IT Digest: 24 Presents from Google, Samsung Takes Cellphone Crown, Christmas Wallpapers Collection and Much More

December 21, 2012

What is the freshest news from the world of informational technologies? Find out in our weekly digest from 21st of December.


  1. First Draft of HTML 5.1 Offers Glimpse at Next Round of Standardization – Monday of the current week has been marked by a momentous event for the HTML5 project, as the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has finally defined its specifications together with announcing the first draft of HTML 5.1.
  2. Google gives us 24 presents for Christmas! – The world-known social media service has made a decision to treat its suitors with a full set of 24 updates that forms a part of a new Google+ Android and iOS apps regular update. However, two of the biggest feature updates were to Photos and Hangouts, but no doubt some time is mandatory to consider whether they are really so useful and important.
  3. YouTube's Top Ten Viral Videos of 2012 – And again the time has come to YouTube's annual competition, featuring the most popular clips on the video-sharing web site from the passing year.
  4. Move Over Nokia, Samsung Takes Cellphone Crown – For the first time in 14 years, worldwide known smart phone maker Nokia will not get a leading position in the global cell phone business on an annual basis at the end of 2012, but becomes the biggest loser in the area–with enterprising Samsung set to seize a top position in the international market of mobile devices.
  5. The 15 Most Dangerous People in the World – IT genius in cyber security Eugene Kaspersky from Russia has got the 8th place there.
  6. A List Of The Best Annual Tech Startup Events In Europe In 2013 – The second attempt of TechCrunch, a worldknown leading technology media property, to list more or less complete set of the most promising IT events in Europe in the name/place/date format for the coming year.
  7. Experimental H.264,AAC, and MP3 support in Firefox – Not enabled by default, the service should be additionally activated with appropriate settings, mentioned in the post.
  8. Eric Schmidt: Android Is Clearly Beating Apple In Mobile Platform Wars – Recent statistics reports support Google chairman's point of view as Android capturing 72% of worldwide market share in the third quarter, while Apple took only 14%.


  1. Mozilla is turning off the 32-bit Firefox builds for Linux – The Mozilla Foundation has announced that it is ceasing work on the 32-bit version of Firefox for Linux, claiming that the browser is a constant source of misunderstanding and frustration.

Amazing Websites' Design:

  1. – a simple, but elegant web site.
  2.– illustrated web site with horizontal scrolling and dragging.
  3. – a one-page web site with nice fade effects.
  4.– an efficient cinematic web site with lots of effects and a slight parallax.

Design It:

  1. What's new for designers, December 2012.
  2. Review of Popular Web Design Trends from 2012.
  3. Interactive Guide to Blog Typography.
  4. mockupstogo – a set of UI components for balsamiq.
  5. Behance & Adobe: Serving The Future Of The Creative World.
  6. 10 typography tricks every designer should know.
  7. "Connecting" documentary – an exploration of the future of Interaction Design and User Experience.
  8. Adobe Adds Retina Support for Photoshop CS6.
  9. Create a Dynamic Inverted Color Effect.
  10. You! Be Inspired! – Splash Screens.
  11. Blurred Backgrounds Use in Web Design.
  12. How to use QR codes for the holidays (and other celebrations).
  13. 40+ Fantastic Collections of Christmas Wallpapers.

A Bunch of Design Freebies:

  1. iOS Icon Template.
  2. 2012 UI Kits Collection.
  3. Free Newsletter Template In HTML & PSD.
  4. Source PSD images of mobile devices - Android, iPad, iPhone.
  5. Premium Travel Web design Template PSD for free.
  6. Free Set of Concrete Textures.
  7. Free Resources: 10 Must Have Free Christmas Resources For Designers.
  8. Christmas Icon Set (10 Quality Icons, 256×256px PNG).
  9. Freebies: Round Social Media Icons Pack.
  10. Free Cooking Icons.
  11. 60 Free Icon Sets to Charm Up Your Designs With Christmas Spirit.
  12. Hundreds of free vector icons for web, print & apps.
  13. Disney Cartoons Vectors.
  14. Roundup of Free Vintage Ornament & Floral Vectors.
  15. 10 Free Indesign Templates.
  16. 10 Incredible New Free Fonts.
  17. Handy Icons – Free Web Font Kit.
  18. Christmas Numerals – Free Font.


  1. spritemachine – another online sprite generator.
  2. divshot – The Interface Builder for Web Apps.
  3. Scratchpad – HTML / CSS code online editor.
  4. Viewport resizer – responsive design bookmarklet.
  5. framote – mobile websites developers assistant and much more! (Editable ShortLink).
  6. moonbase – animated generator


  1. Simple Sexy Loader.
  2. JS Wolf 3D.
  3. What d3.js can do with the USA maps.


  1. Upcoming bootstrap 3.0 changes
  2. Essential Firefox Tools For Web Developers.
  3. Microsoft has written Pointer Events for Webkit.
  4. Vexing Viewports by PPK and others tells us about pixel problems with mobile devices and in particular with iPad mini.
  5. Discover WordPress Conditional Tags.
  6. Conditional loading of resources with mediaqueries.
  7. Merry Scrolling with skrollr.js.
  8. Scalable Vector Graphics in HTML5.
  9. Position: fixed revisited.
  10. Tips on Sublime Text 2 – your favorite code editor.
  11. – Firefox OS web portal.
  12. Optimization of Snowflake objects created in Canvas.
  13. Photoshop Shortcut to Copy Color Hex Value.
  14. Read this before starting a huge new web project.
  15. The latest videos from Web Standards Days in Moscow:


  1. Native CSS feature detection via the @supports rule.
  2. Announcement: time to update your CSS3.
  3. CSS Baseline: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly.
  4. Why moving elements with translate() is better than pos:abs top/left.
  5. Using Min/Max Width and Height in CSS.
  6. A Tale of Animation Performance.
  7. CSS calc.
  8. CSS Click Events.
  9. Adobe-like Arrow Headers.
  10. Lining up your backgrounds.
  11. The correct terminology for CSS classes selectors.
  12. Marching ants with Canvas.


  1. Video talks from held last week KharkivJS conference: Part 1, Part 2.
  2. Draw good-looking Bezier Curve through random points.
  3. App Folders  – Effortlessly arrange items as on an iOS device.
  4. Toggles – a lightweight jQuery plugin to create easily-styleable toggle buttons.
  5. Stratus – a jQuery Library to work with SoundCloud.
  6. shapeshift – a library to create dynamic grids.
  7. jQuery-Spellchecker.
  8. Mini Help System with jQuery.
  9. 43 Items - jQuery Plugins That Handle Touch Events.
  10. Creating a Mobile Touch Slide Panel with JQuery.

Fun & Entertainment:

    1. News on YouTube: 2012 in review.
    2. HTML5 is Here Now! HTML5 Benefits for Users and Developers.
    3. PayPal in about 100 seconds.
    4. China Map Deviation as a Regression Problem.
    5. NASA Johnson Style (Gangnam Style Parody).
    6. Instapaper vs Pocket vs Readability: The Showdown.
    7. 2 Gb pixel photo of Everest.
    8. Twitter could be used to take 999-style emergencies, fire brigade says.
    9. Count down to Christmas Eve with Google Santa Tracker.
  1. Microsoft Portugal shows the simplicity of Windows 8 in a different way.

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