IT Digest: Computex 2013, Making WebGL Dance, CSS: Reset or Normalize, Digital Trends and Much More!

June 7, 2013

What is the freshest news from the world of informational technologies? Find out in our weekly digest from the 7th of June.


Top Seven News

Computex 2013

The annual IT exhibition Computex was opened in Taipei on Tuesday. Here you can read about Day 1 and Day 2 and here about seven hot gadgets unveiled by ASUS at Computex 2013. Few more details: News from Intel, Fantastic ultrabooks Inhon, Orbe a wireless storage hub from Acer, PX35t  from Toshiba. And some more details from ASUS: Asus unveiled 32" ultra HD 4K monitor at Computex 2013, ASUS VivoPC and VivoMouse from Asus, Asus Transformer Book Trio runs both Windows 8 and Android, ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity, and in general New devices at Computex 2013 from ASUS.

We suggest you to look at a cool presentation on WebGL, 3D transformations, and why you need to know linear algebra. In addition, some 3D terms are well visualized in the current presentation.


Git is a flexible and powerful system to control versions. However, many users complain about its complexity and relatively high barrier to entry. This collection of resources for learning Git will help beginners to settle down well in the new system, while professionals will be able to clarify various small details. You can also see the Version Control: Git vs SVN post.

CSS: Reset or Normalize?

Usually web designers start html coding of a new project with styles reset. Someone is using the universal selector to reset all the tags, someone resets CSS, and someone is using rather new technique Normalize.css. The author of the current post compares the techniques mentioned above recollecting the history of origin, the obvious and non-obvious problems of techniques and their philosophy.

How do you connect scripts – to the head, to the end of body, in combination, asynchronously, or in some other way? We suggest you to read this post, which immerses the reader into the intricacies of js loading and tiny details related to browsers' peculiarities.

Many outstanding and bizarre achievements were recorded in the Guinness Book of Records over a half-century of its existence. Among them there are records related to computers and IT in general.

May 2013 was rich in various kinds of IT events: launching of new products, presentations of innovative technologies and solutions, professional seminars, forums and conferences. The author of the current post tries to list all the most important industry news happened last month.


  1. Foxconn and Mozilla cooperate to develop Firefox OS ecosystem — according to Foxconn Electronics officials an agreement for strategic cooperation to develop Firefox OS was signed with Mozilla on Monday. Being the 19th member of the Firefox OS alliance Foxconn is rumored to work on five devices, one of which may have been a Firefox OS tablet unveiled at a joint event in Taipei held in the cooperation of the two mentioned companies.
  2. Great changes in Windows 8.1 — Microsoft finally uncovered in-depth details concerning changes in Windows 8.1 and the list is appeared to be quite extensive: more customization, improved search, emphasis on SkyDrive, changes to the Windows Store, and more. Many changes were done taking into account complaints and suggestions from users. Microsoft hopes that the updated features and functionality will improve the touch interface and encourage use of mobile devices without confusing PC users. Windows 8.1 is rumored to be available for free since June 26th.
  3. Jelly Bean is supposed to be bigger than Gingerbread just in a month — the developer dashboard was updated by Google recently with fresh platform distribution numbers which demonstrate a positive upturn for Google's products. Jelly Bean (versions 4.1 and 4.2 respectively) achieved 33% of active Android devices and now comprise 1\3 of the whole market. Meanwhile Gingerbread continues to lose its positions but still remains to be rather popular.
  4. Windows Phone and iOS grow faster than Android — according to the new report published by Kantar Worldpanel iOS and Microsoft Phone mobile platform are growing faster than Google's Android in the US. In 2012 iPhone and Windows Phone sales increased 2.3% and 1.8% respectively while Android smartphones were sold with positive growth of 1.4% annually. In Q1 2013 it was found that Android devices accounted for a bit less than 52% of smartphone sales in the United States in comparison to 41.4% of iPhone and 5.6% of Windows Phone devices.
  5. Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0” and 10.1” officially released — on Monday Galaxy Tab 3 8.0" and  Galaxy Tab 3 10.1" were unveiled in public. The 8" device is powered by 1.5 GHz dual-core CPU, a 1280 x 800 TFT screen, 1.5 GB RAM, 5.0 MP camera and 1.3 MP front camera, 4450 mAh LiON battery and 16 or 32 GB HDD. The 10.1" Galaxy Tab 3 has a bit more powerful dual-core processor from Intel, but the same 1280 x 800 TFT display. In comparison to 8" model its weak points are just 1 GB of RAM and 3 MP camera, but more powerful 6800 mAh LiON battery.
  6. Shortage from Zynga — according to Zynga officials the company had to cut back their employees in order to save up to $80 million pre-tax profit. As a result of the recent layoffs 520 specialists appeared to be unemployed. In addition, the company took a decision to close its offices in New York, Los Angeles and Dallas.
  7. Yahoo! stops to support Yahoo! Mail Classic — since Monday Yahoo! Mail does not support the classic version of the mail interface and refers to users to update the software to the latest version. The new interface requires users to adopt new terms of use, according to which the mailbox owners allow Yahoo! robots to scan and analyze the content of messages to offer relevant information and services.

Computex 2013:

  1. Computex 2013 Day 1 — on Tuesday at Computex in Taipei the show floors were officially opened and visitors were able to know a lot about the latest products from  Acer, MSI, Asus and ARM as well as about Windows tablets and new laptop-table hybrids.
  2. Computex 2013 Day 2 — the second day at Computex 2013 in Tapei was rather active. Dell introduced XPS 11.6-inch Hybrid with a flip-around lid, an active stylus and a flat keyboard. Its luxurious carbon-fiber design, sharp touch screen and unique keyboard are created in order to impress users at a glance. In addition, ASUS brought a new tablet that promises to take over Nexus 7. Meanwhile, an innovative gaming notebook was unveiled by Gigabyte and much more about Intel, Sony and others + Computex 2013 Booth Tour Day 2 video + Computex 2013 day 2 photo gallery.
  3. Computex 2013: 7 hot gadgets unveiled by Asus — Asus one of the most prominent gadget makers of the 21st century is exposing a host of new cool devices, having added them to its line-up. They include a phonepad, a tablet, a transformer pad and other innovative devices which appeared first at the world's second-largest computer expo.
  4. News from Intel: - processors, tablets, cameras — having failed a few times Intel now has all the chances to obtain its respectful position in the world mobile market with few innovations in tablets and hybrids that were successfully announced this week at Computex. Among them there are latest personal computer CPUs, powered by the new 22 nanometer Haswell core design, a global 4G LTE modem and a creative Senz3D peripheral camera.
  5. Computex 2013: cool gadgets — on Monday, Acer Inc. and AsusTek Computer Inc., two leading computer manufacturers introduced a number of new generation devices described in details in the current post. Among them are the following: Liquid S1 smartphone from Acer, 15.6-inch Aspire R7, ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity,8-inch tablet Iconia W3 and others. In addition, Sonostar, a Taiwanese golf GPS data base provider unveiled smartwatch of the next generation which were also admitted as one of the coolest devices presented at the expo.
  6. Fantastic ultrabooks Inhon — at Computex 2013 Taiwanese company Inhon unveiled the Blade 13 Carbon Ultrabook. Its dimensions make it the thinnest and the lightest Ultrabook in the world, taking the leadership from LaVie Z by NEC. The ultrabook has the following characteristics: Core i5 or i7 CPU, 13" 1080p display, 128 or 256GB SSD and 4GB RAM. The price starts at $1000 up to $1350 and depends on the chosen option.
  7. Orbe a wireless storage hub from Acer — Orbe wireless storage hub was unveiled by Acer recently. The device happens to be a new type of storage hub that connects itself to the AcerCloud. Computex 2013 appeared to be exactly that expo where Acer officials took a decision to present the Orbe in public.
  8. Small Windows 8 tablets will come with Office 2013 — at Computex 2013 Microsoft announced its intention to pre-install Office 2013 package at small Windows 8-based tabs. Thus, in the nearest future 7" and 8" Windows 8 tabs will be sold with free Office 2013 software. According to Windows CFO Tami Reller OEMs will be responsible for installation of Microsoft Office 2013 into tablets. The suite includes Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote, but without Outlook 2013.
  9. Toshiba unveiled PX35t all-in-one PC featuring 26" full HD display — a new powerful media device from Toshiba is partially desktop PC, partially sound system, and partially big-screen TV due to 23" diagonal 1080p Full HD touchscreen display. PX35t is equipped with 10-finger multi-touch capabilities with a fingerprint-resistant coating, but if you are not satisfied with it you can use the included raised-tile keyboard and well-designed mouse. PX35t is promised to become available  on Jun 10 for $1,030.

Dell News 2013:

  1. XPS 11 with flipping 11.6" WQHD screen from Dell — in comparison to other manufacturers with a great number of innovations at Computex 2013, Dell has a single, but rather unique laptop called XPS 11. The matter is that the 11.6" screen of this Windows 8-based device can flip 180 degrees converting the laptop to the tablet. While, the aluminium frame design and carbon fibre body were taken from the XPS 12.
  2. Alienware X51 PC is updated with Intel Haswell CPUs — launched in January 2012 by Alienware division a new desktop PC called X51 looked much like a game console. On Monday the first hardware update for the device was announced. According to Dell's officials support for Intel's new 4th generation Core CPUs was added. In addition, new hardware options for the device include an option to set an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 GPU, together with the choice to install a dual SSD/HDD storage configuration and mSATA support. Windows 7, Windows 8 and Ubuntu OS are still suitable for Alienware X51.

Asus News:

  1. Asus unveiled 32" ultra HD 4K monitor at Computex 2013 — PQ321, 31.5-inch 4K monitor was unveiled by Taiwanese PC maker ASUS this week. It features a 3840 x 2160-pixel (16:9, 140 ppi) 10-bit RGB (one billion colors) IGZO panel with LED backlight, 176-degree viewing angles, 350 cd/m2 brightness and 8ms GTG response time. The device is equipped with built-in stereo speakers. According to ASUS it is wall-mountable (VESA) and only 35mm thick being the thinnest 4K monitor on the present day market. The price is unveiled yet, but the model is expected to be available in North America less than in a month.
  2. ASUS VivoPC and VivoMouse from Asus — ASUS has also just announced its new all-in-one desktop PC with easy access to memory and storage bays for quick and easy upgrade when necessary. The VivoPC, together with the new ASUS VivoMouse which can also be used as a remote control and touch pad, promises to change the present day living room entertainment + Asus VivoPC, Asus VivoMouse, Asus RT-AC68U video + Asus VivoPC, Fonepad Note, VivoMouse and Router RT-AC68U slides.
  3. Asus Transformer Book Trio runs both Windows 8 and Android — at Computex 2013, Asus unveiled the Transformer Book Trio, the first in the world 3-in-1 laptop, tablet, and desktop PC. The 1920 x 1080 full HD 11.6" Transformer Book Trio is designed to instantly switch between Windows 8 and Android (Jelly Bean). A dedicated desktop is expected to be used just for work, while basic tablet will be for play.  tablet can be mounted to the PC Station dock, which has a laptop-class processor. The device is also equipped with a full keyboard, a built-in LiON battery, and additional ports.
  4. ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity — Asus introduced an updated model of Transformer Pad Infinity unveiled in 2012. The innovative device is equipped with a much-improved screen and CPU. The main characteristics of a new Android tablet are the following: a 10.1" 2560 x 1600 IPS display, a Tegra 4 processor and 2GB RAM. It also has a USB 3.0 port, 32GB HDD, the built-in SD card slot up to 32GB, a 5-megapixel camera, and a 1.2-megapixel front camera. The dock station is equipped with a full QWERTY keyboard, additional ports and its own battery to extend the time in use.
  5. Asus unveiled a new 7" MeMO Pad tablet — this week Asus introduced a new tablet at Computex 2013. The 7" MeMO Pad HD 7 appeared to be a slight refresh over the Nexus 7 tablet. Priced at $129 for the 8GB model and at $149 for the 16GB model, the MeMO Pad HD 7 is expected to become one of the most affordable tablets in Q3 2013. The device is equipped with a Cortex-A7 quad-core CPU and 1280×800 resolution IPS display. The major advantage over the Nexus 7 is the 5-megapixel camera on its back.
  6. New devices at Computex 2013 from ASUS — the author of the post in Windows Experience Blog combined info about all innovations from ASUS the company introduced at the latest expo including ET2301 All-in-One PC, VivoPC and VivoMouse, Zenbook Infinity, N550 and much more.


  1. Tools to pack and unpack Opera 15 — the author of additional tools for Opera 15 on github felt a great disappointment due to the content of the current alpha version. Having got used to "1" and "2" single key combinations to switch tabs so much that he could not even imagine the work in the browser without them. But they are known as unavailable in Opera 15, and what's more - the shortcuts are not configurable. After the initial shock, the author decided to check maybe everything is not so bad and the keys can be customized...
  2. Free web-browser Camino is over — Camino developers have announced the closure of the project, which existed for more than 10 years. A based on Mozilla Gecko engine web-browser optimized for Mac OS X was developed within the project. The interface part of the browser was written in Objective-C with Cocoa toolkit. The reason to close the project is the inability to keep up with the pace of development of browsers from competitors as well as no sense in the further development due to full support of Mac OS X in Safari, Chrome, Firefox and even Opera. Camino was originally established in 2002 as an alternative to the Mac-version of Internet Explorer 5. In addition, the currently existing degree of integration of standard Safari with Mac is significantly higher than Camino's one.
  3. Best web browser for Android-based mobile devices — there is a great number of excellent web browsers for Android, so your choice depends only on the features you need for work and fun. Whether there is auto synchronization with your desktop or high-speed browsing, or flash support, you have have always what to choose from. The author of the current posts first mentions common limiting factors and then considers a number of the most popular browsers for Android.
  4. UC Browser for Android — UC Browser is one of the most famous browsers for Android developed by UC Mobile. Someone criticizes it for its look and feel a la 20th century browser. Web pages are viewed in a rather old manner. Some video formats are not supported as well, but from other side there are some extra and unique features. Thus, Its Homepage looks rather better than competitors', your favorite websites can be added on your Homepage for quick visit. Surfing the net is done with the website navigation page. Less memory is consumed when opening many tabs at a time.
  5. Skin your Chrome Inspector — if you do not like the standard color scheme of the Web Inspector Google Chrome, you can always change it to any other. It's enough to write your own styles in the custom.css file.
  6. Internet Explorer 10 occupies more than 55% of the browser market — according to Net Applications survey IE 10 currently holds not less than 55.99% of the entire browser world, while Mozilla's popular Firefox comes second with a 20.63% share. The 3rd place goes to Google Chrome with its 15.74% of a market share + Internet Explorer 10 is the most energy efficient browser on Windows 8.
  7. Firefox will look like Chrome in October with version 25 — code-named Australis, the new user interface is rumored to debut as an integral part of Firefox 25 in October 2013. since Firefox 4 that became available more than two years ago the Australis is expected to be the biggest UI change in FF. After Firefox 4, Mozilla changed its release approach, having a rapid release cycle with new browsers released every two months instead of one or two releases in a year as it was before.

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