – a demo web site from Adobe, dedicated to web technologies.

Design It:

  1. Mozilla UX: Designing great products that make sense & bring joy
  2. – New & interesting examples of movement in interaction design by Chambers Judd.
  3. Zombie Apocalypse Logos – Some famous logo designs for the Zombie Apocalypse by Ben Fellowes.
  4. Inspirational Business Cards.
  5. 25 Stunning 3D Business Cards.
  6. 40 Useful Adobe Fireworks Tutorials.
  7. Becoming device-agnostic. – An important step for creating future-proof websites.

A Bunch of Design Freebies:

  1. 5 Free High Res Floral Grunge Textures.
  2. 10 Free High Quality Paint and Paper Textures.
  3. Free Tileable and Seamless Patterns for Photoshop and Illustrator.
  4. 40 Handy and Free UI Kit PSDs for Smartphones.
  5. 10 Free Spooky Halloween Photoshop Brushes.
  6. Cut&Slice me – a free Photoshop plugin to export assets to different devices in seconds. Improve your workflow by just naming your layers.
  7. Touch Gesture Icons in PSD, EPS and PNG formats.
  8. Ligature Symbols – free icon web font.
  9. Doux font by Dmitry Savin.


  1. Instant Sprite – the fastest way to make CSS sprites.
  2. wireframe – сreate super simple wireframes of websites and mobile apps.


  1. InfiniteGangnamStyle – GangnamStyle has got to the frontend - raphael, sprite animation, and so on (webkit only).
  2. theywilleatyou – zombie game with web technologies without any flash.
  3. Microscopix – the winning demo entry at the TRSAC 2012 demo party held in Arhus, Denmark at the end of October 2012.
  4. A thumbnail preview concept by Hakim.
  5. Happy & Spooky Halloween.
  6. 3D Toaster.
  7. 3D molecules.


  1. Bootstrap 2.2.0 released.
  2. Image Zoom Magnifying Glass Effect with CSS3 and jQuery.
  3. Nice Sparkle Progress Bars on CSS3 and JQuery.
  4. Display Form . CSS-TRICKS by Chries Coyier.
  5. Working With Text In Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG).
  6. An introduction to SVG.
  7. Responsive Navigation: Optimizing for Touch Across Devices.
  8. An interesting approach to the compression of images from Filament Group.
  9. Flip Ahead and Fast Forward. Providing hints to detect the next page.
  10. Emmet – the essential toolkit for web-developers.
  11. Code Review system from Opera has been released.
  12. Simple interactive CSS 3D cube.


  1. CSS :NOT Selector in details.
  2. Recent drafts of Filter Effects 1.0 standard.
  3. Comparing Responsive CSS Frameworks - Bootstrap, Foundation, and Skeleton.
  4. Custom Style All Your Form Elements with Pure CSS and No JavaScript.
  5. CSS3 Animated Typography.
  6. CSS3 Good Afternoon Clock.
  7. Responsive Navigation: Optimizing for Touch Across Devices.
  8. My 5 Favorite WordPress CSS Tricks by Chris Coyier.
  9. Create Shaped Avatars With CSS and Webkit.
  10. Digital Bits drawn with HTML and CSS.
  11. The Real Beauty of CSS3 Box Shadows.
  12. Fuel UX extends Twitter Bootstrap with additional lightweight JavaScript controls.


  1. Sly - jQuery plugin for one-directional scrolling with item based navigation support.
  2. jslibraryboilerplate – An easy boilerplate for rolling your own JavaScript Library like jQuery, Zepto, Prototype, etc.
  3. ddSlick – a free light weight jQuery plugin that allows you to create a custom drop down with images and description.
  4. Awesome jQuery snippets to work with forms.
  5. jSlideRelatedPages – Show animation while scrolling a page.
  6. jq-tiles – carousel with custom mosaic effects.

Fun & Entertainment:

    1. Yandex joined W3C a few weeks ago. Why? Interview with Charles McCathieNevile.
    2. Interview with Paul Irish – Treehouse Friends.
    3. Mozilla sends the Internet Explorer team a cake, proving that it can sling saccharine with the best of them.
    4. The Live Tile Experiment by Microsoft in Oslo.
    5. Porting webOS status to multiple devices.
    6. iPad 4 benchmarks confirm the A6X as the most powerful SoC on the market.
    7. Why Apple Will Lose the Tablet War.
    8. First Look: New Microsoft Surface for Windows RT (Windows 8 Tablet).
    9. Touchscreen Technologies.
    10. So Real it's Scary – how LG scare people with their monitors.
    11. PUMPKTRIS for Halloween.
  1. Make any website SCARIER this Halloween.

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