IT Digest: Amazon Unveils Coin, Facebook Celebrates 9th Anniversary, Browser Trends for February 2013 and Much More

February 8, 2013

What is the freshest news from the world of informational technologies? Find out in our weekly digest from the 08th of February.


  1. Russia?s Yandex overtakes Microsoft in worldwide search ? Russian search engine Yandex has overtaken Microsoft's Bing, and appeared to be the fourth in the world search engines list. According to statistics, Yandex once already overtook its rival in November ? December 2012 being behind the top three leaders, namely Google, Baidu and Yahoo.
  2. Amazon unveils Coin, its own virtual currency ? differentiating the Kindle Fire from other Android tablets, Amazon has introduced Amazon Coins, a new virtual currency for purchasing apps on the Kindle Fire starting from May 2013. It is available for the US customers only.
  3. Google launches YouTube channel redesign in limited beta, featuring cover photos and trailers ? the changes in channels design are not dramatic, but it seems that Google is gradually reshaping YouTube so that it looks like Google+.
  4. Google tests bigger URLs, cache link drop down & product quantities in search results ? The users have noticed testing of at least three different new functions of the user interface in Google SERPs.
  5. Only 9 years old, but Facebook has all the big numbers on its side ? Launched on February 4, 2004 the social network, created by Zuckerberg, Hughes, Moskovitz, McCollum and Saverin at Harvard University that initially worked on an invite-only basis is now a global web giant with more than 1 billion users.
  6. Windows 8 is now up to 2.36% of market share, but Microsoft sees Windows 7 decline for the first time. While the share of Windows XP rose to 0.43% in January 2013 and Windows Vista numbers have decreased to the same 0.43%.
  7. Twitter says hackers compromise 250K accounts. According to Twitter's director of security, Bob Lord, the attack was not just occasional, and it was not an isolated deal. The attackers were extremely sophisticated. Twitter users are advised to turn off Java in their browsers and use unique passwords composed of symbols, numbers, upper and lower case letters.
  8. Surface Pro lands at Microsoft Store ? Surface Pro tablet is already on sale, while Microsoft has promised to start its selling on February 9. From Saturday the device can be purchased in Microsoft Store. Moreover, Surface Pro has also been noticed in Best Buy where the tablet is planned to be sold not earlier than on the same Saturday.
  9. In just 90 days Windows Phone 8 usage outpaced all Windows Phone 7 devices in the US ? the more interesting point is that Windows Phone 8 devices have been in the world market, including North America for three months only. The statistics has shown that the popularity of Windows Phone 8 is much higher in comparison with the previous generation of devices.
  10. Jelly Bean is now on 13.6% of Android devices, Ice Cream Sandwich ? on 29% ? Google has updated its developer dashboard that introduced Android Jelly Bean?s growth. Android Ice Cream Sandwich remains stagnant since its recent renovation in January 2013.
  11. Wine on Android is coming for running Windows apps ? Wine or WINdows Emulator is an open source application that allows apps designed for Windows to run on Unix OS (Linux, OS X, FreeBSD, and Solaris). The project features the software library Winelib, against which Windows apps can be compiled.
  12. The PNG image file format is now more popular than GIF ?PNG image file format was created in the middle 90s as a competitor to monopolistic GIF. Now it has gained the fame in the web overcoming the usage of GIF.


  1. Start a real time conversation between browsers(Chrome & Firefox) ? Google and Mozilla specialists represented interoperability between their implementations of WebRTC. It allows making video calls without any plug-ins.
  2. Chrome Print Preview dialog gets Print Selection Option ? the builds of Chromium and Google Chrome Canary contain the ability to print the selected block using the context menu.
  3. Check out the vew Chrome Rich Notifications thanks to Google's own Test App ? this is a new rich notifications feature that will revamp Chrome notifications creating a new home for Google Now cards. For now it is under development.
  4. Vertical gallery in Chrome ? a video post on how to create a vertical gallery in Chrome browser just in a few clicks.
  5. Browser Trends February 2013 ? IE10 appears to be the most rapidly growing web browser.
  6. Google Chrome ? a 38 pages comic book explains the ideas and principles of Google Chrome to its readers, providing them a wonderful example of architecture design process, resulted in a browser.

Amazing Website?s Design:

  1. ? a custom geometry of the websites comes to a new level.
  2. ? one more custom navigation or traveling by car over zervice website surroundings.
  3. ? a perfectly styled website with case illustrations and parallax.
  4. ? a simple but lovely one-page website with animation.
  5. ? a one-page topical website about Lincoln.
  6. 20 Websites with Original, Non-Standard Geometry.
  7. ? a minimalist portfolio with interesting slide effects.
  8. Adobe Improves 3D Functionality in Photoshop CS6.1 and how to create a Valentine?s Day-Inspired 3D Text Effect Using Filter Forge and Photoshop.
  9. The Secrets of Photoshop?s Retouching Tools Part 3 and Part 4.
  10. 15 of the Best Photoshop Tutorials Created in January.
  11. Alignment and Combining Objects in Adobe Illustrator.
  12. 30 successful sports websites.
  13. Polygonal Art in Web Design.
  14. ITV logo creation process and Web Design Goodies.
  15. 10 Mind-Bending Logos Using Optical Illusions.
  16. The 2012 Logo of The Year.
  17. 8 Tips to Increase Your Web Design Skills.
  18. Collection of Creative Global Google Doodles.

Design It:

  1. The Death of Helvetica Part 2.
  2. Sliders Suck. Why? Let's count the ways.
  3. Carousel Interaction Stats.
  4. Stop Misusing Select Menus.
  5. Ultimate Collection of Fireworks Tutorials.
  6. BLOKK - a font for quick mock-ups and wireframing for customers unfamiliar with latin.
  7. Sketch VS Photoshop + Sketch VS Fireworks.
  8. Progressive Reduction.
  9. Script to edit corners in Photoshop.

A Bunch of Design Freebies:

    1. Brooklyn ? a decorative, a bit gothic-like font with serifs.
    2. Capita Light ? a nice font with serifs.
  1. Free Bark Textures, 30 Free Vintage Paper Texture Packs.
  2. St. Valentine?s Day Icon Set (16 PNG/EPS Icons), as well as Free Valentine?s Day vectors, one more similar set of 21 Beautiful Free Valentine?s Day Vector Graphics and 30 Free Photoshop Brushes For Valentine?s Day.
  3. One more free Valentines Icon Set (14 Icons, PNG, AI).
  4. Socialtograms by Steffen N?rgaard Andersen.
  5. Simple Icons - 96 PNG icons in eleven sizes, from 16px to 4096px.
  6. Polaris UI Kit + Linecons Free ? Vector Icons Pack.
  7. Free Desktop User Interface Kits for OSX.
  8. Silverfake ? a wide retro slab-serif font by Alexey Frolov aka MRfrukta.


  1. CodeAndMore ? another font generator.
  2. Page Layers ? a website screenshot app for Mac OS X that converts web pages to PSD with separate layers for all page elements..
  3. The periodic table of WordPress plug-ins.
  4. The set of Image Placeholder APIs and one more service to create placeholders.
  5. Subtle?Patterns on your website.
  6. Golden Ratio Typography Calculator.


  1. Google Introduces ?Find Your Way To Oz? HTML5 Chrome Experiment In Collaboration With Disney And Unit9 as well as its case study.


  1. Facebook Launches Developers Live Video Feed.
  2. Major changes are coming in Facebook API - February, March, April 2013.
  3. How to Prepare Your Facebook Profile for Graph Search.
  4. Integrate your app with Google Drive.
  5. Dropbox Unveils Sync API For Mobile Developers, Allows Apps To Work With Cloud-Based Files As If They Were Local.
  6. Web Development from Scratch and other popular video courses.
  7. HTML5 Mine Sweeper.
  8. Apache Module mod_rewrite.
  9. Web Platform Feature Metrics.
  10. Faster Websites: Crash Course on Web Performance.
  11. WebStorm 6 EAP build 126.159.
  12. Comparing Files and Folders within your IDE.
  13. Cool Kitten - a responsive framework to create websites with parallax scrolling.
  14. Neat HTML5 features: Offline Web Applications.
  15. HTML 5.1 draft spec gets ?main? element.
  16. A Visual Method for Understanding WebKit Layout.
  17. 6 Things You Didn?t Know About Firefox OS.
  18. Firebug Tips & Tricks.
  19. Simulate "FLOAT: DOWN".
  20. Launching Tweetmap: Animated maps of real-time tweets using contiguous cartograms.
  21. A Primer to Front-end SVG Hacking.
  22. HTML5 Game Development Units.
  23. Browser Refresh for Sublime Text 2.


  1. How To Generate CSS Click Events.
  2. Using CSS3 Pseudo Elements and Box Shadows Instead of Images for HiDPI Geometric Shapes.
  3. CSS background-position and percent.
  4. Media Query width and vertical scrollbars.
  5. Dig deep into CSS gradients.
  6. HINT.css - A tooltip library in CSS.
  7. Stately ? a symbol font that makes it easy to create a map of the United States using only HTML and CSS.
  8. Create a 3D Book Animation with CSS.
  9. Pseudo background-position.


  1. JSDELIVR ? a free CDN for JavaScript and jQuery plug-ins.
  2. Interactive SVG Infographic.
  3. Rye ? a lightweight javascript library for DOM manipulation and events with support for all modern browsers, including IE9+.
  4. textillate.js ? A simple plug-in for CSS3 text animations.
  5. Handsontable 0.8.3 ? a minimalistic Excel-like data grid editor for HTML, JavaScript & jQuery.
  6. Toolbar.Js ? a jQuery plug-in that creates tooltip style toolbars.
  7. Countdown timer on jQuery Canvas.
  8. WebRTC: RTCDATACHANNEL demo, API changes... and Chrome Talks to Firefox!
  9. balance-text ? a jQuery plug-in for implementing balancing of wrapping text in a web page.
  10. Chrome Dev Tools: JavaScript and Performance.

Fun & Entertainment:

  1. Everything You Need to Know About Kim Dotcom's Mega.
  2. Open-source Death Star project launched on Kickstarter.
  3. How donor organs could soon be made on demand using '3D printers'.
  4. What Comes After the Touch Screen?
  5. Most anticipated tech products for 2013.
  6. Go Daddy Posts Biggest Sales Day in History After Super Bowl Ads Run.
  7. Five Reasons Brands Should Test Vine.
  8. Meta: Augmented Reality Glasses with Epson Moverio BT-100, Android OS and 3D Interactive Interface with Gesture Control Kinect Style!
  9. For Developing News Stories, Google Says It Prefers One Page To Separate Articles.
  10. Explore the Grand Canyon With Google Street View.
  11. We Cannot Predict the Future, But We Can Invent It.
  12. How did Instagram build up its community in its early days?
  13. J.J. Abrams adapting Half-Life and Portal into films.

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