IT Digest: DevTools, Google Keep, Chrome World Wide Maze, Adaptive Design and Much More!

March 22, 2013

What is the freshest news from the world of informational technologies? Find out in our weekly digest from the 22nd of March.

Top Seven News

It is never too late to study.

For those who agree with the statement in the title, we offer a number of resources for its implementation: 50 educational podcasts you should check out, 30 favourite web design podcasts, 15 Online resources for learning web design, learn to code for free with these 10 online resources.


Codeschool team cooperated with Google to create Try DevTools – a very detailed and free training course consisted of seven levels. Mozilla team also does not stand still - Firefox DevTools further development plan was created. About the future improvements in Firefox web development one can read in the post.

Google Keep.

Google runs an innovative notes service, Google Keep to help users to store their notes, but not everyone took this news with enthusiasm. Also, a few more news by Google:
With Google new search it is easier to find animated GIFs,
Explore world's tallest mountains with Google Street View,
Easy-to-hack passwords are going to be replaced with special authentication rings by Google, Google is going to combine its all existing chat services under a single Babble
and Google Translatenow saves your favorite translations with Phrasebook.

Let's congratulate Twitter with the seventh anniversary! And some more news: Twitter has obtained a patent for tweets and is going to launch a musical application for iOS.

Google Chrome experiments do not cease to amaze. This time another experimental demo was presented to users allowing them to turn their website into an interactive 3D-maze. An example of game-play on YouTube.

Do not pass by the website. The stylishly designed resource contains links to the best posts, slide casts, presentations and videos on development, testing and support of JavaScript.

Adaptive design.

Responsive-technologies continue to soar. There are the following new tools: webflow - online service for designers and engineers that allows users to create adaptive design, with the subsequent generation into the ready-made HTML/CSS code. Also, please pay your attention to the Responsive web design with physical units post and to the Principles of Adaptive Design slide cast by Brad Frost. And finally, Responsive Resources, a collection of resources about the various aspects of responsive web design.


  1. Internet's first domain name celebrates its 28th birthday — on March 15, 2013 (the very first ever registered domain name) turned 28. The domain was registered on March 15, 1985. Symbolics company was busy with creating computer systems in Cambridge, Massachusetts, making workstations that ran on a software programming language called Lisp. However, is no longer used by the company which changed its name to in 2009 when it was sold to Investments for an unrevealed amount.
  2. According to Glassdoor Mark Zuckerberg is the Best CEO in 2013 — the annual survey of the company ranted Mark Zuckerberg the top CEO gathering a 99% approval rating from his employees while Apple's Tim Cook, has fallen from number 1 to number 18 (93%) on this year's survey. Bill McDermott and Jim Hagemann Snabe from SAP also received 99% ratings from their staff. The rankings are determined by employees feedback only.

Google News:

  1. Google runs an innovative notes service, Google Keep to help users to store their notes — on Wednesday Google launched a new service designed to organize users' information Google Keep. The app is quite simple and easy-to-use allowing its customers to type and record voice memos and lists, as well as to make and attach photos to the web-based dashboard to retrieve them easily later. The service is available both on the Web and in a new app for Android devices running on v.4.0 and above. But not everyone took this news with enthusiasm.
  2. With Google new search it is easier to find animated GIFs — according to Google officials the company has finally added new filters to GIFs and other animated files, including clip art, line drawings, photos and faces, allowing users to select the specific file type they are searching for. To find GIFs when searching images in Google, just go to the drop down box, click Search tools, find any type item and click it, then click animated.
  3. Explore world's tallest mountains with Google Street View — Google Maps develops its mapping initiatives in new and really extreme directions inviting its users to interactive galleries of some of the world's tallest mountains. The views include four famous peaks located all around the world: the snow-covered Everest Base Camp in Himalayas, Asia, such dead volcanoes as Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa and the Mount Elbrus in Europe, Aconcagua in Argentina. With just a couple of clicks virtual travelers can visit various world-wide known alpinist camps and examine locations along the mountains, explore 360-degree panoramas and examine the paths of some mountains' routes.
  4. Easy-to-hack passwords are going to be replaced with special authentication rings by Google — the world search giant is studying the way to get rid of any passwords using innovative rings. According to Mayank Upadhyay, a security engineer at Google the idea is to use a kind of trifle as a digital key that plugs into the USB slot on any PC or a laptop to authenticate the user identity when logging to a computer or a website while the procedure should be the same as using an ATM machine, not harder and not time-consuming at all. That's why the company is looking forward to start using the USB technology as a complete alternative to passwords.
  5. Google is going to combine its all existing chat services under a single Babble — the search giant is planning to unify its numerous messaging platforms, including Google Talk, Hangout, Voice and Messenger, into a single service called Babble. Thus, the company is going to simplify Google's users communication and to decrease the amount of processed data Google needs to work with to provide its users with high-qualified level of communication.
  6. Google Translate now saves your favorite translations with Phrasebook — Google Translate one of the much used Google services that allows its users to translate text from/into 50+ languages was updated with a new feature called Phrasebook. The feature serves as a storage for the most commonly used words, phrases and sentences to get a quick access to them in the future.

Samsung News:

  1. Tizen-Based Samsung smartphones are to be shipped in summer 2013 — Samsung Electronics, one of the world's largest suppliers of smartphones is awaiting its first products powered by Tizen OS to be already available not later but this summer. Tizen is an open source, Linux-based alternative to the Android mobile OS, developed to compete Android and iOS in the market. Tizen is backed by the Tizen Association, including not only Samsung, but such world-wide known smartphones manufacturers as Fujitsu, Panasonic and such carriers as Vodafone, Orange and DoCoMo together with world-famous chip maker Intel.
  2. Samsung Galaxy S4 beats all Android smartphones in new benchmark test — having announced Galaxy S4 smartphone Samsung has overcome all new devices presented on the market at the moment. In the latest benchmark test Samsung has scored 3163 points vs 1596 points gained by Apple's iPhone 5, prevailing HTC One with its 2687 points. Note that iPhone 5 is equipped with a dual-core processor, while HTC One and Galaxy S 4 use a quad-core processor. But Galaxy S4 CPU is 1.9Ghz which is 200MHz higher in comparison to HTC one.
  3. Samsung is working on Wristwatch preparing a true rival for Apple iWatch — according to Lee Young Hee, Samsung mobile business executive vice president, the company has already started to develop their own interactive wristwatch to compete against sensational Apple's smart iWatch gadget. The interactive watch is expected to perform many tasks of smartphone and to be compatible with the same name gadgets and mobile devices. But unfortunately no additional info about the company's smart watch, including its main capabilities, pricing and introduction timeframe has been unveiled yet.

Other News:

  1. Intermatrix U7 seems to be the first Ubuntu Tablet computer — the Australian manufacturer Intermatrix announced launching of Intermatrix U7, its new tablet that appears to be the first Ubuntu tablet in the world, powered by Ubuntu Touch OS. Besides the mentioned OS its main specifications include the following: 7-inch IPS capacitive touchscreen, 1.5GHz Quad-Core ARM Cortex A9 processor, 1Gb of RAM, 16Gb of internal memory, 2.0 MP and 0.3 MP dual camera, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, micro USB 2.0, HDMI 1.4.
  2. Half a million Google Reader users moved to Feedly in two days — Feedly, a well-known third-party RSS client has officially announced that 500,000+ Google Reader users have signed up for its RSS service because of the recent Google's service termination announcement. According to Feedly officials, their main goals for the nearest future are to ensure if their service is reliable enough to withstand the upcoming loads, listen to the new users' wishes and requirements and to provide them with the weekly additions of innovative features. In order to keep up with the large number of new users switching from Google reader, Feedly also proclaimed about 10 times increasing of their bandwidth together with addition of new servers.
  3. Pinterest unveils new website design with a large number of pins — a social photo and content-sharing website Pinterest that allows its users to pin videos, images, graphics and other objects to their own boards, has proclaimed about some redesign innovations in the website look and feel as well as about the addition of some creative features. Thus, as before there are big photos located in a grid, but a new navigation bar is also added along the top of the home screen. Moreover, there is a new button in the upper left, next to the search bar, providing users with a list of categories, including different kinds of reports.
  4. Pinterest has purchased Livestar, the mobile recommendations startup founded by well-known Fritz Lanman — Livestar, a mobile application founded in 2011 containing relevant recommendations for restaurants, movies and other entertainment areas was agreed to be purchased by Pinterest. The details of the deal were hidden, but it seems to be technically an acqui-hire purchase. It is rumored that only three persons of Livestar's development team are going to join the company as a part of the deal, but the service in its current state will be shutting down immediately.
  5. Twitter obtained patent on the Twitter messaging service — Twitter co-founders Jack Dorsey and Biz Stone have obtained a patent for a messaging system where they mentioned as inventors who launched the project in 2006. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issued the patent just on Tuesday this week, though it was filed rather long ago in Q2 2007. The patent basically covers the main principles of the broadcasting system functionality no matter what technology it is applied by. In addition, this significant event appeared to be timed to the Twitter seventh anniversary. Moreover, according to CNET Twitter is going to release its own music app for iOS soon. The main goal of the application will be to help people in searching for modern music trends. SoundCloud will be used to stream the selected tracks to iOS devices.
  6. YouTube hits 1 billion monthly active users — a video-sharing website launched in 2005 as storage of low quality amateur videos appeared to be today's YouTube that contains the latest video trends and has more than 1 billion monthly unique users. In 2006 YouTube with its 100 million video views per day was bought by Google for $1.25 billion.
  7. Ubuntu to become national operation system in China — according to Canonical officials announcement on Thursday Ubuntu is going to become the reference architecture for a Linux distribution, backed and developed by the Chinese government. Canonical representatives are to work in close contact with a number of Chinese state organizations to create an enhanced version of Ubuntu with features specific to the Chinese market. The first distribution called Ubuntu Kylin is awaited to be released in April 2013.
  8. Russian comes after English ranking the second among the most used languages on the web — 5.9% of all websites prefer Russian and German providing these languages with the second and the third position correspondingly. Certainly, they are far behind English ranking the first with 54.7% on the web, but nevertheless these indexes are quite impressive as the duo mentioned above even managed to overcome Chinese language 4.4%.
  9. Question-and-answer Quora website launched full-text search — this month, the company is announcing a feature that will allow users to get previews of questions and answers, posts, reviews and other content when just entering keywords and phrases into the search box. A user should just click on one result at a time from the search box dropdown that leads him to the appropriate page. Now Quora collects the most relevant content on a single page so that the user won't miss any interesting info.


  1. Future of Firefox devtools — Paul Rouget, Mozilla developer has organized a large-scale survey among representatives of programming society discussing what innovative features web developers would like to have in Firefox DevTools. A week later after the general meeting with the Firefox DevTools team, a plan of Firefox DevTools development was made that contains a list of priorities to be implemented in the nearest future including the following: coding in the browser & controlling the browser from editors, docking the tools on the right side of the browser, CoffeeScript support, controlling the animation clock and others.
  2. How to know which extensions in Firefox use the most memory — an integrated Firefox memory manager that appears just after entering "about: memory" in the address bar has shown completely unreadable results. Recently the situation has changed and now it is possible to know the amount of memory used by different extensions in Firefox using the add-on.
  3. Mozilla blocks most Firefox plug-ins — trying to increase performance and security of FF browser Mozilla is blocking most plug-ins restraining Flash. At the moment these plug-ins should be activated manually on each web page if they are going to be used.
  4. is coming to FF — the point is that by default is going to be initially themed on the platforms that support native theming only, but if the -moz-appearance is set to 'none' or any style is set on the input/its pseudo-elements, it will be given a CSS rendering. At the moment the -moz-appearance property is set to 'none' in the draft support. But its value will change to 'range' as soon as native theming is supported.
  5. Checkboxes that kill your product by Alex Limi — the author of the post discusses ticks in browsers settings, which make almost any web to become idle.

Amazing Websites' Design:

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  7. — Escape from London, a touristic website made with the latest trends: one-page, animation, parallax.
  8. — an unusual approach to website scrolling both in the home page and in sub-pages.
  9. -a beautiful one-page website with parallax and animation.
  10. A trend website with drag-n-drop navigation.

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  12. Shinto - a new free display font from Golden Black.


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  3. hhhhold — another placeholders' generator.
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  23. Simplified Markup Language (SIML) — a conceptual hybrid strongly inspired by the simplicity of CSS selectors and SASS-style nesting.
  24. Mixture — a rapid prototyping and static site generation tool for designers and developers.


  1. Webflow CSS3 playground — an interactive sandbox.
  2. Regions feature support matrix revisited.
  3. Style Text area resizers.
  4. Pure CSS peeling sticky.
  5. Animations with SASS and @while.
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  9. iOS 6 switch style checkboxes with pure CSS by Lea Verou.
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  11. CSS text-shadow effects.


  1. superherojs — a website with posts, videos and presentations on JS.
  2. Formula.js — JavaScript implementation of most formula functions supported by Microsoft Excel 2013 and Google Spreadsheets.
  3. Capturing — improving performance of the adaptive web.
  4. Intro.js — better introductions for websites and features with a step-by-step guide for your projects.
  5. jQuery lockfixed — allows elements to stick within viewport when scrolling.
  6. Countable.js — a JavaScript function to add live paragraph-, word- and character-counting to an HTML element.
  7. thatsNotYoChild.js — fixing parent-child opacity.
  8. unslider — a cross-browser slider with keyboard support.
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  12. HTTP Archive: jQuery.
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  15. CSS Font Load Event can be finally played with in the latest Chromium build.

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