IT Digest: Facebook's Search Engine, Wikivoyage Launch, Updated MySpace and Much More

January 18, 2013

What is the freshest news from the world of informational technologies? Find out in our weekly digest from the 18th of January.


  1. Facebook is testing new Timeline design — It is supposed that such a design will allow users both to organize their web pages in a proper way and mark out contacts among their friends.
  2. Facebook launches search engine — Facebook has launched the search engine for shared content to look for things your friends prefer. The search engine allows network members to navigate the vast amount of data, not available on third-party search engines.
  3. Facebook launches free calling for all iPhone users in the US — With the new Messenger app, Facebook users in some countries can quickly send text messages to their friends, registered in Facebook. More recently, Facebook has introduced the free call functionality on the same Messenger app – providing its users an ability to call each other by Wi-Fi or cellular connection.
  4. Wikivoyage, Wikimedia's official travel guide, launches today — The creators of Wikipedia, the world wide known encyclopedia that relies on volunteers to write and edit various articles, are launching a joint online travel guide to cover everything from Disney World to Diyarbakir.
  5. Yandex builds powerful data mining and search app for social networks — Yandex, Russia's leading search engine giant, is developing a new mobile voice-activated search application codenamed Wonder that retrieves and displays relevant data from various social networks content and enables users to see the places where their friends registered or set any images.
  6. Tablet PC Market Forecast to Surpass Notebooks in 2013 — Tablet deliveries are supposed to achieve 240 million units, easily prevailing 207 million laptops expected to be manufactured in 2013.China is estimated to become 27% of the global tablet market in 2013 with 65 million units. North American remains the largest market at 35% market share with 85 million devices.
  7. World deliveries of tablets this year could reach 170-180 million thanks to the 7" models — iOS platform is dominating among 9-11” models, Android OS firmly occupies 7-8” sector, even not taking into account significant popularity of iPad mini. In 2012, the supply of 9-11” devices have increased to 73 million units, occupying more than 60% of the global tablet market, in the meantime, total number of 7-8” increased to 41.1 million units, occupying about 32% of the same market.
  8. Analysts predict worse than Expected Windows Surface Sales — Despite of the analysts earlier forecast the sales of Microsoft's Surface RT tablet have only performed a half during the last quarter of 2012. Microsoft managed to sell only about one million devices – twice less than it had been predicted which corresponds to 5% of Apple's iPad sales during the same period.
  9. Nokia Lumia sales expected to help company turnaround — Having a pessimistic outlook in the middle of 2012 Nokia had an unexpectedly good quarter at the end of 2012, as Lumia and Asha smartphone lines outsold expectations. Mobile broadband service, Nokia Siemens Networks, also helped to fix profits.
  10. The new Myspace is now open to the public — Celebrating its new look & feel — and to make users to register on the new website — the company is offering all of its members a free single from Justin Timberlake, who wasn't in the music industry for the past 6 years. Any MySpace user can listen to the single, “Suit and Tie” by registering.


  1. Google Launches Chrome 25 Beta With Speech Recognition — In order to test out the current feature a user has to download the new Chrome 25 Beta. After a user clicks a microphone icon and says any phrase or a word Chrome should recognize and display it in the box, located in the middle of the page. Unfortunately among the supported languages English is missed.
  2. Download torrents with Bittorrent Surf for Chrome — After a half a year of development BitTorrent has launched a new dedicated Google Chrome plug-in for Torrent downloading. The application, named Surf, allows users to download and search for Torrents in Google, Yahoo! and Bing by adding the words to search queries. It also allows users to download embedded websites and videos.
  3. Mozilla tests a built-in, secure, PDF viewer in Firefox Beta leveraging the power of HTML5 — The viewer uses HTML5 and Javascript to render PDF documents within your browser, without any need for 3rd-party PDF viewing plug-ins.

Amazing Websites' Design:

  1. — an animated website with scrolling in all directions.
  2. — unusual moments in content navigation.
  3. — Japanese are experts in the conceptual design.
  4. — cute illustrations and interesting components.
  5. — a laconic responsive website with good animation, background video and pleasant homing effects.
  6. — delicacies decorated with nice design, custom geometry and navigation.

Design It:

  1. LayerVault, designed to manage design work.
  2. An easy to follow design course for hackers who do amazing things.
  3. Useful resources on design for developers.
  4. The Designer's guide to working with web developers.
  5. Most popular fonts of 2012 by MyFonts team.
  6. Most Appreciated Projects of 2012.
  7. 5 Design Books You Should Read.
  8. Best iconography examples by Fantasy Interactive agency.
  9. Layer tags in Photoshop CS6.
  10. How to Make Sliders Not Suck.
  11. I want the world to scroll this way - a daring concept of scrolling text information in electronic devices.

A Bunch of Design Freebies:

    1. Colorful Abstract Backgrounds.
    2. 15+ Free Patterns for your Designs
    3. Best Free Icons and Fonts for Web Design.
    4. A Collection Of Free Eco-Friendly Vector Graphics.
    5. 9 Fresh Free Fonts for Headings from V.GER Grotesque to Vincent.
    6. A Collection Of Free Popular Typewriter Fonts.
    7. 37 Useful Cursive Tattoo Fonts.
    8. 25 Outstanding Free Serif Fonts.
    9. Free Minimal Search Box PSD.
    10. 50 Free Photoshop PSD Files of 2013 You Must Download.
    11. 20 Free Website Templates PSD Files.
    12. Minimalist Icons – 296 Free Icons In 12*12px.
    13. A Collection Of Free Grass Brushes For Photoshop.


  1. A11Y Project — a public project on the Accessibility issues.
  2. Schematic Ipsum — a simple service that generates fake JSON data in accordance with a JSON Schema.
  3. SassMe — Visualize SASS color functions in real-time without compiling.


  1. FFF, Form Follows Function — a crazy carousel that contains interactive demo of modern technologies: HTML5, CSS3, 3D, canvas.
  2. — Cheat Sheets on various programming languages.
  3. MINE3D in Canvas.
  4. 3D Image Gallery Room Concept.
  5. Rorschmap — Google Street View images kaleidoscope.


  1. Using the Scalable Vector Graphics Library to Render Graphics on Android for Intel IA.
  2. Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.
  3. — a website provides a collection of html tags, used by web developers to markup their pages in the ways recognized by the major search providers.
  4. Running WebSQL commands in Chrome Dev Tools.
  5. Getting Started with HTML5 Video.
  6. Ink — an interface kit for quick development of web interfaces.
  7. Maxmertkit — Css framework based on widget-modifier coding style.
  8. ProfoundGrid — Built in SCSS responsive grid system for fixed and fluid layouts.
  9. Using the HTML title attribute – updated.
  10. Windows workflow for web designers and front end developers.
  11. Web Development With Sublime Text 2.
  12. Icons and Icon Fonts.
  13. Voice Driven Web Apps: Introduction to the web speech API.
  14. Packaged HTML5 Apps: Are we emulating failure?
  15. Implementing Off-Canvas Navigation For A Responsive Website.
  16. Let's add the website SVG logo vector according to the rel = "logo" proposed standard.
  17. SVG Styling.


  1. A Practical Guide to HTML & CSS.
  2. excssive - an online service to minimize CSS quickly.
  3. CSS-properties support for email templates in various email clients.
  4. What No One Told You About Z-Index.
  5. The Absolute Beginner's Guide to Sass.
  6. Understanding the CSS clip property.
  7. CSS3 Selectors Test.
  8. Video about CSS Regions and CSS Exclusions at Kings of Code.
  9. CSS Techniques for Retina Displays.
  10. CSS layout: 100% height with header and footer.
  11. GitHub's CSS Performance.
  12. Getting CSS animations to trigger at the right time.
  13. Expanding Overlay Effect Revealing content using CSS clip.
  14. Twitter Button Concept.


  1. The State of jQuery 2013.
  2. jQuery 1.9 RC1 and Migrate RC1 released.
  3. Common JavaScript Gotchas.
  4. ayaSlider — a nice content slider with different effects.
  5. flowtime-js — a framework to create demos and websites with custom navigation.
  6. dropzone.js — an open source library that provides drag'n'drop file uploads by simply including a java-script file.
  7. Jquery Image Zoom Plugin.
  8. Jquery Tutorial For Beginners With Examples Pdf.
  9. MIDI.js — Sequencing in Javascript.
  10. jQuery Grid Plugin converts tables to those that are similar to Excel ones.
  11. Spectragram.js — jQuery plug-in to work with API Instagram.
  12. jQuery Image Picker plug-in transforms the chosen element into a more user friendly graphical interface.
  13. A Strategy for i18n and Node.js by John Resig.
  14. Audio5js — a Javascript library that provides a seamless compatibility layer to the HTML5 Audio playback API.

Fun & Entertainment:

  1. Ubuntu now fits your phone.
  2. Google Time concept is simply gorgeous.
  3. Exclusive interview with Ray Kurzweil on future AI project at Google.
  4. The Most Frequently Asked Questions about WordPress.
  5. Can Twitter Predict the Future? Pentagon Says Maybe.
  6. Why I love using the Google Analytics API.
  7. Microsoft's recent patent filing would make your Windows Phone more discrete.
  8. Proposed: America's First Bookless Public Library.
  9. 2012 Year on Twitter: conflict, evolution, and a lot of money!
  10. Quora's New Book of Wisdom: 131 Tips on Spiders, Steve Jobs, Parenting And Chinese Prison.
  11. Wikipedia launches travel site Wikivoyage.
  12. US Programmer Outsourced Coding to China, Watched Cat Videos.
  13. Facebook Shares Dip Below $30 Again, As Graph Search Fails To Convince Investors.
  14. Why Are Dead People Liking Stuff On Facebook?
  15. What happened when Facebook disabled my account.
  16. Facebook's 600,000 users left in December in U.K.
  17. Based on the past CES 2013:

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