Firefox OS, Approach to Creation of Adaptive WordPress Theme, Google Closes a Range of Its Services

July 6, 2012

A weekly digest of articles, news and other interesting materials for web designers and developers from July 06, 2012.

In the current issue: Firefox OS, an approach to creation of an adaptive WordPress theme, Google closes a range of its services, and much more.


Android 4.0 ICS share exceeded 10% (

StatCounter: OS Windows 7 is set on the most part of the world PCs.

Facebook is testing a new button “Want”.

Google wants to change the design of the search page.

The Mozilla project presented a mobile operational system Firefox OS and the first phones on its basis.

The upgrade to Windows 8 will cost only $39.99.

Judge grants Apple an injunction against Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

Google's Nexus 7 tablet infringes Nokia patents.

Amazon buys UpNext – a 3D mapping startup.

HP bails on plans for Windows RT consumer tablet.

Google closes 10 projects.

Google has launched a version of its Google Drive application on iOS.


Demonstration of Google Chrome capabilities on different devices and also evolution of a rather young browser.

A short history of Chrome browser.

Websites with interesting design and functionality: – interactive music site. – stylish website from Italy.

25 Interactive HTML Websites That Look Like Flash. – atmosphere design, great synch of a stylish audio track and sprite animation and also trending single page in subsections. – training centre of a movie-website with a plenty of gaming tests for the funs of Prometheus movie. – an informative game projects that suggest to seat in a seat of an airplane behind a VIP person and find out something interesting. This is a one page website with smooth download of data, use of CSS and a flesh-player to play videos.


Principles of user interface design

The next Microsoft

A new idea of realization of a dealin menu

Tips for a finely crafted website

Interactive prototypes and time-savers with Adobe Fireworks

Creative 404 pages for snspiration

20 inspirational coffee logo designs

40 creative remakes of the world map

50 best grunge effects tutorials in Photoshop

An introduction into use of automated scripts – Actions in Photoshop

50 Photoshop tutorials with Fire Effects

40 Fantastic Facebook fan pages 

A collection of designer freebies:

Free business card PSD templates

13 cool free Sci-fi fonts

Free stained canvas backgrounds

Dark search box & drop down (PSD)

Neo-grotesque font – FV Granada

Decorative changing font Randomic Kocoon Light

75 Professional free fonts from 2012

26 alphabet Photoshop brushes 


Camera and microphone access with HTML5

Snippets in sublime text 2

Learn Git in 15 minutes

Swatch book with CSS3 and JQuery

How to insert only a fragment of YouTube video by means of URL parameters in iframe

Create a responsive, mobile-rirst WordPress theme

An interview with Chris Coyier

35 excellent jQuery and CSS3 navigation menus 


WordPress CSS coding standards

CSS columns from David Walsh

Dancing robot on pure CSS – a set of snippets for css-animation

An introduction to the CSS Flexbox module

Media Queries, Sass 3.2, and CodeKit 


Loading a different jQuery version for IE6-8

jQuery UI touch punch – zoom any part of a page

Magnifying glass for image zoom using Jquery and CSS3

A set of tools for standard JS-elements

Jmaps.js – a convenient work with Google Maps API

Responsive image maps jQuery plugin

Fuckitjs – make JS code work no matter whether compiler likes it or not

jQuery++ – a set of small utilities that extend the jQuery capabilities

repo.js – light-weight jQuery Plugin that lets you easily embed a Github repo onto your site

JavaScript string methods reference

Zebra_Datepicker – a lightweight datepicker jQuery plugin

10 useful responsive jQuery slider plugins 


First reviews of Google Nexus 7 tablet

A summary for the action on Twitter during Euro 2012

Number of computing devices worldwide

The evolution of the web

Does Google have any social skills at all?

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