Top IT News: CeBIT 2013, New Mobile Opera, Essential HTML, CSS and JavaScript Techniques and Much More

March 12, 2013

What is the freshest news from the world of informational technologies? Find out in our weekly digest from the 12th of March.

Top Seven News:

We continue to monitor the largest electronics trade shows. After MWC and CES there was CeBIT – the international exhibition of information technologies, telecommunications, IT solutions and IT services. Daily reports: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3.
A few interesting things from the exhibition:
Super cheap 3D printer from Germany, Preview of SensoMotoric eye tracking glasses for augmented reality, GlassUp virtual reality glasses, Carl Zeiss OLED-glasses with Headtracker accessory. A few innovative devices from one of the exhibition participants, Fujitsu company: a protected tablet Stylistic M702, new laptops, a prototype of a tablet with a palm scanner. And a little more from Genius: unknown before anywhere in the world in-air mice.

Google News

Google Play celebrates its first anniversary while a new music streaming service by Google is going to be launched soon together with  a new shopping service predicted by Google officials to become the main competitor of a famous Amazon. Google showed us its search principles. 

New Mobile Opera

Several months ago Opera gave up its Presto engine for WebKit and last week a new version of the browser with lots of changes was introduced. The changes are everywhere, from the engine core to the external look of the browser. A few reports are presented to you, and who knows maybe this browser will become a main one in your smartphone. New mobile Opera review, Opera 14 beta for Android review.

Safety Issues on the Web

The bigger the web becomes, the more different vulnerabilities appear in it. We offer you to get acquainted with an analysis of vulnerabilities identified in the past 25 years. Also, here you can see a rather interesting collection containing the greatest hacks, leaks and data breaches of 2012 that is quite relevant if to take into account the recent events around Evernote.

WebRTC is a new but very promising technology often mentioned on various IT resources recently. The author of the post tells you a little about the technical part of its implementation and shows how to create a small video chat.


With the advent of high-resolution SVG has become more relevant than ever before. We offer you to refresh your memory about the SVG format with new posts on this topic: The use of SVG by Chris Coyier, where Chris shows us in what way he uses SVG; SVG filter effects, SVGeezy JavaScript plug-in to detect SVG images on the websites.

Many tips in the post may seem to be obvious, but as practice shows, everybody from beginners to professional coders admits that these tips really play an important role in their work.


  1. Google Play special offerings thanks to its first anniversary — in early March 2012 Google launched its Android Market to create the Google Play Store that offers its customers modern hardware, trend e-books, popular music and videos, various applications and new games. Because of the very first birthday and successful tendency in sales during the past year Google Play is offering its clients great discounts in most content of the store for the whole week.
  2. Google is going to launch its own music streaming service soon — according to the Financial Times, Google is doing its best to negotiate with “major record labels to launch a streaming service to compete with companies such as Spotify and iTunes”. The service is planned to be completely different from the cloud-based music store launched by Google last year, offering free unlimited access to songs and abilities to subscribe.
  3. Microsoft fined 561 million euros by European Union regulators — on Wednesday the European Union representatives fined Microsoft 731 million US dollars (561 million Euros) for failure to provide their users with a free choice of web browsers besides its Internet Explorer that was discussed in a 2009 agreement.
  4. Facebook introduces timeline redesign — Facebook unveiled a redesign of its newsfeed on Thursday. Those who are interested in the new look and feel can see it here. According to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, the newsfeed is one of the most important services that company creates wishing to give everyone his own personalized newspaper. Thus, the new design will have larger images, new look of videos with thumbnail appear on the left, content-specific feeds and mobile compatibility.

CeBIT 2013 is one of the largest and the most international information technology expos in the world. The exhibition is held annually in Hanover, Germany at the same fairground. Day 1, Day 2, Day 3. This time a great number of beautiful girls together with the following innovative devices were shown to public:

  1. Fabbster Printer to create your own 3D objects — at CeBit 2013 German company Fabbster introduced their innovative 3D printer that melts plastic creating excessively thin layers just 88 microns thick to produce impressively detailed physical objects. The current fixed price for the device is 1,500 Euros, but according to Fabbster officials it will certainly go down as the technology improves.
  2. CeBIT 2013: Genius devices — all CeBIT 2013 visitors are invited by Genius stand to get acquainted with their innovative products, including award-winning gaming mouse, Windows 8 touch gesture input device and world's first in-air mice.
  3. CeBIT 2013: Fujitsu rugged stylistic M702 tablet — the Fujitsu waterproof and dustproof stylistic M702 equipped with 1.7GHz quad-core Tegra 3 tablet was introduced at Cebit 2013. The key features are the following: a 10.1-inch 1,920 x 1,200, IPS display, 2GB RAM, NFC, BT v.4.0, MHL, dual 8 Megapixels / 1.2 Megapixels cameras and LTE connectivity.
  4. Cebit 2013: Fujitsu launched the elegant LIFEBOOK E line — ranged from 13.3 inch to 15.6 inch business laptops designed to optimize enterprise mobility were made by Fujitsu. The fashionable and lightweight premium laptop provides its users with ultimate efficiency reducing the total cost of ownership. Windows 8 is installed by default in all three variants in the E Series range.
  5. Palm reader tablet prototype introduced by Fujitsu at CeBit 2013 — bundled inside a plastic and magnesium enclosure a 10-inch tablet is equipped with an embedded built-in palm reader for additional level of security. Users even shouldn't lay their hand on the sensor, but just hover it above the screen to work it properly.
  6. Three new Coby tablets with Google Play for apps are shown at CeBit 2013 — the company is famous for its budget priced tablet devices. Now Coby has introduced a line of tablets integrated with Google Play with a good hope to enhance the appeal of the tablets as there are a lot more things to do now than ever before. Such usual trends as Google app suite of Gmail, Google Map and YouTube aren't even taken into account as they have already been embedded into earlier versions of the device.
  7. Smart eye tracking glasses for augmented reality — eye tracking technology by SensoMotoric Instruments was used by the scientific group of researchers from the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence to create a vision of new augmented reality apps in mobile environments. Eye tracking data from SMI's mobile eye tracking glasses are used to analyze a user's eye gaze on some definite objects obtained with a special DFKI information processing technology.
  8. GlassUp virtual reality glasses — a trial version of a head-mounted secondary display for your smartphone. A projector beams images onto a glass panel embedded into the right-side lens, allowing users to read texts, blogs, emails, to watch images and videos in motion. CeBIT 2013 has shown one of the very first prototypes with 320 x 240 display. It doesn't allow users to see anything very clearly yet or get its touch controls to work properly, so now it's not more than a smart concept, but nevertheless very interesting and innovative.
  9. CeBIT 2013: Introduction to Carl Zeiss OLED-glasses with Headtracker — with the latest version of its Cinemizer OLED portable multimedia video glasses, Carl Zeiss allows its users to dive deeply into the world of virtual reality – from watching high definition movies, playing 3D games and applying CAD visualizations to impressive experience the simulated worlds give us. But the real potential of this fascinating technology appeared to be surely available when launching the new cinemizer Headtracker.

MWC 2013 Final Results:

  1. MWC 2013: Firefox OS is a new player in the mobile market — after Firefox OS official release at MWC 2013 in Barcelona, Spain everyone understood that its simplicity is the main key. Aimed at middle to lower-end devices, Mozilla has ignored some of the complexity of iOS, Android and Windows Phone interfaces allowing total amateurs not to have any problems while walking their way around the menus. As the market for budget devices continues to explode away from the Western economies, Mozilla can obtain huge benefits due to Firefox OS's potential ability to unite the next generation of the budget smartphones under its system.
  2. MWC 2013: Rugged smartphones — the exhibition has presented a number of smartphones protected from external influences in full. The smartphones by CAT, Kyocera, Samsung, NEC are extremely hard to be broken, they can be dropped into the water or left under the scorching rays of the sun. One should try to do their best to damage this type of smartphones.
  3. Nokia has signed association agreement with P2i at MWC 2013 to make a nano-coated water resistant phone — Nokia announced its partnership with P2i, a leader in liquid repellent nano-coating technology to make devices water resistant. The liquid repellent nano-coating technology is now expected to be used in the next generation of water proof Nokia smartphones which are going to appear in the market soon. This new Nano technology will make the devices water-proof without adding any extra weight to the device. Nokia Lumia 1000 is appointed to be the first to check the technology effectiveness. All electronic components are covered with a micro layer of protective material that gives them protection from any type of liquid without harming or affecting their thermal design.
  4. MWC 2013: 3Q – Conclusions — 3Q International AG from Switzerland was intensively involved in active introduction of their innovative devices at MWC 2013. On 25-28 February 2013 3Q representatives managed to introduce 20+ tablets on Android, approximately the half of them was shown for the very first time while the others can be already purchased in stores. Moreover a new digital Q-pen has also been announced by 3Q officials.

Other News:

  1. Yahoo closes its seven projects including famous search trends — trying to be more focused on its main policy, Yahoo has made a decision to get rid of those products that the company considers to be redundant or outdated.
  2. Yandex.Money allows its users to replenish their digital wallets from bank accounts — digital accounts of Yandex users can be replenished with the bank cards provided by Russian banks if necessary. A virtual account can be filled via Yandex.Money website where the necessary bank card info should be entered. A single transaction costs $1.60 not including mandatory fees imposed by some commercial banks.
  3. TweetDeck will no longer support its popular Twitter clients for Android, iPhone, Adobe Air and Facebook from May 2013 — Twitter proclaimed its decision to stop supporting mobile versions of its multi-service posting client TweetDeck not later than in May 2013, removing their apps from the App Store and Google Play. Instead it will maintain the Mac and Windows desktop clients, completely leaving Adobe-based AIR version of TweetDeck and Facebook integration.
  4. A Same Day Express Shopping Service by Google competes Amazon Prime — it is rumored that Google is doing its best to launch a new online shopping service called “Google Shopping Express” that is going to be a direct competitor to Amazon's Prime and eBay Now, delivering same-day packages from major retailers such as Target and Walmart, but much cheaper costing up to $15 less in comparison to $80 Amazon asks for their service.
  5. Android statistics for February 2013: Gingerbread has lost only 1.5% — the time has come to study Android OS new versions, so as usual Google is publishing its regular statistics on the distribution of innovative versions of its mobile operating system among all Android-devices currently used around the globe.
  6. Pwn2Own 2013 results — it seems that in 2013 Pwn2Own contest is not only notable for the highest money prize (more $500,000), but also for the number of successfully exploited vulnerabilities.


  1. Opera's new WebKit-based Android browser is out in beta including some innovative changes — Opera proclaimed its plans to create browsers based on the open-source WebKit standard instead of its own Presto framework, having shown preview builds at MWC 2013. Its new browser for Android has been released in beta. The tab browser is greatly modernized in comparison to the previous versions of Opera Mobile. The new browser design was refreshed and updated to better match Android's design principles. URL box and search box are now combined. Speed Dial new tab page with the ability to organize saved web pages into folders is also refreshed. But in general, the redesigned layout is very similar to Google Chrome for Android browser.
  2. Opera 14 beta for Android with new UI and WebKit engine is out — some new features of Opera 14 beta for Android include the following: a completely new and elegant user interface, discover features to provide a new way of searching for content on the web, discover panel to read a set of popular articles, refreshed Speed Dial, Off-Road mode for faster browsing, Omnibar with combined search and URL field, History tab and many more!
  3. Microsoft launches IE 10 for Windows 7 — according to Microsoft officials Internet Explorer E10 is 20% faster and delivers 60% more “support for modern web standards.” IE 10 on Windows 7 will be nearly identical to its Windows 8 analogue, although the UI is completely the same as in the previous version. Other notable features include Do Not Track option, support for the Pointer Events touch API and hardware acceleration using Direct2D and DirectWrite, integrated spell checking and auto-correct, improved JavaScript performance, and support for 30 new standards covering HTML5, CSS3 and Web Application specifications.
  4. Chrome; Firefox; IE 10; Java; Win 8 were successfully hacked at #pwn2own hackfest — the first day of Pwn2Own annual contest appeared to be very productive - previously unknown vulnerabilities in Chrome, Firefox, IE 10, Windows 8 and Java were shown to public. In all cases, the attack was made while processing a certain web page in the browser that allows the attacker to get a complete control over the system when opening the page. Note that Firefox 19.0.2 and Chrome 25.0.1364.160 have been already released with the fixed vulnerabilities.

Amazing Websites' Design:

  1. — an excellent website of the museum.
  2. — an excellent website with parallax, smooth animation and preloading of web pages.
  3. — custom timeline navigation.
  4. — nice design, relevant CSS3 animation, data loading with AJAX and an excellent integration of video into design.
  5. — a conceptual website that shows your life story for the next 20 years mixing information from Facebook.
  6.— a responsive website by Mozilla.

Design It:

  1. Russian website said to have the best news website design.
  2. Facebook redesign.
  3. — anti pattern of a typical website.
  4. Branded interactions.
  5. Operating system interface design in 1981-2009.
  6. The one pixel rule.
  7. Fake It. Trash It. Build It.
  8. — a quick way to create grid design using people photos, for example, for About Us page.
  9. How emoji conquered the world.
  10. The secrets of Photoshop's retouching tools (part 5).
  11. The theory of colors in web design.
  12. 32 amazing abstract logo designs and 30+ cute food business logos.
  13. Designing custom Github demo pages.
  14. 40 Websites built with the Twitter Bootstrap framework.
  15. Eye-Catching red business card designs and Eye-Refreshing orange business cards.

A Bunch of Design Freebies:

  1. Paint stained paper textures.
  2. 26 enticing and mouthwatering sprinkles textures.
  3. Free outline icons.
  4. A compilation of free acrylic brushes in high resolution.
  5. 13 free icons from dribble.
  6. 25 high quality vector butterfly for free download.
  7. Monochromatic social media icon font.
  8. 9 fresh free fonts for your projects: from Sonar to Higher.
  9. 10 free sans serif fonts to download: from Numans to Gudea.
  10. 30 free clean fonts: from Hapna Mono to RBNo2.
  11. Set of 10 PS actions created with designers in mind.


  1. Builder.CSS — Stylesheet Merger and Minifier by Acid.JS.
  2. PrettyIP — a color palette, created from your IP address.
  3. ICON STRIKE! — a service to test icons directly in iPhone.
  4. — a service to check the coverage percentage of users of any specific technology.


  1. Open source 3D model.
  2. An Iron Man Like 3D hologram controlled by Leap Motion and Three.js.


  1. HTML5 forms introduction and new attributes.
  2. HTML5 & CSS3 readiness.
  3. The fastest way to build add-ons.
  4. New concepts in front-end web design architecture.
  5. Using SVG by Chris Coyier.
  6. Another redacted font.
  7. Building a better responsive website.
  8. HTML5 code snippets to take your website to the next level.
  9. Tincr - edit and save files from Chrome Developer tools. Live reload for Chrome.
  10. WordPress performance optimization.
  11. — a service to check the coverage percentage of users of some specific technology.
  12. Announcing the HTML5 is ready app contest winners.
  13. Using the Console in Google Chrome.
  14. How to make your AJAX application crawlable by Google.
  15. MIHTool — an app to debug and optimize their web pages on iPad and iPhone. A brief description of the application.
  16. Mixing responsive design and mobile templates by Chris Coyier.
  17. We're gonna need a bigger API!
  18. Breaking down Amazon's mega dropdown.


  1. Using CSS flexible boxes.
  2. CSS: a rapidly changing world by Russ Weakley.
  3. CSS fragmentation in WebKit.
  4. Make your website printable with CSS.
  5. Touch Friendly, CSS responsive menu.
  6. Hands on: SVG filter effects.
  7. Virtual lane graphics for swimming with css3.
  8. The Good & Bad of Level 4 Media Queries.
  9. Finer grained control of hyphenation with CSS4 Text.
  10. CSS Box-Sizing for Noobies.


  1. Secrets of Awesome JavaScript API Design.
  2. Building a multi video-chat with WebRTC.
  3. HTML5 Drag & Swap Zepto Plugin.
  4. SVGeezy — a simple JavaScript plug-in which detects SVG images on your website and automatically “looks for” a standard image fallback for those older, less capable browsers.
  5. Why loading your own jQuery is irresponsible.
  6. Maplace.js helps you embed Google Maps into your website to create markers and controls menu for the locations on the map quickly and efficiently.
  7. SPOILER ALERT! — an excellent script that allows you to hide spoilers.
  8. 50C1AL — the original version of the interaction with social services.
  9. Horizontal drop-down menu.
  10. Circletype.js — a jQuery plug-in that lets you set a type on a circle.
  11. Donuts — a small library for drawing charts in the form of a speedometer.
  12. How to manage the Back button with JavaScript.
  13. node.js — Google's officially supported client library for accessing Google APIs.
  14. Deeptissue.js — a Gesture Abstraction library for both MSPointer and WebKit Touch APIs.
  15. A plain English guide to JavaScript prototypes.
  16. “EcmaScript Next: The Subtleties of ES 6” at W3Conf 2013 video.
  17. Hexaflip: a flexible 3D cube plug-in.

Fun & Entertainment:

  1. How Google search works.
  2. Google launches new website promoting Google Maps for developers.
  3. The Top Ten Viral Videos of 2012.
  4. Wireless Industry perspectives in 2013 by Derek Kerton, Wireless Industry Analyst at MWC 2013.
  5. 25 Years of vulnerabilities - Linux has the most.
  6. Study: Free iOS Apps Leak More User Data Than Android Apps.
  7. Apple Store Thieves Spray Patrons with Bear Repellant.
  8. The Harlem Shake... from the US to Paris?
  9. Quotes & Accents & Dashes — how to use quotation marks, accents, hyphens and dashes in English.

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